Gu Man sighed. No matter how good the doctor is, he can’t cure this fear. God knows she doesn’t dare to close her eyes all night every day for fear that she will accidentally return to her life.

But this can’t be said to a known person. She shook her head and said, "Prepare hot water. I want to take a bath."
Pei Yin was busy agreeing to go out and fall asleep. Several old ladies were a little tired and laughed. "This array is really tiring. It’s still early for your mammy’s eyes. If you don’t go back to your room and take a nap for a while, I will take care of it here."
All eyes do have some support, so they all agreed to disperse.
However, Gu Man’s wet nurse Qi’s is quite nervous. "Today is the day when my aunt comes back. Yesterday, the old lady told you to prepare for today’s family dinner early, but the girl is like this …"
Pei Yin also has some worries in her heart that this aunt is the only daughter of an old lady and has always been very popular. This time, she and her uncle went back to Beijing to report on their work, so it was easy to go back to Beijing. The old lady attached great importance to it. If she didn’t attend the family dinner, she never liked to attend to the old lady, so she played again.
Gu Man listened clearly in the room, and his heart became more worried.
By the time she crossed this body, her mother had died, and the palm of her hand was separated from the house, and this aunt was a more difficult advocate, and she didn’t speak ill of herself in front of the old lady, who became more and more disgusted with herself, which led to her losing her place in this house.
And this time everything should come back.
Thinking that she had only a trace of sleepiness and disappeared, she couldn’t wait to fly to the old lady who now lives in De ‘anju to please tell.
She is so afraid that she will repeat the tragedy of this life, even if it is a move that may change her fate, she is willing to try.
Before she thought about how to talk to the old lady who actually holds the Hou Fu handle later, there was a burst of footsteps in the courtyard, faintly mixed with a woman’s gentle question.
For a moment, Hou Lian was opened to reveal an anxious but still beautiful face.
"Aman!" Wang helped Yuetong, a close-fitting girl, into the door in three steps and two steps, and studied Gu Man for a while before taking a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from her forehead. "I felt quite uneasy in my sleep just now. I always felt that you were calling me to come here without waiting for you to inquire. How did you still have nightmares?"
Wang’s body smells good. I didn’t have a chance to meet Wang, but this time she was quite groggy because of her past life memory. For more than a month, she didn’t know how to come over, so she was not close to this cheap mother. But at this moment, Wang’s eyes are full of love and distress, which is absolutely impossible to disguise. Gu Man was one leng and couldn’t help but put her nose around Wang’s waist and buried her head in her arms and sobbed in a low voice.
This is the first time that Gu Man has never felt sour but full of security.
Wang stretched out his hand and took hold of her distressed, clamoring to tear down the door of Tai Hospital.
Gu Man is crying more and more. She needs an outlet to vent her anxiety and pain, but she hasn’t found it for a month, but now she is venting all kinds of grievances and unwillingness in Wang’s arms.
Five provocations
Gu Man cried and sweated again. The whole person has been refreshed. Many Wang Youzi didn’t trust and wanted to stay with her again. However, today is really special and hinders her from going to De Anju to serve the old lady’s breakfast. Just go back step by step.
Pei Qin also heard the noise and came to see Wang go before crouching on the edge of the bed and looking at Gu Man curiously. "Girl, is it terrible to dream about things in your dreams?"
Pei Qin and Pei Yin were both daughters brought by Wang from the Wangs. At the beginning, Wang chose them as girls for Gu Man because they were completely trustworthy.
Gu Man stretched out his hand and pinched her face before he opened his eyes and said very seriously, "It’s terrible. It makes people tremble when they think about it."
Pei Qin escaped but was very loyal. He was killed by Qiu Cangwu at the earliest.
Think of Pei Qin later tortured to death by closing the house. Gu Man reached out and his hand trembled slightly.
Pei Qin saw that her girl’s face was a little paler, so she didn’t dare to ask any more questions. She stretched out her hand and slapped her head a few times and muttered, "Pei Yin told me that I can’t have nightmares in front of the girl, but I’m still guilty. It’s time to fight!"
Gu Man, angry and funny, pulled her hand and smiled. "Enough is enough. No wonder you are so stupid. Just because you torture you every day, the poor head is not stupid."
Before Pei Qin could answer, she came to Biting Pavilion and said, "It’s still early now, and our girl hasn’t got up yet. Why don’t you come back later?"
Is four girls Gu Qing Gu Man eyes narrowed slightly.
This Gu Qing’s daughter has been raised by the old lady since she was a child, so she is particularly proud. Her favorite thing to do on weekdays is to find unhappiness for all kinds of people.
Of course, among all these people, we have to get rid of a very special person, Gu Yan.
No one in this house has taken her seriously yet, but she just voted for Gu Qingyuan, which made Gu Qing often take her with her and made Gu Yan gain some face in front of the old lady.
It is this Gu Qing who often bullies himself in the house all my life, making himself never courted in front of the old lady, not to mention the big uncle and aunt, and even his own father doesn’t like himself because he is really unpopular.
But it’s strange that this big uncle is not the old lady’s own, but this old lady treats him better than her own belly. Is it because this big uncle got a martial arts background on his own and now he walks in the command?
She hasn’t come to the conclusion that the door was brushed and kicked open, and Gu Qing didn’t want others to curtain it, so she broke in and pointed to Gu Man and scolded, "Smelly girl, give me back my hair quickly. What do you think is something that dares to ask my mother? !”
Pei Qin was startled before busy Gu Qing separated some reckon with "four girls what’s going on? What can’t you say early in the morning? Our girl was nightmare again yesterday, please ask four girls to be younger. "
"Fuck off!" Gu Qing to make inverted vertical hand gave Pei Qin a box on the ear toward her sneer at a way "you also deserve to talk to me! I’m talking to you girls. What are you interrupting? She had a nightmare. That’s her job. Me? Do you dare to talk about me? "
Dingyuan Houfu has always been generous to people, especially the close-fitting girls who are behind the girls’ masters. Pei Qin didn’t expect that the master was really hands-on, angry and ashamed to say something, but he was afraid that Gu Man would not bow his head and retreat to one side.
The master in this house is the best servant and has no temper. I’m afraid I can suffer if I touch this outrageous and unreasonable girl.
Gu Qing YouZi didn’t feel relieved a few steps before approaching Gu Man nu way "are you deaf? I want you to give me my hairpin back! "
At least a Hou Fu girl should be taught like this. Does the old lady really love her purely? Gu Man thought of here and threw off her hand and smiled. "Sister Four, that hairpin was aunt who sent me. Did you come here and aunt called you? If aunt wants to say something about this hairpin, I’ll send it to fourth sister later. Are you still so angry when you come here in person? "
Gu Man, though small, had a lot of strength. Gu Qing was pushed back two steps involuntarily by her, but some would. She didn’t expect this soft persimmon to dare to strike back and also come around her mother. Can she say yes? On that day, my mother will become the laughing stock of this house.
She took a sip of her lip to leave, but she was really unwilling. She reached out and squeezed a sneer at her body. "Forget it, I will wear this hairpin in Haba. I can’t rob things with a dog, can I? Be careful when you sleep well. Don’t sleep in a dream and you won’t wake up! "
Gu Man was too busy eating pain to grasp Gu Qing’s hand and sneered, "Four elder sisters think too much. I just have nightmares, and I won’t die in that hairpin. I dare not wear it. After all, it’s four elder sisters’ obsession. Then I’ll send someone to send it to you, okay? Even fourth sister should be careful. If you do too many things that harm people in secret, you may really get caught up in it! "
This Gu Qing is just lying in bed for no reason. There is nothing to offend her in this month’s memory, but it seems strange that she can’t wait to see herself die.
Gu Qing couldn’t shake off her hand for a long time, and after listening to her words, she said that she had done something insulting, so she became angry from embarrassment and stepped on her feet, which took the opportunity to take off her body.
Niang said that there are no good people in Fannie and Freddie, especially in the sight of Gu Man, who was born with a pair of fox eyes. Now she is so stingy. Her father has really become the master of this Hou Fu. She will definitely not let the big house beg for a good look. Although Gu Man is still childish, she can already see the outline face of beauty. She can’t wait to tear it up.
What’s the story? I’m sure I’ll marry better when I’m born. I’m going to hold her. Is it because of her face and her grandfather’s power that I’m doomed to be in her bottom?
No way! She bit her teeth bitterly and sneered, "It’s time to be sharp-tongued after being ill for such a long time!"
Gu Man looked at her out of the door and slowly said, "Fourth Sister, I can’t rest assured that I’m naturally proud of this hairpin. I’ll let people send it to you later. Remember to wear it for the family dinner tonight."
She doesn’t want to get into trouble, but she’s not afraid of trouble. She wants to make herself unhappy, right? It’s not quiet enough in this house anyway. She doesn’t mind adding another fire.
Six provocations
Just after Yin Shi’s visit to De ‘anju, the coarse ambassadors opened the door in a daze and saw four girls come in angrily. They didn’t dare to stop these four girls from being notoriously bad-tempered, but they just loved her. Their servants were naturally used to seeing people’s faces and doing things, and now they were all diligent in escorting her.
The old lady lives in De ‘anju, which is the second courtyard. The first one enters the main hall to entertain guests, or when wine is served on weekdays, the two wings in the east put some sundries on weekdays, and the two wings in the west are the residences of the rough ambassadors and little girls.
Gu Qingfang entered the second courtyard gate, and the pace was much more restrained, while the coarse women behind him stopped early.
A little girl greeted her early and said respectfully, "Four girls came early today."
When the old lady came out of the house, it was Tom, dick and Harry. Others had to give her three points of face. Gu Qing slowed down and smiled strongly. "Get up early and wait on the old lady."
The little girl turned busy and praised, "Four girls are so filial to people. How happy will the old lady be when she knows? Today, the second wife and the third girl have arrived and are waiting on the old lady to freshen up?"
It’s a coincidence to know that catching up with this clever son just ate in Gu Man’s place and suffered from anger. At this moment, the second wife has come with the third girl Gu Zhao, and her hatred for Fannie and Freddie has deepened.
"What a coincidence! I’ll be lazy today!" Then he rushed aside respectfully and obediently without saying a word, saying, "Reward the silver to buy tea for this sister."
Ink chess quickly took out a dime from his purse and handed it to the little girl. At the same time, he looked at his master and rushed to the little girl. "Then please take us to the old lady’s court first!"
My little girl answered the silver with joy. Smell speech and nod her head. "This is a natural girl. Come with me. I’ll go to my room and ask Huai Yu’s sister about the old lady. I’ll set breakfast before I call you."
Gu counted and nodded since I went to the slant hall with this little girl to sit and have tea, but I couldn’t calm down.
Fannie and Freddie, if you want to please the old lady, you have to see if you have the ability. Although the second master is an old lady, he has already gone to his grandmother to grow up with the old lady since childhood. It is not too heavy to be separated from the old lady’s mother. It is more loved by the old lady when he grew up in front of her, especially the fifth master, who is simply the pride of the old lady
The second master has always been unpopular. I think the second wife has also opened her eyes and wants to get some mutual affection from the old lady.