The patriarch looked indecisive and unbelievable. He looked at Su Mo, who was fighting more and more bravely across the street.

Even if Su Mo’s realm breaks through and enters the first order and enters the emperor’s realm, Dacheng’s combat power will not rise to this point!
The patriarch of the long courtyard immediately fell into the wind.
Courtyard patriarch corner glanced at the sky and suddenly was shocked and exclaimed.
There are not many facts that can make him so rude.
See the sky after the original dry Kun Daoyin dissipated, there is another avenue trace looming. It is a green violet born in chaos!
The seal of Taoism!
This is the symbol of the Daoist Emperor!
That’ll be the day!
The patriarch of the school has insight into the secrets of ancient and modern times, but he knows the secrets from feng du, but he never imagined that he would see such a shocking scene!
Su Mo was just a small success in the emperor’s realm, and now he has made his debut in one step!
There is a big difference between emperor Xiaocheng and emperor!
The patriarch of the hospital drank a low drink. "This must be a dream!"
Even if he witnessed it with his own eyes, he could not believe it.
Not only is the court patriarch, but even Su Mo himself is greatly shocked.
But soon he wondered why.
Butterfly Moon, when he exchanged Taoism, he described the process of proving the Tao Emperor.
Avenue shape is the most difficult to understand if you can’t see or touch it
Once the white self "Tao" perceives that it feels the will of "Tao" and understands the artistic conception of the avenue, it can try to condense its own Taoist imprint in its own world.
That is to say, if you want to step into the imperial territory and cultivate your own world, you can try to condense Daoyin.
But no one has ever succeeded since ancient times.
First, there is a big gap between the emperor and the emperor. Without the accumulation of years, it is difficult to have a deep understanding of Taoism, so it is necessary to condense the imprint of Taoism.
Secondly, our own world can’t bear it.
The seal of Tao means that it has touched a higher level of power, which is’ Tao’
Even if you are really talented and talented, Uber will condense your debut method and mark yourself into a small world, but you will also collapse immediately and even implicate yourself!
It is for these two reasons that ordinary emperors can prove the Great Tao.
The case of Sumo is very special.
As soon as he stepped into the emperor’s territory, the patriarch of the main courtyard of hell had no time to perceive and understand his "Tao" roots
Normally, his root method condenses a Taoist seal.
But when he stepped into the real emperor’s realm, there were pieces of ancient memories!
The imprint of his Tao is contained in these broken memory fragments!
Some of the marks he can condense on his debut are derived from the memory inherited by nature violet.
Another part of the important reason is that the nine paths to heaven have fulfilled the will and belief of all living beings in several eras through the ages!
These beliefs represent a thousand worlds.
It is this exhaustion of faith that helps Su Mo perfect and condense his own Taoist imprint.
It is said that Su Mo proved that he was a thousand in the truth.
It’s better to say that Zhongqian World chose Sumo.
The Soviet-Mexican world, though small, evolved from five caves, which can suppress the dzogchen world.
It is precisely because of this that the chaotic world can withstand the imprint of other Taoism and can be manifested.
The whole process can be described as a mistake.
No court patriarch deviates from sentient beings, no Su Mo’s desperate protection, no violet’s inheritance of memory, no monks from ancient times and modern times, no awakening and struggle of all sentient beings …
Even if one link is missing, it will be a great achievement at this moment!
After a brief shock, the patriarch of the hospital is also a brilliant person, and then he gradually thinks about the reasons.
His most dependent strength has been in the hands of Su Mo!
The strength of both sides is turned!
The patriarch realized that the overall situation was irreversible and wanted to turn around and escape from the soaring world.
But Sumo’s chaotic road print has blocked his front and cut off his soaring road!
Condensed with chaos, the world is suppressed!