But the act of forgetting the dust made Bai Shura lose herself so instantly that her eyes were covered by anger.

After recovery, Bai Shura was a little embarrassed, but he was still indifferent. "This is also because you are too despicable to make a mean move in the battle! !”
It seems that he is really angry and forgets what the dust just did.
Forget dust froze instead sneer at "this world is to do whatever it takes to live in troubled times. Do you still expect everyone to be like you? Not everyone is as powerful as you, and not everyone has a distinguished family background. Our kind of life is the only way to go! ! Is it still important to talk about how to live and achieve your goals? " The words of forgetting dust touched someone in the place.
"Those who talk nonsense are men of courage, so you should be indomitable spirit and waste your old gift, but you have lost your morality and forgotten the dust. I’m wrong about you! ! !” Bai Shura is more excited than a sissy and criticizes the remarks about forgetting dust.
But forget the dust and don’t move. "Ha ha ha ha ha. God? I forgot that I have everything by myself today. You have everything from birth when you are in a high position. How can you think of others? ! !”
"Cut the crap and hand over the tomb inscription! ! Or kill! ! !” Forget the dust, move the murder, tear the air, but at this moment, a word flashes in the brain.
"Before the power is not yet mature, you must never expose your heavenly power! !” It is this bludgeon that makes Forget Dust suddenly calm down, and the knife blade in his hand turns and drinks "Slaughterhouse Road! ! !”
A ray of light surrounded the 90th floor, and the scene was full of dignified atmosphere. Everyone gasped, his face changed dramatically, and his life was greatly threatened.
"Hey forget dust you even we also want to get involved! !” Yue Yan felt the threat of this force and immediately judged to stay away from here, but the slaughterhouse was surrounded by no escape place! ! ! !
Forget the dust and there is anger in your eyes! ! !
Everyone looked at Bai Shura, but then he made an amazing move. He picked up the tomb inscription and took a look at it. "You want this, don’t you?"
"I can give it to you but you must have a good fight with me! ! ! !” Bai Shura made a strange objection at this time! ! !
Chapter three hundred and fifty-one Treasure Pavilion
Bai Shura’s tomb inscription can be handed over to Forget Dust, but it was a good time to accompany him to play a game.
To be honest, this requirement is very simple, but everyone in the place feels a sudden pressure. Who is Bai Shura? Tianjiao, the younger generation, is the first person to accompany him to play a game. There is definitely no life guarantee, and even if they are willing to be Bai Shura at the moment, they may not like it.
The same idea is also a problem for Forget Dust. After playing against Bai Shura, he will be white. This arrogant guy has an extraordinary obsession with victory. If he promises to come, this so-called good fight will become a life-and-death battle! ! !
Forgetting the dust did not defeat Bai Shura’s grasp. From the meeting, it can be seen that Bai Shura’s control and make it far more than forgetting the dust. If it was not for the same year-long sword exercise, I am afraid it would be difficult to resist the horror of Bai Shura.
But if he doesn’t fight, it’s hard to say that Bai Shura gave himself the tomb inscription and took less than 30% of the opportunity from him. On the contrary, if he had a good fight with him, it would be 100% for Bai Shura to get this opportunity. It must be admitted that Bai Shura is a real man who keeps his word.
But there are too many young talents here to forget the dust, and he doesn’t want to completely expose his cards so soon. In that case, he will feel very insecure. After all, this is not Zhongzhou, and he still has a lot of things to finish. He still knows the truth of shooting the head off.
"I can promise you that I will fight hard, but there was you and me before." If Bai Shura can promise, it will solve the problem of forgetting the dust and worrying about it. It is natural that players around me are not willing to talk about it. This is a good opportunity to see them fight, and I am afraid that these two people can find out a lot about them. This can also make up for the battle for the treasure cabinet. It is a pity to know that they can enter the 90th floor and wait for them. ! !
At this moment, it is also a great good thing for them if they can know the strength of Bai Shura and Forgetting Dust, especially if Forgetting Dust is the object of all of them. It is necessary to know whether Forgetting Dust comes from the local forces. If not, whether to win over or kill them is all within their consideration.
Bai Shura’s body trembled and his sword array lined up. "Did you hear that? Please leave these ninety floors for the two of us. I don’t want to see anyone."
The words are a little tough and don’t give people a chance to speak, and the sword array is in front of him. It feels natural to kill if you don’t obey, which has caused many people’s dissatisfaction.
"Bai Shura before you left us strong in the 15th floor also calculate, now we have to drive us away, you really we are all soft! !” This time, Yan didn’t flinch again and again, even if the dog was in a hurry, he had to jump over the wall. What’s worse, these tianjiao people followed the booing and questioned Qiubai Shura.
But they are tough in Bai Shura’s eyes, just like a farce. When thousands of swords surround the whole place, "You can choose not to leave before you can live! !”
Suddenly looking back, the sharp shock wave filled the whole dust-forgetting slaughterhouse, and now let everyone feel the bursts of murder again. If you stay here, you will be poor in the future.
"Ha, ha, ha, I’m just passing by to play soy sauce, but don’t involve the old man." Bai Feng, the youngest son, immediately pulled out and turned and walked to the entrance to the first floor, although he was also curious about who was strong and who was weak. This kind of thing will always know and be in no hurry, and if he really stays here, maybe something will really go wrong. After all, both of them have the same destructive power and forbidden skill.
When the moon sees it, it doesn’t stop. "Can we go together, beautiful girl?"
This time, Qing Jiaren was surprisingly obedient and nodded and followed the moon wound. In fact, the moon wound is also very curious about what happened to them. After all, the dust has changed too much.
I’m not happy to see someone leaving the fame one after another, but the two men’s fighting is really too big to stay here. If they can get away with it, if they are hung up by the wave, they will lose face and leave with a cold hum. After seeing someone leaving, people around them look at each other and leave one after another. After all, it’s hard to oppress them with these two energies! !
"Damn it! ~!” Seeing people gradually leaving Yan is naturally uncomfortable in my heart, but he can weigh the pros and cons. If he stays here, he will not get any benefits. The last ninety floors are left with dust and white shura.
However, even if the people left the two people, their ability has not disappeared. The white shura sword array has become more terrible, and the oppressive feeling of the dust-forgetting slaughterhouse has become more dignified. The two sides are still on the sidelines, but they have not made moves.
At this time, I forgot the dust and suddenly opened my mouth. "Bai Shura, there are some things that don’t deliberately force you to be a genius. This needs to be questioned, but because of this, you will still lose the world. There are too many powerful people than us! !”
"I’m not here to listen to your sermon! !” Before I left the dust, I continued to talk to Bai Shura and interrupted the dust-forgetting words.
The latter sighed, "you may pay the price of your life if you are stubborn!" !” If Bai Shura hadn’t insisted on challenging the strongest, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a field. He has said too much about benevolence and righteousness, but it’s boring.
"These preaching methods wait for you to beat me! ! !”
"White shura let you see what is a hard genius! !” Forget dust flew into a rage and the two sides fought together.
At this time, all the players were shaking inexplicably on the stairs. At this time, they were horrified to find that the whole corridor was shaking violently.
"What the hell is going on?"
"Boom boom!"
The shaking of the voice became more violent and horrible, and the ninety-story place came violently. After a while, they all saw the cracked sword marks and knife marks on the periphery, which looked terrible! ! !
"It’s not a little too noisy to lie in the trough, is it?" I can’t imagine what will happen if I stay there! ! ! !
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two The entrance to the Treasure Pavilion
"boom! !”
"boom! !”
Reverberate in people’s ears, there are endless roar and sharp sword, mans sword and quiver, and each collision will make them feel like an earthquake in the whole ancient pagoda.
At this time, they want to know how they fought, because the 90-story building has now become almost half a ruin, where two very strong forces collided with these buildings, even if it was hard, it still didn’t help.
The ninety-story collapse has become a matter of time in everyone’s eyes, but for safety reasons, they have begun to move closer and closer. Once there are special circumstances, they can respond in an instant and ensure that they will not be implicated.
"Are these two guys people?" Looking around and causing the whole ancient tomb tower to shake, they couldn’t help but gasp, so that the ancient tomb wouldn’t be torn down by them.
In fact, everyone’s heart is hot and itchy, but such an opportunity is missed, just like a beautiful woman who takes the initiative to give her life, but in the end, for some reason, it makes people feel scared.
This explosion and roar lasted for almost a whole hour, but people heard that the swords collided and occasionally rebuked. Just as people watched, the ninety floors suddenly collapsed. This was the first time they saw their faces after the duel.
He was injured in different degrees, and then the figure flashed, and a powerful airflow reappeared. The ground was shattered like glass slag. People had to continue to retreat. The battle continued to the nineteenth floor, and the intensity of the battle exceeded two hours, destroying the whole ninety floor! ! !
However, that is the beginning.
As the players continued to look forward to the battle, the situation became more intense. When dusk came in the outside world, the tomb suddenly became quiet.
Moon Wounds swallowed saliva. "This is already the third floor. If we retreat again, we will all leave the tomb." Fortunately, fortunately, there is no monster refresh when we return, otherwise it will be chaotic. However, it is also intoxicating to think that this force can be called from the ninety floors.
And the most important thing is that it seems that the winner hasn’t been decided yet, but the big action finally stopped that day, which means that the battle has already ended?
Suddenly, the depressed players rushed to the third floor one after another, hoping to see the most consequences, so that the final winner would be the one who fought and survived.
If Bai Shura is defeated, I am afraid that the whole continent of creation will shake and forget the dust, and will become the new first person among all the younger generations! ! ! !
Just thinking about it makes several people jealous and annoyed. Even if there is a white shura, God will forget the dust again. This is simply to torture others! !
It’s better that they all die here. That’s everyone’s idea