Her face lifted with a feminine smile and she walked over without thinking.

Tao yi! Now that I see myself, I deserve to be stepped on by her!
Taoyi face with a smile thinking about Mo Tianze’s eyes are softer.
Just then, a smile got out from behind her.
"This is not my good sister? I haven’t seen you for a long time. Do you remember me? "
Tao Yixiao instantly put away a piece of cold in his eyes.
Turning around, she saw Tao Rou smiling at her not far from her.
"Tao soft? Why are you here? "
"Sister, how can you be here and I can’t?"
Tao Rou covered her lips and chuckled. The sound was very harsh.
She smiled and suddenly looked around. "Ah, but children’s clothes are sold here. Is my sister pregnant again? Congratulations. Don’t lose the baby again this time. "
"What did you say? !”
"I said don’t you understand?"
Tao rou narrowed her eyes. "Sister is so forgetful, or do you forget that you gave birth to that bitch?"
The crisp and loud slap in the face didn’t slow down at all, and it made Tao soft not react for a moment.
When she realized that her face was instantaneous and ferocious, "Do you dare to hit me? ! How dare you hit me, bitch? ! I think you don’t want to live! "
TaoYi jilted to jilt to sting hand sneer at a "what I dare not hit you? I haven’t seen my mouth for so long, and it’s still so smelly to hit you. I feel distressed and dirty my hands! "
"TaoYi you bitch! I will let you know today that you deserve to step on my feet and give me lick the shoes! "
Tao Rou’s face is swollen and she seems to be crazy, so she wants to rush to her side. When she sees it, she quickly stops people.
Fighting in public is too shameful.
"Xiaorou, aren’t you afraid to make Lin Shao angry?"
Tao Roudong immediately flashed a trace of fear in his eyes, but it was impossible for her to let Tao Yi go.
She has a different identity now. What is Tao Yi? Asserting to a bodyguard is pretentious. She wants to let her know that they are very different now!
"Somebody pack all the clothes that woman wants to buy for me. I bought them."
"Miss, this is not appropriate." The shop assistant looked at her with difficulty.
Tao Rou’s eyes tilted. "What’s not appropriate? I’ll pay twice the price. Think about how much you can do with my single business. Do you think it’s appropriate?"
The shop assistant’s face is loose
The lady just took a fancy to it and it was very expensive. If you take two more words,
Are you going to press people with money? Take it and take it. Azeri doesn’t like it anyway.
Tao Yi was so cold that he didn’t want to step on her.
"Can’t you afford it?"
Tao soft xing red mouth one by one "how your bodyguard man didn’t give you money? Tut tut, that elder sister is too bad for you. By the way, you won’t post it backwards? "
"Who cares if I post it backwards?" Tao Yi glared at each other.
"Of course, don’t worry about me. I’m just a sister to wake you up. Ten million others have been sleeping and the money has been accompanied."
"Which crow is so noisy?"
Mo Tianze didn’t know when he came out of the locker room, and his little face was as tense as Bingbingshan.
Tao Yi was afraid that Tao Rouna’s smelly mouth would poison the child. "This dress is really not so good, Aze. Let’s buy it somewhere else."
Mo Tianze looked at the nervous woman in front of her eyes and sighed.
This woman’s IQ is really not online. Does he have no ears in it? How can he do without his protection?
"I suddenly changed my mind. I bought all the clothes here."
A kid who hasn’t even grown hair?
The shop assistant was so surprised that he almost fell off.
Section 94
Mo Tianze held his head high and his face was very serious. "Well, that counter dress is also good and suitable for me to buy together."
Buy together?
Oh, my God, she made a fortune today. She made a fortune. The shop assistant smiled so hard that her eyes narrowed.
Mo Tianze smiled smugly and walked to Tao Rou with short legs. "Do you want to pay double the price for this face powder mother-in-law? If so, I can give it to you; But if you don’t, please get out of here in a round way. "
Tao Rou’s lungs are going to explode. This little beast calls her mother-in-law. Is she that old?
"Hey, it won’t be a coward. If you are a coward, it’s not a big deal. At best, you are thick-skinned, but you are already thick-skinned, and no matter how thick-skinned others are."