"There are piles of silk and beautiful cushions everywhere. He put them together and made a nest for us. He put a heavy necklace on me and said,’ These can tempt you to sacrifice, and then you can catch them quickly.’

"I am both excited and afraid.
"He pulled out a dagger and grabbed my hair. Almost all my hair was cut off, which made me cry like never before. I killed someone and drank blood and ran around half-crazily. This didn’t make me roar, but it was too much to cut off my hair.
"He didn’t seem to be disturbed by my crying at all, and expect the unexpected caught me and threw me into a big coffin full of jewels and gold chains. I didn’t realize that the sun was rising and I was going to die again.
"But then I opened my eyes, and his smiling voice was blunt, lifeless and brilliant, explaining that we must stay away from the sun and sleep all day. This is our nature and we have to drink a lot of blood. Blood is the only thing that matters to us.
"maybe for you, I want to but dare not argue with him.
"Of course, my hair grows back every day, and he cuts it off for a few nights again to make me feel better. It’s easier when he gets an expensive pair of scissors, but he puts up with my long curly hair no matter what we do.
"I spent a few years with him.
"He is neither gentle nor kind, but he has never been rude. I have never been out of his sight. I asked him if we could get me some better clothes, but he agreed. Although he obviously didn’t care much about himself, he wore a long coat and a cloak, and only when it was worn out would he change the new clothes he stole from him.
"He often pats me on the head. He has no language to express his love and no imagination. When I bring home poems from the market, he laughs at me. If you can make him make a monotonous noise into a joke, I still read poems to him. Most of the time, he stares at me after laughing at first.
"once or twice, I asked him how he became a blood clan, and he said it was created by an evil blood clan from Egypt.’ Those old guys are all cheating’ and he said’ I call them the temple blood clan’, which became the history he left me.
"If I slightly oppose him, he will hit me. He is not heavy-handed, but the degree is enough for me to stop opposing him.
"When I want to tidy up my house a little, he will stare at me and never help or hurt me. I put some Babylonian carpets and put some marble statues against the wall to look decent. I also cleaned the courtyard.
"In this issue, I heard that Alexandria, with his blood clan, could catch a glimpse of them, but they were never very close.
"When I told him this, he shrugged and said that he was not worried’ I am much better than them’. He told me’ Besides, they don’t want to make trouble. They know I know them well’. He didn’t explain much, but told me that I would be blessed because he gave me ancient blood.
"I don’t know what kept me so happy at that time. Maybe it was because of hunting in different parts of Alexandria or because I read something new or swam in the sea. He went out with me to swim in the sea.
"I don’t know if you can imagine what the sea means to me. I can take a bath in the sea and take a walk along the beach. A closed Greek housewife can never have this kind of special. I am a blood clan. I am a boy. I hunt in a port boat. I walk with brave and evil people
"One night, my founder didn’t cut my hair as he used to do at night. He took me to a strange place, which was the Egyptian community in the city. As soon as we opened the door, we had to enter a descending tunnel until we entered a big room covered with ancient Egyptian calligraphy and painting. There was a huge square column supporting the ceiling, which was quite awesome.
"when I tell these mysterious and beautiful things, I think it makes me remember them more accurately, although I can’t really tell them now.
"There are already several blood clans there. They are pale and beautiful in appearance, but no one has seen my founder. They are also obviously afraid of him. I was very surprised at what I saw, but I remembered his words’ blood clan in the temple’ and I think we are with them.
"He pushed me forward as if it was a miracle that they didn’t look at me, and then they had a quarrel in their language, which I could only understand.
"It seems that they told her that her mother would rule that only in this way can his practice be forgiven, and he, my founder, said that he didn’t care whether he was forgiven, but he wanted to leave now. He wanted to leave me, and he wanted to know whether they would take me with them.
"I’m scared. I don’t like this gloomy place at all, although it’s grand. We’ve been together for several years. Now he’s leaving?
"I want to ask him what I can do? I think that’s when I realized that I loved him. If he could change his mind, I would do anything.
"others attacked me, and their arms pinned me down. There was no need to drag me to another huge room by brute force.
"Mother and father are there, and the golden wall is shining. They sit on a huge black diorite throne with about six or seven marble steps.
"This is the main house of the temple. All the columns and walls are decorated with beautiful Efa, while the ceiling is covered with gold plates.
"naturally, like all of us, I think my mother and father are statues, and when I was dragged close to them, I was mad and resentful that this happened.
"I’m also surprised to be ashamed that I’m wearing old slippers and a dirty boy’s coat and my hair is messy-because my founder didn’t cut it tonight-and I suspect I’m preparing for some kind of ceremony.
"Akasha and Enkiel are the purest white. They sit as if they have been coming in from me to find them-just like they are now in your temple."
Mal suddenly interrupted the narrative with an angry question.
"How do you know what mother and father are like in our temple?"
I was deeply disturb by what he did.
But especially Docia is still very calm.
"Didn’t you see the ability from his blood clan consciousness?" She asked, her eyes were hard and maybe cruel. Mal was confused.
And I am keenly aware that he has revealed a secret to Docia, that is, he doesn’t have this ability or he doesn’t know that he has me, and I’m not sure what I should do.