This serious injury is definitely an act of pretending to hide in the temple of Ren Huang, and something must be quietly calculated.

Maybe his old man’s house is staring at this place, not necessarily.
Read this people unconsciously stand up and play very spirit.
You should behave well and leave a good impression on the holy emperor later.
It’s much easier for the Terran from Gouchen Tiangong to bring the drawing of the Pantheon, and everyone will build the Pantheon according to this drawing.
Many skilled craftsmen of Terran joined hands and soon built a huge platform outside Ren Huang.
After the completion of the creation of the gods platform, Feng Zichen trusted his orders and walked away from the gods platform, respectfully hanging the gods map.
It’s also a strange picture of all gods. After coming to the platform of all gods, no one will automatically float to the center of the platform and slowly pull it.
In a flash, the divine light spewed out from the map of gods, and the gorgeous ratio enveloped the whole Terran.
Then the message of sealing the gods naturally appeared in the minds of all beings
Tufan, the god of all gods, who has self-cultivation before and after his death, can enter the list to seal the gods or protect the land of the mountain gods or the kitchen gods to protect the people or the ruling party of the city god …
The total god figure has everything, covering all the daily needs of the Terran, and is not afraid of finding a suitable one.
Anyone who has merits and virtues can enter the list if he wants to. God specializes in incense and Shinto and accumulates merits and virtues.
If you accumulate enough merits in the future, you can directly transform heaven and earth into a god, and you can also directly take charge of heaven and earth, or you can directly turn around and reincarnate with your merits and start all over again.
Those who practice the Tao of God can be sheltered by all spirits when they are reincarnated, not only by the mystery in the womb, but also by avoiding all demons.
A lifetime of sorrow can easily achieve results.
This is the biggest difference between gods and gods.
The former is a humanitarian god, and the latter is enslaved by heaven and earth. One belongs to humanity, and the other belongs to heaven. The difference is obvious.
Of course, the god of heaven and earth can be blessed by heaven and earth, and his strength is far better than that of all gods, but he is not free
It’s hard to say whether it’s good or bad, but it depends on what people think 2.
As soon as the news of sealing the gods came out, the senior monks were fine, but the ordinary people of the lower monks became excited.
At present, the Terran still has the talent to repair roads. It is estimated that it is not much worse if it is not a natural aura insulator.
In this way, it is almost impossible for people to cultivate, but the appearance of the gods map gives them another choice.
That’s Shinto.
If you can’t absorb the aura of heaven and earth, can’t you absorb the power of incense?
Absorbing incense and wishing to be a human spirit can still become stronger and accumulate merits.
This is another way out. How can ordinary people not get excited?
Pursuing extraordinary power, that’s what people can do
Friars in the lower realm are more excited than ordinary people. Friars in the lower realm are people who are difficult to make progress after their cultivation level is not high and their potential has been exhausted.