"Who the hell are you?"

Shi Hao asked curiously. I didn’t expect to carry such a dangerous thing all the time.
"I’m a lost ghost. I suddenly recovered here."
The voice of the rotten wooden box just fell and broke out again in the depths of this ultimate ancient land. The light was all black light and blasted into the rotten wooden box.
That kind of power is breathtaking and makes Shi Hao move. It contains wisps of immortal, emperor, qi and qi, and it is a vast force.
The rotten wooden box suddenly blew up, and the rain was so gorgeous that it seemed like the most sacred thing was born here
When everything is calm, a temple appears, ancient and mysterious, with a sense of historical vicissitudes.
In the center of the temple, there is a light wrapped in a fog of life, and it sits there with its eyes open, giving people a mysterious feeling.
The vast forces washed away this piece of cloth, and the old man and Liu Shen looked dignified.
And for a moment, the creatures in the light finally saw this group of people’s first male body shaking unnaturally. "What the hell are you! ?”
That sound can be said to be screaming and frightened, because Lu Chen has entered the semi-combat state after entering this ultimate ancient land, and there is nothing to cover up.
That is, several people in Shi Hao and Liu Chen are familiar with admiration in their hearts, otherwise they are estimated to be scared to collapse.
Even the old man in cloth looks weird and looks at Liu Chenxin’s heart. How did this child become like this?
Liu Chen stepped forward to the ancient temple and looked at the creatures wrapped in light. "It’s really impolite to see clearly …"
He grinned, "I’m a human being."
The creatures in the rotten wooden box can feel uncomfortable. "How can there be such a human being! ? I see where you are from! "
"there? Unknown? "
Shi Hao heard the key words of the rotten wooden box and remembered them. He was curious and asked, "What is that?"
However, when asked about the rotten wooden box, I suddenly lost my mind. "Yes … what is that?"
His memory is so chaotic that he can’t even remember who he is. It was just an emergency consciousness that uttered two nouns.
"Let’s go. His memory is confused, but he will soon remember who he is."
Lu Chen is not interested in talking to a confused soul all the time. He knows that the origin of the other person is the true spirit of the remains of the immortal emperor, which can also be said to be his "good" side.
"Master, it’s not your first time here, is it?"
Shi Yi asked that he felt that the master seemed to know this place too well, and it seemed that he was not surprised that a creature suddenly appeared in the rotten wooden box.
"If I’m not sure, I’ll come here alone instead of taking you to learn."
Lu Chen smiled without much explanation. He can’t say that he has read the original, can he?
Then he said to the old man in cloth and Liu Shinto, "After the elder Liu Shen, I will trouble you to bless them. If a battle breaks out, you will retreat."
The old man in cloth nodded with a kind smile on his face. He is also a strong man in this world, but he has no problem with Lu Chen not to let them intervene.
He knew that he had taught the young man that he had reached a higher level, but it was not for them to get involved in the face of the real immortal emperor.
Lu Chen took the people to move on. He put the rotten wooden box, the creatures and the great powers in his hands, and Gankun.
"Oh my god, what is that real emperor! ?”
Several old fairy kings trembled and exclaimed because they saw a creature at the end. It was a huge humanoid creature more magnificent than a mountain. He was lying on his back in a stone chair with his body broken.
The bloody dusk was bleak and the black fog surged in the rocky mountain. A giant lay back on the rocky mountain and polished it into an emperor chair.
His dark body seemed to be rotten, emitting a thick black mist, which was the real origin of dark matter.
All the darkness comes from a corpse!
He’s broken, like he’s been torn, spreading from the cranium to his abdomen.
Half of his body is missing, such as half of his head and left arm. He is lying on his back in a stone chair.
"It’s dangerous to stay away from him!"
Lu Chen woke up with the mark of Yuan God in his hand. However, he looked up at his eyes and then shut up. It seems that it is more dangerous to hold him as a man …
"Good rich dark matter …"
The old man in cloth looks dignified and protects Shi Hao and others from dark matter erosion.
"I really feel a little diaphragmatic when I suck in front of you …"
Liu Chen waved to disperse the dark matter light way
Because he saw with his own eyes that the dark matter came from the mouth of the immortal emperor, so isn’t it that he smoked second-hand smoke?
After the darkness was dispelled by the storm set off by Lu Chen, the strong man in the chair was more clearly presented in people’s field of vision
At this time, I don’t know how long it took for the strong man to finally wake up, and the heavens and the earth trembled with open eyes.
"Later, do you want a fairy emperor to have big consequences?"
The cold voice came to the corpse mouth overlooking the landing morning and others.