The faint wind in my heart, Zichen, immediately broke off and directly detonated the hanging star river.

Suddenly, hundreds of millions of stars were blown up, and Guanghua was born, which was more dazzling than the sun and completely illuminated the world.
"This is …"
To see the true face of the world, Feng Zichen’s eyes sank directly from a shrinking heart.
As you can see, their heads have a huge side, and all the darkness comes from it.
Just now, they were involved in this shady scene, and this is the way to get out.
"Is this the first Tianbao?"
"How can a big black fiend have a first treasure?"
Looking at this shady heaven face is full of shock.
If he remembers correctly, according to the news he got from Zixiao Palace, the black devil should not have saved his life first. It should be a very innate treasure, the black god!
But what’s the matter with Tianbao at the moment?
Where did the dark fiend get it?
Besides, when did Xiantianbao become so worthless that you can casually meet it?
Didn’t Daozu say that?
There are several great opportunities to get the best treasure in the wild.
But what’s the situation now?
Besides him, the four people in the field can be said to be a treasure in hand.
Could it be that Daozu lied to him? Or did he come to a false flood?
Heaven is not lost in self-doubt at this time of science.
It’s also his bad luck. There are not many things outside the Xuan door, but today he almost touched them
"hoo ~"
"Hao Tian Dao You!"
"I’m afraid we will be in danger today."
"If you have any closet means, come out quickly."
"If it’s late, there’s no chance."
Keep a close eye on the shady wind Zichen took a deep breath and said to Heaven of Science with an unprecedented dignified expression.
Haotian couldn’t recognize the origin of this thing.
But he recognized it.
It is because I recognize him that I feel bad.
This magic weapon is called night.
He is not a treasure in advance, but a treasure in chaos.
Of course, the extremely chaotic Lingbao refers to the severity level of the injury in the night before and now, and it barely maintains the ranks of chaotic Lingbao.
But even so, the power is extremely terrible, and it is comparable to the first Tianbao in China.
Can Yu Feng Zichen recognize the origin of night?
That’s because he has seen this magic weapon.
Chaos Lingbao Night
It’s the night fiend’s companion spirit treasure!
And Feng Zichen, who has the brand of chaos fiend, is very familiar with chaos fiend and naturally recognizes their magic weapon.
What’s more, Zichen, a stroke in Pangu’s left eye, has experienced Pangu’s life. Even the night is like being chopped by an axe. He has witnessed it with his own eyes. How can he not recognize the calendar?
Although the level of the night has dropped a lot due to trauma, the source has not changed. Zichen recognized his origin at a glance.
Since the treasure in front of you is night, the identity of the big dark fiend is self-evident
Chaos demon night!
Although the big dark fiend is powerful, but the dark night fiend is not dead, he can’t master the chaotic spirit treasure.
Because he has no ability to erase the mark left by the night demon in the night.
Besides, it is impossible to recognize the dark fiend without the mark of the night fiend.
If the night breaks,
Just like chaos bead.
Into a number of innate treasures
That dark fiend can easily repair it.
But the night is a grade drop and it is not completely broken, so the dark fiend will break the truth of recovering the night.
Look down on him because of the night
Chaos Lingbao also has his own pride. He has followed the night fiend for so many years. How can he look down on the dark fiend?
What’s more, the night fiend is not dead. If the night falls, will he vote for someone else?