Feel this world force is very similar to the magical power Luo Yu suddenly woke up "is … is it a big sleep fairy? !”

So he quickly reached out and shouted, "The elder was Ganan Zun …?"
Before I finished, I saw that the fat old man had laughed and disappeared, and the hall was back to normal again!
Knowing that there is a fat elder in the sea, he laughs peacefully and walks away.
"Heaven and earth respect the heart, the Tao can come true. Remember that when you are greedy, don’t be greedy, don’t hate more, don’t be stupid, like a dream … the cause will bear fruit."
At the moment, Luo Yu is more grateful than respectful. "Thank you … for pointing out the younger generation. Keep in mind."
And just after the fat old son stepped away, there was a clear word "heart" at the place where he had been rubbed by the stone lamp.
But seeing that the word "heart" has been shocked, what seems to be determined in my heart?
Yes, the word’ heart’ is really astronomical, and it is also an ancient Chinese character that once passed through the mountains and seas thousands of years ago, and it is also a Chinese character that you know!
It’s that the word "heart" is a little less than a little, and the word "heart" falls into a three-point outer ring "ge"
Staring at the fat elder and leaving the word "heart" for a moment, Luo Yu looked at it again, whispering outside the room.
"Don’t god punish in the mainland ogre south friar … have a big sleep fairy? Or he … is the honour person of Ganan! "
A moment later, Luo Yu put her heart in bold speculation, and she regained her mind and looked at the ground.
Yi Xi Xiang Qian Tao Ling
At the moment, Baber is sitting beside the big stone.
They waited quietly while hiding from the wind and sand with big stones.
Suddenly a ride sped by.
Not for a moment, there was a water curtain cave man who turned over the one-horned bull’s head and hurried to salute the water jump day respectfully. "Cave Lord! I can find you. It’s a good thing you left a seal all the way … "
The spiritual seal mentioned by this person is a unique way of marking that God punishes monks in the mainland, so as to distinguish one’s own people from looking for it. After all, God punishes the mainland alto flying sword but not.
Godsworn’s message is close to God’s knowledge, but far away, it mainly depends on legs or mounts!
The spiritual seal is a direction mark made by the monks through the objects around their spiritual power, such as rocks, trees and so on, which is convenient for their own people to find.
Lingyin has various forms, so it is not afraid of being discovered by outsiders.
Seeing the appearance of Xia in the abode of fairies and immortals in a hurry, I guess what happened in the abode of fairies and immortals.
So I got up and asked, "What is it? Get up and say "
Aside bully wave son also smell look at the man.
Seeing this chivalrous man snorting and shielding his gray linen brow to reveal his sadness, he said, "Not long after you left, Master of the Cave, you came to the northern part of the mountain. It seems that the seventy-two demon caves have a southern meaning!"
"What? South! " The water jumps into the sky and smells the eyebrows!
Babo ‘er was worried and puzzled. "Seventy-two demon caves were less troubled when the old man Quanshan and the old boy Tianling were killed. At that time, the people in Nanshan were unstable, but now I am bent on giving birth to Nanyi?"
Shuiyuetian thought for a moment as if he had figured it out in the Mid-Autumn Festival. "Hum ~ That’s because in the past, they were afraid of swallowing up the southern forces of my mountain, and their strength would be affected in the short term, thus giving the night guards in the desert an opportunity."
There are few forces in the mountains in the south of China, so they can resist the night guard barrier.
Now that the stargate has been destroyed, all the night guards have been removed, and these demon families have lost their worries. Naturally, they want to capture the mountains of Wan Li! "
The Xia Wen also agreed, "What the cave master said is true, and so do the three elders. Please ask the cave master to turn to the cave house immediately and lead us to resist the seventy-two demon caves!"