Two minutes later, there were no Japanese players on the ship, and then the whole ship gradually sank and landed. The Japanese players had no backup and were quickly beaten to death by China players.

In Sun Shengze, driving a little black and a small flame, after the battle, he disappeared into people’s sight and became a strange game.
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Zhe yi Dai mo Zhu
The first chapter big faucet
"Li Bai sleeps soundly in the moonlight before bed; Looking up at the moon, the chick is in the square! I think my generation of beautiful men is nine times at a young age and even …! " Nine heavy a pair of melancholy eyes looking up at the star is self-limited!
"The boss’ being young’ seems to be a beautiful woman!" Xia Dongdong sat in front of his brain and interposed while browsing the web page
"What do you know about being old? Of course, beautiful boys has to be’ in his prime’ to be appropriate!" Jiuchong retorted
"Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~! !”
"Oh, what?" Nine heavy turned around and came behind Xia Dongdong and gave Xia Dongdong a chestnut explosion. "Is there time to check something here?" How many days before the official beta of Era? !”
It took ten years for more than a dozen scientific and technological powers in the world to finally develop an epoch-making simulation virtual online game "Era" and show it for public beta in the near future!
This news can’t help but make the majority of professional players, game lovers and even passers-by who haven’t played with netizens excited and looking forward to it. Jiuzhong and Xia Dongdong are also one of them, waiting for the "Era" beta every day, but it’s still unknown whether we can catch the first bus to "Era"!
"Check it out and see for yourself!" Summer, winter, winter, order a web page.
"It depends on the weather and it will be measured later? But we still need half the money to buy a game helmet. We have less than one day left. How can I get it from Laona? !”
Xia Dongdong way "or … I sold the brain? !”
"Come on, it’s not worth the loss to sell this brain-breaking five dollars to others and get two packs of instant noodles!"
"That how to do? We have borrowed all the places where we can borrow money. There is really no place to go! "
Jiuzhong knocked on the table and said, "If you can’t tie it, you have to tie it one by one in the morning. I don’t believe they have so much money!"
Xia Dongdong Nai shook his head and said with emotion, "Alas, it will be another day when chickens fly and dogs jump!"
"It’s up to you to go to bed and sleep quickly to recharge your batteries. Whether you can make big money in Era depends on the last stroke of heaven!" When the two fell asleep in a single bed next to their brains, they fell asleep!
The second day early in the morning, Jiuzhong and Xia Dongdong went out and looked around for their friends to make money, and it took them more than 500 yuan to make money, which was a long way from the goal!
Xia Dongdong tossed and turned the money in his hand for several times and didn’t give a dime to the majority. "What about the boss? It’ s still a long way to go with such a little money! "
"Well …!" Jiuzhong is also a little tired. I have pierced all the places where I can make money, but what should I do if I still need so much? !
"Kill ~ ~!" The younger brothers were sighing since ancient times when they suddenly heard loud cries of killing from afar.
Two people couldn’t help looking for the sound in the past, they saw a bloody man limping towards this side not far from the street. He was hanging a lot of dangerous people not far behind him, one by one, armed with machetes, fiercely chasing the man in front. "Don’t let him get away and chop him to death ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~! !”
Both of them were taken aback when they saw it. Xia Dongdong said, "No, boss, gang fights, hurry up and say goodbye to the fire at the city gate, which has hurt us two little shrimps!"
"Hey hey ~ ~!" Jiuzhong turned a deaf ear to the words of summer, winter and winter, and looked at the middle-aged man who was running in front with his eyes shining and said, "Dongdong, our opportunity has come ~!"
"Eldest brother, what do you want? !”
"Look at that middle-aged man, although he is bleeding all over, but he can’t hide his gorgeous decoration. He must be a rich man!" Jiuzhong stroked his arm and said, "Now he is in the middle of life and death. If we can help him out of his misery at this time, he will repay us with a lot of money so that we can buy a game helmet!"
"That’s right, but you can see that a lot of young people behind him want money? !”
"Hey … I don’t care now. Let’s do it first!" With nine heavy steps, he rushed to throw a sentence to Xia Dongdong, "Dongdong is waiting for an opportunity to save people!"
"Hey, I know the boss, you can take it easy!" Xia Dongdong promised to trot towards the middle-aged man who was covered in blood!
"How dare Fang Uber openly commit crimes in broad daylight? !” Jiuchonglai first shouted in an attempt to shock an opponent!
"Which come of mental illness? Cut it together! " Unexpectedly, these young people didn’t take him as a root onion, and some of them swung their knives and cut them!
"Don’t give me face … I want you to look good!" Nine heavy slowly clenched fists "… pull out the mountain and be furious! !” After saying that, I saw the nine fists dancing together. If the meteor rushed to the first place, two young and dangerous people didn’t react. What happened? The side punches flew out like shells and crashed into the shops on both sides of the street!
At first sight, Jiuzhong was so brave that he followed behind and rushed to the two young people. Both of them were shocked, delayed, and the corners of Jiuzhong’s mouth flashed. Before living, they buckled their heads and suddenly heard "bang" on the ground. Two young people were all paralyzed in the ground!
Get rid of these two young people, who are so hungry that they pounce on the ground. Two young people fly to the front of the other two young people behind them and don’t wait for them to react. At the same time, they buckle their heads and knees and jerk their heads. These two people suddenly fainted!
Nine heavy this train without pause in one go for five seconds will be rushed to six young people down!
Behind the brigade, the young and dangerous people were taken aback at first sight. Someone who knew the goods shouted, "This is a practitioner. Let’s kill him together!" !” After the speech, a group of young people danced with blades and rushed in!
"Hey … I like group fights!" Nine heavy looked at not surprised the smile "… overlord for tripod vibration dry kun! !” Nine-fold heavy waist immediately raised his fists to heaven, followed by a moment of recovering his waist. His fists thundered out in the middle and rushed to the chest and abdomen of two young and dangerous people from behind!