Luo Yu is still moving forward. "Before it is tempted, it will be shot."

"Hand?" Baber was confused at first, but then she woke up with a start. "Are they trying to …!"
Los feathers with hand stop nodded slightly.
He glanced around at the inn where he was staying, and saw two people with strange whereabouts shopping and looking at the samples in that grandiose acting costume.
He doesn’t break a knowing smile.
At this moment, Baber naturally noticed that someone was following her and pretended not to find out. Generally, she asked according to Luoyu Road, "It’s no fun to leave Luocheng. Why don’t you leave early?"
Los feather is a light smile around the bully wave son bodybuilding waist also big response "boring? Oh ~ what do you know? And after entering the house with the public, you’ll know if it’s interesting by enjoying the novelty of the public … hahaha ~ "
Said the two of them’ flirting’ like entered the inn.
A little while, the distant market outside the inn was followed by two people in an instant.
But see a heavy ordered …
"You go back and tell the Lord that the prey is in the cage …"
Inn bully son has left the window lattice and recovered his knowledge at the same time.
Angrily, she came to Luoyu, who was sitting in front of the case.
See her pointing to the direction of Luo Cha Gate, gnashing her teeth and hating, "This Luo Cha Gate must be harboring evil intentions and secretly sending people to stare at us all the way to wait for me …"
Before saying that, Luo Yu, calm and calm, casually asked, "What are you doing before?" Murder? Or set fire? The Arroyo strength is not weaker than you. "
"Hum!" Ba Bo Er obviously knows that he is just angry at the moment.
Immediately, I sat down next to Luo Yu and clung to him to make a charming smile and coquetry. "I am a fierce god. Can I still be afraid that she will be weak?"
Feather raised my hand and gently knocked on the bully’s forehead. "Come on! You should be careful to sail the ship for ten thousand years. Since she has been ordered to be watched, she naturally doesn’t want us to leave. Now she has dismissed her concerns earlier and will go to see Arroyo at night. "
"Ah ~ Still going?" Baber was shocked. "I’ll return your previous performance to let the other side relax their vigilance so that we can run away!" "
Luo Yu shook his hands. It seems that "run away?" Are you kidding me? am I the kind of person who runs away in despair? Even if you want to go, you should take some cheap before you go! Otherwise, how can I tell anyone in the future? It is not a public style! "
The wave son "giggle" and smile, pointing to the antique in the hands of Luo Yu "is this …? Can a one-eyed copper man be ugly and cheap? "
Yes, at the moment, Luo Yu’s hand is indeed a palm-sized copper man.
This bronze man is covered with bronze limbs and his head can rotate freely.
The slightly rough lines are not smooth and stiff.
It can be seen that the bark-like lines are small and dense.
Perhaps the only special thing is that this tiny and dense bark grain is engraved with odd inscriptions in an orderly arrangement.
Luo Yu shook hands and pointed to the way that "this little copper man is a good thing"
"Good things? !” In view of Luo Yu’s previous discovery of the precedent of the moon-shocked wheel, Ba Bo Er instantly chose to believe it.
She asked with some expectation, "Is it another magic weapon of heaven and earth?"
Looking at the eyes looking forward to the light bully Bo Er Luo Yu directly saying "no"
Baber was stunned. "Is that … a spiritual order?"
Los feather smile shook his head "nor"
"Ah?" The wave son this is depressed "is not every order? Call a person white joy … "
But Luo Yu shook his head again "more not"
The bully son is completely stupid.
Even if it’s not a rank, then what is this broken copper man? Is it true that Gong is an antique collection? No … It seems that Gong doesn’t have this hobby!
And when Ba Bo Er is puzzled,
Luo Yu said surprisingly, "This bronze name is called congenital armor."
"Congenital armor! ?” The wave son unheard of hurriedly looked at asked "that … what is this congenital armor? What is there? "
"It’s a big deal," said Luo Yu, recalling that when she saw the ancient classics in the Chinese Medicine Garden, she described that "the innate armor is a strange armor in the jihad of ancient good and evil …"
It turns out that 100,000 years ago, both the righteous and the wicked continued to fight, and the strong among the monks fell.
So in order to reduce casualties, there was a refiner who refined twelve pairs of golden armor, twenty-nine pairs of silver armor and forty-seven pairs of bronze armor according to the ten stars in the sky, which was called congenital armor
These congenital armour are forged and refined by combining the meteoric iron from outer space with all kinds of exotic materials and spirits. Once worn, the monks are powerful and amazing, and they can destroy mountains and smash the sea with one punch and one palm!
The twelve golden armor bodies are the most powerful in refining meteorite; Twenty-nine silver medals; Bronze armor is the last
Although congenital bronze armor is inferior to gold and silver congenital armor, it can also increase defense and speed.
The key point is whether gold, silver or bronze armor are spiritual, which can be continuously improved as the master’s strength increases. Even ordinary people can wear it like a refined body. The strength of the earth is almost comparable to that of Ning Xing and Shuang.
It can be described as a decadent and magical treasure!
Therefore, this congenital armor is called congenital armor because it can sanctify everything as if it were recreating the innate foundation.
But after all, these precious congenital armor were consumed one after another in the long-term jihad, and the great man who refined congenital armor also unfortunately fell
Although some people later copied congenital armor, they all failed.
So this road disappeared completely and gradually faded out of people’s sight in the long river of history …
It is precisely because of the innate nature of congenital armor that it was loved by the practitioners at that time, even the practitioners of evil spirits wanted to take possession of themselves.
I didn’t think of all the years, but today I still have a pair of intact and damaged congenital bronze armor!
Ba Bo ‘er has suddenly woken up after hearing Luo Yu’s statement "Gong! So if you wear this armor, wouldn’t it be … wouldn’t it be …? "
Los feather lang smile to nod "good! With this innate armor, your family and I are the saints wearing bronze garments! "
"Saint … saint! What is it? "The wave son startled.
Luo Yu knew that he was delighted at the moment and let slip the tongue, then he changed the topic, "Stay in public armor and hold sharp and call your eyes."
So he followed the practice recorded in the ancient books and records of Dan Lao.
Ba Bo ‘er looks forward to his eyes. He first puts the bronze villain in a state of breaking off the plate and holding Yuan Shou in front of himself. The golden one-eyed copper head is slightly face upwards.
Then Luo Yu pricked his hand and guided a drop of blood to drop into the bronze man’s one-eyed golden eye.