If you want to step into it, you have to bear at least several poisonous attacks!

Wu Daozun took Butterfly Moon and continued to walk towards the Venom Cave. At the same time, a huge door appeared behind him, and a torrent rushed out and poured into the cave!
Hell’s deep spring!
Restrain the poison of heaven!
When the deep spring of hell enters the poison cave, a poisonous insect cries and screams instantly.
A few poisonous flowers and poisonous weeds are also baptized in the deep springs of hell and gradually wither and cut off their vitality.
The poisonous fog in the original poison cave was also washed away by the deep springs of hell.
"This …"
Seeing this, several drug lords froze.
After all the years, the poisonous cave was completely abandoned by the deep spring of hell led by Wu Daozun!
What’s even more frightening is that those hidden springs in hell will penetrate into the ground after entering the poison cave and will spread to every corner of the planet.
The poisonous flowers and plants that grow on the planet Mercury will wither and die if they absorb the deep springs of hell!
This secluded spring of hell is equivalent to destroying the foundation of the drug world!
Wu Daozun and Butterfly Moon paced in the poisonous cave and scattered their gods around.
At last, in the depths of Wandu Cave, they saw a series of patterns depicting stone walls, which seemed to imply the origin of the drug world.
In the last mural, you can see a man standing proudly with a small dark flower in his hand, falling a little pollen and falling into the crowd around him.
Wu Daozun’s glances both gave birth to the same feeling.
These murals are very similar in style to those seen by the Wu people.
Finally, the man in this mural should be the poison ancestor who said that the Chinese poison emperor!
Butterfly Moon mused, "According to these murals, the poisonous world was also some ordinary terrans at first, and it was only because of practicing some poisonous skills and being nourished by many poisons that it gradually turned into a poisonous body."
This is also similar to the origin of the witch clan.
At first, the different races, the Godsworn, the Dragon, were not born in heaven and earth, but gradually changed from Terran.
This is that the flesh and blood of both witches and drug monks are similar to those of weak terrans.
"Have you ever thought about one thing?"
Butterfly month suddenly said
Wu Daozun asked.
"Like a witch poison clan, these are all terrans. How was the Terran first born? How were these powerful creatures, the protoss and the dragon, born? "
"Was heaven and earth conceived or … created by some powerful creatures?"
Wu Daozun felt a shock.
The idea behind Butterfly Moon is too bold.
And this question may involve the deepest and oldest secret of the universe!
I’m afraid they can’t touch the realm at present, so they can make some guesses.
"There are thousands of creatures, and I have had many doubts."
Butterfly Moon said, "Like the dragon, it is a natural and powerful race, but it has a huge defect due to some restrictions, and its reproductive ability is not good, resulting in a small number of dragons."
"Terrans are naturally weak, but they are numerous and have the strongest potential among all the creatures, and they can cultivate several possibilities."
Wudaozun nodded.
Don’t say that he is the ancient emperor or the Terran occupying the majority!
"And …"
Butterfly Moon added, "Many people subconsciously turn into human beings."
"All powerful races, such as protoss, stone clan and Asura, have maintained the Terran-based form since their birth."
Wu Daozun’s silence is staring at the orchid flower in the mural man’s hand with deep and thoughtful eyes.
"What do you think?"
Butterfly month asked
"the source of ghost poison"
Wu Daozun pointed to the dark flower in the mural and said, "Ghost poison is not like a person refining toxic poison, but more like a kind of pollen, which most likely comes from this flower in the hands of the Emperor Urdu."