Sun Ningyan was stunned by the momentum of the other party or was puzzled by the other party for a long time before he came to his senses and stood up. "You didn’t apologize to me, but you killed Brother Wei and your mysterious origin, and so many strange things happened to you. Who knows if you will kill us that day? Everyone has settled that Brother Yang will no longer be killed by you. Of course, we hope you will die!"

"Hum! Brother Yang is not nice to you now, but we will always wake up his feelings with Brother Wei. One day, he will kill you and avenge Brother Wei. Even if you are shameless, you will hand over your body when Brother Yang is insane. He doesn’t want a woman like you at all. He likes to admire his sister. "
Finally, she added a few words, which seemed to save the momentum and looked at each other with her head held high.
However, Si Miao’s face didn’t show the crazy expression she imagined. Even when he entered this hall, the cold slowly dissipated. His face bloomed and turned out to be a flower-like smile.
Sun Ningyan’s body shrank slightly and the cold feeling rose from his bone marrow. "What are you laughing at, you shameless woman!"
"Alas ~ ~ ~" Si Miao shook his head and took a pity look at each other. "Before I came here, I hesitated whether to kill you or not. If I killed you, he would be very sad, but thank you. Finally, I made a decision. Chapter 41 Lovers turned against each other (4)
Kuang hall instantly quiet to sun ning smoke and Simon spent a as if didn’t hear what the other party said.
"Is it up to you to kill us?" It’s been a long time before Sun Ning Yan suddenly jumped up and looked at each other with disdain and said, "Kill us? Still awake? Don’t forget that you are just a second-level minor in SHEN WOO, but there are two of us. "
Si Miao smiled and nodded gently. "Yes, if I want to kill you both alone before entering Kunwu Mountain, it’s an idiotic dream, but you probably don’t know that I got the Vajrayana artifact in Kunwu Mountain."
Sun Ningyan’s face turned white with transient-Vajra Mandala artifact! Not to mention the power of the artifact body, such as chaos, is enough to make a hundred of her and Simon extremely instantly collapse. Of course, Miss Sun did not know that those fierce beasts could not be released.
Si Miao looked up at the white wall behind them as if he hadn’t noticed each other’s reaction. "Alas ~ ~ ~ If I don’t seal and kill you two, you can destroy them with the help of an artifact."
She said selfishly, as if immersed in some kind of memory, for a long time before she looked down at Ximen Ji and Si Miao, who were dumbfounded. She shook her head slightly as if remembering something. "I almost forgot that you didn’t seem to know my past identity. Since I’m going to die, I’ll let you die. You’ve seen my other face before."
The almost perfect face was distorted and blurred for a long time before it became clear, but it was already another face
"You are ~ ~ ~" Simon’s brow wrinkled up gently, which gave him a familiar feeling, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen it for a while.
"Yunmeng ~ ~ So it’s you, witch!" Sun Ning smoke ChaRan exclaimed!
However, Simon is still confused. "Cloud dream? What cloud dream? "
Sun Ning smokes a cold hum, "Hum ~ ~ It’s the shameless two inferno sisters in Lingfengshan who call everyone" xianggong ".
"Sister inferno? Is it called "xianggong" when you meet people? " Simon very leng a ling fengshan situation slowly emerge in my mind.
-The sky is covered with snow, and the waist and chest are surrounded by two pieces of cloth, and the waist cloth is still semi-transparent, and what can be seen vaguely. Although the cloth on the chest has no light transmittance, it is a very normal cloth, but there are two fingers that cover the top part, and most of the tall and straight white meat leaks out. The girl outside slowly walks out of the snow.
But who would Yunmeng be if she changed her clothes into that revealing costume in front of her, but it wasn’t the two sisters?
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ I finally remembered." Si Miao smiled gently and smoothed her hair like a waterfall. "I remember that Brother Ximen had a nosebleed when he first met our sister."
Sun Ningyan patted angrily, and Simon turned his head angrily to sneer at the thought of the romantic situation that day. "Hum even covered up his face and said that approaching us is not ulterior?"
The sound is crisp and young and indignant. Half of it is because I didn’t see each other’s true colors for a long time, but most of it is because the fat brother next to me looks like a disappointing pig.
"Hehe ~ ~ ~ Grandsister is so angry probably because of Brother Simon next to her!" Si Miao didn’t give the other party room to turn. "The real grandson and sister are not bad in shape, but they can also be dressed as my sister and I think Brother Ximen should like it."
At the same time, she smiled and her face suddenly became hazy. Finally, she recovered her wonderful face with a faint sigh. "Alas ~ ~ ~ My granddaughter doesn’t know that this is my true face. When you see Lingfengshan, it’s just the image of our sisters when they leave."
"Little useless talk! ! !”
Seeing that the other person has returned to the face he often sees, and at the same time, the Ximenji next to him seems to have returned to normal. Sun Ningyan seems to be justified. "Tell me what you want to change your appearance and get close to Brother Yang!"
"Grandsister is still impatient!" Si Miao’s face is still not hot and she nodded. "Yes, I did."
When she spoke, her brow suddenly wrinkled, and she turned to look at the door of a person as if she was in a hurry. "Forget it, I told you more. Just take your life directly. Of course, don’t worry. When you die, Brother Yang won’t know that I killed you because there are too many mysterious places in this tearful city. It is normal to touch something and then disappear two people."
Up to two feet high, a single leaf alternate mandala in the dark part, but the image part is a black lotus-like diamond mandala artifact, which suddenly appears and slowly rotates, and the dark light gradually turns into bright gold.
"King Kong mandala force cut off six sentient beings!"
Hong Zhong Daluban Sound Thoroughly Broad Hall
A huge squirrel jumps in front of the broad avenue outside the main hall, followed by a young man with white hair and silver hair.
"Yang small you’d better hurry! I can’t come if I’m late! " From time to time, I looked back and urged the silver-haired youth behind me.
Yanglingtian took a look at the surrounding environment and said, "The place where my predecessors are taking me seems to be Brother Ximen. Are they searching for the palace today?"
"yes! If you go late, they will die! " Meng kept urging the rotation, and his eyes were full of anxiety.
"Dead?" Yanglingtian’s eyebrows gently picked "Did they touch a ban somewhere in this city?"
"No, someone is trying to kill them!" I waved my hand impatiently and immediately realized that I seemed to have missed my mouth. A pair of small claws immediately covered my mouth.
"Kill them? Who is it? Kinnara? " Yanglingtian frowned.
Meng turned to look at the silver-haired youth behind him and sighed gently. "Alas ~ ~ ~ You should have guessed who that person is, but you don’t want to believe it. If she comes out of Brahman’s dream, she may plot against Wei Boyi, but if she sells cigarettes to Simon Fat and Sun Ning, there is one reason-she wants to vent her anger! When the time comes, you won’t know what to do. "
Then he looked back at the silver-haired young man whose face was still calm and continued, "Maybe you should still think that there must be an important reason for her character to act, and she would never do such a thing!"
"It’s a pity that you don’t know her another identity-the descendant of the inferno, the saint, has her ancestors’ perseverance and determination if the demon nature is stimulated."
"She is a descendant of the inferno saint?" Indifferent silver-haired youth finally moved
Monnet nodded. "When you found the artifact and the virgin, she was unwilling to be swallowed up by the dark night. She kept a seal and put it in the magic field. SHEN WOO’s secondary repair came out to find you. You and her have been together for so long. Didn’t you find that she was far more knowledgeable than the general practitioners in Yan Holy Land? And these are all from her inferno classics and "