The commentator got excited.
Gotze is the most shining player in this Lazio team.
It was against Atletico Madrid that he became famous in the Champions League, and now he is famous for all the goals.
Even in Japan, he has many fans.
Especially female fans.
The stands are finally no longer aimed at Lazio. For the first time, there was a cheer from the hostess.
Of course, it was quickly suppressed by big boo.
The Gamba players against Gotze Osaka are also very busy.
Gezer is fast and skillful in footwork. Maybe he will pass you in a blink of an eye.
He couldn’t even blink his eyes and looked at Gezer desperately.
"Gotze take the ball! Will he break through! "
Sharp breakthroughs are what everyone likes to see.
Defending another day, the players also posed as a do-or-die posture.
But Gezer didn’t mean to fight him to the death.
After making a breakthrough false move, Gezer divided the football into the middle.
When everyone’s attention was attracted by him, no one saw that Gill had appeared in the most deadly position!
In the announcer’s shouting, the French high center swung his foot outside the instep and won the football severely.
This kick Gill shoots sharp and sticks to the turf and goes straight to the left corner of the goal!
It’s too tricky for the Gamba goalkeeper in Osaka not to save the ball …
Even if he tried hard, he could hold the football, and even the football skin could not be rubbed.
The commentator didn’t even expect the ball to be so relaxed and enjoyable …
He was stupefied until the football rolled up the net before he shouted "Gill! ! ! Dead ends! Nice goal! Lazio led Gamba Osaka in the fourth minute! "
The stands of Tokyo National Arena suddenly became quiet.
Gamba fans in Osaka didn’t expect this goal to be lost so easily …
Seeing Lazio’s continuous ball, they tore their defense and scored the goal.
When Gill shot, there was hardly a Gamba player in Osaka with him.
He can start from the beginning. Even if he is a better header center, it doesn’t mean that he has no ability to shoot with his feet-it’s not like he just debuted in Chen Yingxiong …
It’s like shooting in training. It’s too easy for him to practice shooting
Maybe it’s too easy, which leads to a lack of sense of accomplishment in scoring.
Gill didn’t rush to celebrate anything after scoring.
He waved his fist and then turned and ran back.
The other teammates just came to pat him and then went back to their positions.
It feels completely different from scoring in the Champions League in the league.
It’s not that they deliberately want to disgust the Japanese fans. They really don’t think there is any celebration-the opponent scored in four minutes of the game is really weak …
What’s the point of scoring more goals for this fishbone team?
If we celebrate hard after scoring the goal, wouldn’t it seem that we are particularly capable?
However, the conscious action of Lazio players is a provocation to Japanese fans.
The fans are very dissatisfied with Lazio after a long victory.
They are very sensitive and fragile now, so they regard every move of Lazio as a provocation and insult to them.
Lazio didn’t celebrate. They thought it was contemptuous of them.
But what if Lazio celebrates crazily? I’m afraid they will also think Lazio is showing off in front of them.
They always have to sit on their asses. Lazio, no matter what they do, they look like there is something wrong.
Japanese fans hissed, but it didn’t help Osaka Gamba equalize the score at all.
They are eager to play against Lazio and beat Lazio by attacking.
But I didn’t expect that they were scored by Lazio only four minutes after the game.
What’s the situation?
The Gamba players in Osaka were stunned and somewhat at a loss.
Not to say that their pride and underestimation will give us a chance?
But look at their performance … Is this pride and contempt?
No, we’re so gullible!
We are professionals, too, okay?
Where is this like being proud and underestimating your enemy? !
However, judging from Lazio’s starting lineup and the coach’s comments before the game, this is the rhythm of pride and underestimation!
How can it change as soon as the game comes?
This is not scientific!
There is no objective law!
This is unbelievable!
Losing the ball in four minutes made Gamba Osaka think it was a coincidence or an accident.
When the game resumed, they rallied to make a comeback.
As a result, four minutes passed.