Listen to a man inside, saying, "The French king of Biancheng was ordered to come and get some silver."

A delicate voice from the room said, "Why didn’t the host come in person this time?"
The man said, "the master is in Zhejiang at this time and has something important to do. Let’s get the silver back first."
The woman was a little angry and said, "He really knows how to enjoy the success. I’m working so hard here to earn money like an aunt and I want to give it to him."
The man said, "Our French king also obeys his master’s orders, and Baidi City is not as expensive as the Seven Xiufang City. Without these silver supports, if the master can achieve something, the master will naturally know that if the master takes the day in the future, you will be afraid of getting less prosperity."
The woman was bored and said, "Bullshit, wealth and splendor. I’m afraid I’ll be an old lady before that day. If you want that wealth and splendor, you still have a fart."
When the man heard her say this, Ma changed his tone and said with a smirk, "The French king is an old lady and a charming old lady."
The woman spat lightly and said, "I’m not afraid I’ll cut your tongue if my baby dares to get up."
Men see that she is not only not angry, but also * * more daring to say "not afraid, not afraid of the old saying that peony flowers are also * *!"
The woman snorted lightly and said, "That’s true, but why didn’t I see you act? Are you afraid of being a ghost?"
The man seems to be provoked by her words, and her lust is high, and her shortness of breath says, "I’m not afraid of being a ghost now, let alone being a ghost."
The woman smiled a few times and said, "Well, in such a place where women are, I haven’t made people become ghosts for a long time. If you dare, I’ll let you see if I make you become a ghost."
When I heard this room, two people came at once. After listening to this many times, Si Xiang froze for a moment. Then why are there other women in Master’s room and still doing this in Master’s room? Si Xiang quietly pried the window open a gap and looked into the room. He saw that the masked man had dropped the masked black towel and was kneeling on the ground holding the opposite woman’s feet and kissing.
And the woman looked at him kneeling at her feet and looked up * * giggling, wearing a red Chinese-style chest covering and a pair of pale green profane pants. It was Liu Feifei who looked at the scene before her. Si Xiang couldn’t believe that the person in front of her was her master.
At this moment, I suddenly heard the big fellow say, "Take off your mask and let me see your original appearance."
Liu Feifei giggled. "Why doesn’t this face look good?"
The big fellow smiled and said, "How can this face compare with the French king? You are young and beautiful. When I saw the French king in Baidicheng, my heart was already itchy. Now I look at this face but I have no feeling at all."
LiuFeiFei smiled and said, "How small and cheap! Tell the old lady to let you taste the taste of the head of the Seven Xiufang. You are ungrateful." Say that finish this sentence, you will see LiuFeiFei’s hand rubbing his face and then lifting his face * * suddenly exposed.
Just see this pretending to be Liu Feifei, the French king of Biancheng, looks really enchanting and beautiful. This women’s football team can be stunning in shape. A little shameful clothes further highlight her exquisite figure, such as a crisp chest like white jade and a half-mask, like a fat waist and a slim waist. If it is full, it will hold the skin and win the snow, and the soul will be perfect. When it is really too fat, it will be too thin and tender, and the white skin will make people have an impulse to touch it.
However, this fascinating figure is inferior to her seductive manner. Many gestures and amorous feelings flow out of her eyes, which makes people even more intoxicated. Among them, the light is a clever red mouth, red lips and a little breathless breath, and there is no man who doesn’t want to kiss Fang Ze. This is really a seductive woman from outside to outside. She has been transformed into a stunner by the owner of the open seven-show workshop.
See LiuFeiFei take off * * fragrance, it’s only white that the original master is easily replaced. No wonder you’ve been lukewarm to yourself for so many years. Seeing this fragrance, you’ve been calling yourself a master for several years, but you don’t know that the master is in safety now.
How can a sedate person swallow this tone when he thinks of it? Si Xiang walks to the door and kicks the door and shouts, "How dare a bitch pretend to be my master to do this?"
When the two people in the room were in high spirits, the Han had been forced to tear off a pair of women’s clothes called Biancheng French King. Just then, they were kicked by Si Xiang, and their enthusiasm fell to freezing point. In a hurry, Biancheng French King grabbed the clothes and covered his body. When he saw that Si Xiang rushed in, he realized that he was caught, but he calmed down.
Han saw a great beauty suddenly rushing in, but he didn’t panic. Instead, he stared at Si Xiang with naked eyes and looked at him carefully.
Si Xiang rushed in on impulse, but now he felt very unnatural. He became angry from embarrassment and shouted, "Who the hell are you and where is my master?"
Biancheng French king calmly laughed and said, "Good disciple, I’m not your master. After I see you, don’t be in this buddhist nun-like seven-xiu square. Follow me, Wuling son will make you enjoy yourself."
Si Xiang listened to her foul language and roared, "You bitch, don’t be full of nonsense. What happened to my master? If anything happens to her, I’ll cut you to pieces."
Chapter 25 Mei Yao promotes marriage. boundless love has made waves (2)
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Wu Linger listened to her words and immediately laughed cuttlefish disorderly fibrillation hands unexpectedly threw the cover clothes into the bed shameless with two breast enhancement. She smiled and the two pieces of meat on her chest also shook up.
Si Xiang saw that she was so shameless and turned red and said, "You, you shameless woman, hand over my master quickly or I’ll be rude to you."
Wu Linger smiled for a while and then slowly got up and walked up to Si Xiang with enchanting graceful steps. Si Xiang was anxious to know that Master wanted to talk to her and forced her to tell her where Master was, but now Si Xiang didn’t know how to deal with the situation, such as holding a double sword and looking at each other * * and coming over a little bit, she stepped back a few steps but leaned against the wall.
Wu Linger looked at her blushing face with a charming smile. "Good disciple, look at this beautiful face of yours. Even I can’t help but want to kiss it. If you die of old age in this Seven Xiufang, it’s a pity to let the teacher teach you some imperial skills to know what a real woman is."
Si Xiang was forced by her to the wall, and her eyes didn’t dare to look straight in front of her. Wu Linger was thinking about how to deal with her. When she heard her swearing again, she didn’t care. She saw her eyebrows stand on end and almond eyes stared and said, "Don’t insult others. Really am I afraid of you?"
Say that finish, Si Xiang raised his double sword and used the firm but gentle Yangtze River in the ape swordsmanship to stab Wu Linger in front of him. This seven show sword dance really works as its name suggests, just like a dancer dancing, and her skirts are flying around, which is beautiful, but behind this beautiful sword dance, it is killing people.
Covering up the double swords with skirts and dancing, I suddenly stabbed people from this beautiful phantom. If I am slow, I am afraid I will really die in this pomegranate skirt in seven show. But one thing is that Si Xiang is facing the enemy today, not the general enemy, but the top ten French kings, Wu Linger.
Si Xiang doesn’t know what the other side is capable of. When she is stunned by Wu Linger’s fragrance, remember that Wu Linger flickers away from her double swords, and then she feels a fragrant smell and then loses consciousness.
Suddenly, a big event happened in the Seven Xiufang, and the future prospective head Si Xiang is going to get married. Who has this thing to marry the most beautiful future prospective head in the Seven Xiufang? There is no doubt that there is Lu Million, the most powerful monarch in Yangzhou.