When I was about to reach the ground, the sacred frost dragon king played a trick, and suddenly there was a sharp turn, and the huge dragon body turned sideways, and then the wings folded and the limbs were together like a huge football and rolled towards the ground!

"Oh, no! This dragon really wants to roll and run! !” Just now, the ghost player who said that the dragon rolled around slapped himself in the mouth when he saw the sacred frost dragon king. It was a crow!
The preparation of the Holy Frost Dragon King has been completed, and it is only the last magical roll. At this time, ghost players remember to run, so how can they come back! In the body coverage of the Holy Frost Dragon King, the ghost player’s legs have just been lifted and haven’t come out yet. The Frost Dragon King magically rolled and killed it!
"boomed! !” Hundreds of tons of the sacred frost dragon king fell to the ground, and the whole ice sheet trembled with the impact!
Five thousand ghost players were directly crushed into patties as soon as they landed! Following the sacred frost dragon king, it will roll all the way out and destroy everything it passes. Anyone who rolls the route in the sacred frost dragon king turns into meat and can’t eat meat patties!
On this roll, 40 thousand ghost players will be reimbursed!
However, this is not the end of the roll. The sacred frost dragon king suddenly turned over and looked forward. His head and mouth were full of dragon inflammation, and in an instant, tens of thousands of ghost players turned into ice sculptures and then turned into dust by the trampled part of the sacred frost dragon Wang Yitong!
The sacred frost dragon king is raging here, and the other side is not idle. First of all, he displays Xiao Wang’s attached skill "the method of hiding in the earth" to incarnate the giant Buddha, then he holds the giant Buddha’s body and divides it into three plots. Finally, from these three plots, the Buddha plays three times of "dancing in disorder", and the killing scene is more spectacular than the sacred frost dragon king!
With the mastery of skills becoming more and more complete, it is found that the player’s skills have no fixed scope of destruction. With the players in different States, the scope of destruction can be reduced or expanded without restrictions, which is also a big difference from the previous online games!
The skill of "Earth-hiding Method" is to increase the size of the nine-fold "Earth-hiding Method". After the increase of the size, the body size of the dragon fist released by the "Dragon Dance" will also expand in proportion, which will double the scope of this move!
The state of "Tibetan Dharma Body" exploded three times, and "Dancing in a flurry of dragons" covered all the remaining 60,000 ghost players who were killed by the holy frost dragon king, and the remaining 60,000 ghost players were shrouded by the Nine Heavens and One Recruitment Department!
But see these 60 thousand ghost players everywhere in the array are dragon shadows and giant dragons galloping vertically and horizontally!
"Bang bang bang! !” In the field, 60,000 ghost players are like 60,000 balloons full of gas, which have been punctured and exploded for a long time!
See nine heavy power so earth-shattering big move and then take a look at nine heavy incarnations, three treasures, solemn giant holding the Buddha’s sacred frost, and the dragon king swallowed the water. "I dropped a dragon mother … this is also a murderer! !”
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Frozen heaven and earth
"Hoo hoo this power is ok ~!" Remove the "Tibetan Dharma Body" and the double body attribute, and come to the middle school to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the ground dance.
Although the player’s skill range will be variable, it will not change for as long as it is at first! Although the "Tibetan method" promoted the "dragon dance", it was fierce and lasted for ten seconds, and it disappeared!
The image of the dragons dispersed, and then look at the devastated corpses in the field. The earth is like a huge bloody lotus in hell. In this ice sheet, there are strange and evil spirits in full bloom. This ice sheet is pure and beautiful, and the contrast is out of place!
After the bloodbath of the two great powers, more than 100,000 ghost players were almost overwhelmed, and less than a few hundred lucky people were lucky enough to live. They looked silly and trembled uncontrollably. They wanted to escape from this hell, but their hands and feet were all thumbs and they couldn’t move a cent!
Seeing these people, the sacred frost dragon king and Jiuzhong have no compassion. The sacred frost dragon king directly has two buckets of frozen rays sweeping over them. These people have become lifelike ice sculptures! Then, nine times, one gasification, three cleanings, three times "white tiger killing", twenty-seven white tiger fists, and the remaining hundreds of lucky people were also declared broken!
Solve these flies and the sacred frost dragon king’s eyes, the war is raging again, and the moment is crazy again!
If the sacred frost dragon king and Jiuzhong continue to fight before killing those ghost players, Jiuzhong may not be able to take advantage of it, but it will definitely have to fight for a long time. However, after killing Jiuzhong just now and mastering a new skill combination, the fighting power has not soared substantially, but the scope of moves has been doubled. The sacred frost dragon king previously relied on his huge size, which is no longer an advantage for Jiuzhong. It is beneficial for Jiuzhong to "hide the dharma body" and become a giant Buddha, but it can compete with him!
As soon as the size gap disappears, the ninth priority is to give full play to the advantages of Wushu. The sacred frost dragon king fell into the wind and was suppressed to death in World War I!
For half an hour, the Holy Frost Dragon King stood up in nine gravity with super-high blood volume and abnormal defense. For half an hour, the blood volume was finally hit by nine heavy weights and it was almost at the bottom!
"roar! !” When one’s blood volume dropped to a critical point, the sacred frost dragon Wang Yi tore the sky apart and roared. Suddenly, the momentum rose rapidly like a dead light and surpassed the peak of its heyday. If there were substantial ice magic elements fluctuating, its center swelled round and round, and the whole glacier was shaking!
"Depend … this guy is going to explode! !” How many boss has Jiuzhong dealt with? When you look at the posture of the sacred frost dragon king, you will know that the sacred frost dragon king is desperate. This is a precursor to the big move to save lives.
"Come on! !” However, Jiuzhong is awe-inspiring and fearless. The blessing sound of the Dharma Body in the underground stirs into the sacred frost dragon Wang Er like Hong Zhong!
"Then you can die for the Dragon King-!" The sacred frost dragon king is drumming up against the nine-heavy-whistling body, trying to explode the vast ice magic elements. Suddenly, the whole world is instantly restored to peace. The sacred frost dragon king’s voice resounds through the world like a Sanskrit. !”
After the holy frost dragon king reported his big name, he was surprised by Jiuchong. There was no earth-shattering noise, and he didn’t see the outbreak of conan the destroyer’s power. Jiuchong was puzzled and doubted that this holy frost dragon king was playing a bad drama to scare himself and tease him!
However, for a moment, nine ears moved and suddenly heard the sound made when there were bursts of rapid ice around!
Jiuchong was alert and looked around, but he didn’t see where it was freezing. But at this moment, he found that his body suddenly couldn’t move, and then his body came to freeze rapidly, but he still couldn’t see where it was freezing. But Jiuzhong really felt that his body was freezing rapidly!
Followed by Jiuzhong, I felt that my eyes were covered with a layer of light water vapor, and then his body was completely frozen!
At the moment when he was completely frozen, he became nine times white, and the holy frost dragon king’s terrorist power froze the world!
"Kaka …!" After being frozen, one’s own blood volume flies straight, and thousands of feet’s potential is rapidly losing. At the same time, Jiuzhong hears the sound of the continuous cracking of the surrounding glass getting closer and closer. "Kaka … Hua! !”
As the last "Hua" crunched nine times, the whole body instantly collapsed and its blood volume was instantly cleared!
The clouds are light and the wind is light, and the world is silent.
A cold wind swept through the sacred frost dragon king, who was beaten half-crippled by Jiuchong, and watched Jiuchong break into several pieces of ice crystals scattered all over the ground, giving a long sigh of relief. "This pervert … finally died in the dragon king’s enemy’s big move!"
"Hoo!" The voice of the holy frost dragon king just fell and suddenly jumped out of a purple-black flame in Jiuzhong’s just broken half!
The flame instantly amplified into a purple-black fire phoenix, and then the image of the phoenix dissipated, and the nine-fold figure reappeared in the middle.
“……! !” The sacred frost dragon king instantly stammered a pair of longan. "You … you … you … why aren’t you dead? !”
Nine corners of the mouth slightly Yang smiled. "Hey … I forgot to tell you that the old phoenix possessed can be reborn from the ashes. There are two lives in the old age! If you want to kill me completely, you have to kill me again just now ~! !”
"I # $% …! !”
The sacred frost dragon king swears, but he has broken again, first displaying the "Tibetan Dharma Body", then vaporizing and clearing up, and finally "arrogant # 100 ghosts and tyrants! !”
In a flash, three giant buddhas transformed 300 horrible ghosts into a huge eggshell to cover the sacred frost dragon king on the ground.