"You should also have a spirit device and its own spirit device is not weaker than my aura? !”

When everyone was thoughtfully, Lu Fei suddenly spoke again. His face was very pale, but his eyes staring at Lin Yuan were extremely hot, which was full of greed.
"Xiao you want to give me your weapon. I don’t want to kill you. I can give you this leader and other rewards. I don’t want this! How about it? "
The corner of Lin Yuan’s eye jumped. After previous meetings, he already knew that this person was quite shrewd, but I didn’t expect him to say such a stupid thing now, so he was an idiot.
Lin Yuan’s eyes flashed and he smiled. At the same time, he took qiankun sword from his hand and handed it to Luffy’s place before his footsteps scurried.
Lin Yuan’s move made Lu Fei ecstatic. However, when he just stepped out two steps, it suddenly reacted. What is the situation now? How can the other party not be an idiot so easily give him such an important thing?
But just when his footsteps stopped, the sharp strong breeze was coming, and a purple-gold cold mountain flashed at his chest.
Lu Fei, the head of the crisis, quickly encouraged the purple mansion spirit force to resist the purple golden cold mountain without much consideration at this time, but just as he was about to breathe a sigh of relief and suddenly retreated, an unusually strong spirit force impact was instant and severely bombarded him in the chest.
At the moment Lu Fei’s whole body went backwards rapidly, and his mind was humming. The heart pointed out that the purple mansion was suddenly dimmed by the shock.
Although the sudden sorrow of mind was only a moment, when Lu Fei woke up again, the young face was close at hand, and a purple and golden cold mountain suddenly and violently stabbed out again.
"Stop it! I’m not looking for Suzaku’s mercenary group and I’m not planning an alliance! "
Luffy’s hair stood on end at this moment. He smelled a thick smell of death and quickly shouted.
Lin Yuan’s complexion is not indifferent and his figure is not stagnant at all. qiankun sword’s sharp hand is directly turned into a purple-gold sword mans and mercilessly shot into Luffy’s character position.
"Lu Fei colonel late muddy water here if you shouldn’t! You shouldn’t let your son marry red-violet. this is your damn place! "
Pain came to Luffy’s ear, and there was a young low murmur.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine-It’s too late to regret it
The night broke out! Ask for a subscription!
Death breath limit is close to Luffy. It seems that this moment Lin Yuan’s figure incarnates death and slowly walks towards Luffy.
Lin Yuan’s hand didn’t hesitate at all, and he was afraid that even Luffy himself couldn’t think of this before, but he didn’t drag his feet with a hint of elegance.
The sharp pain in his throat and chest made Luffy’s baritone unable to spit out half a sentence of blood foam, and his eyes were still staring at the young face in front of him with a trace of fear.
Anyway, he is, after all, the head of the Qinglong mercenary group, the biggest force in Huoyun County. Even if something really happens, some people dare not treat him like this. However, this sudden accident makes him white. He seems to be a little bigger this time.
If you didn’t sign all the forces, how could you fall to this point?
At present, the line of sight quickly became dark, and his arm clung to the edge of the forest, and his vague and resentful concubine was unwilling to sound into the edge of the forest
"You are joking with me as soon as you are!"
Lin Yuan’s face was unmoved. In short contact, he was already white. This Lu Fei’s character is a flaw. Even if he can beat it back, it will inevitably be a great future trouble. He also helped Suzaku mercenary group solve a great disaster and was red-violet to do something.
It’s a good thing that people like Lu Fei have been solved now. It’s really a good thing for him to go back and be prepared to wait for himself. I’m afraid that Suzaku mercenary group will be extinct in an instant. This is not what he wants.
Zijin qiankun sword slowly pulled out from Luffy’s chest, and soon the palm of Lin Yuan quickly condensed and directly hit Luffy with a palm. This palm is Luffy’s purple mansion position.
For a moment, Luffy’s front spirit device also instantly fell into the hands of the forest edge, and then his arm shook in the sleeve without hesitation. Then Luffy’s corpse Hugh was slowly collapsed.
The sound of the corpse falling to the ground is not loud in the chaotic hall. However, at this moment, many people’s eyes are as if they have been shaken, and the eyes are uncontrolled.
And when these eyes stopped at Lu Fei’s corpse, the gas in the hall seemed to solidify at this moment, and many fights from other institutions disappeared.
"Lu Fei is dead?"
Looking at the wide-eyed Lu Fei, who seemed to die without moth’s eyes, there was a terrible wave in everyone’s heart. They were obviously trying to link him with the previous purple mansion fighter Lu Fei.
Those eyes stopped for a while in Lu Fei’s corpse Hugh, and then suddenly turned to one side of the teenager. When they saw qiankun sword, who was still stained with blood in the hands of the teenager, a chill suddenly surged from the soles of his feet to the top of his skull.
Purple mansion realm, such a character, even in a large area, will be a guest of major forces, but now this is a big shot in their eyes, Lu Fei is directly solved by a boy of 16 or 17.
This scene is so shocking that it is almost unbelievable.
"Suzaku mercenary group is going to turn over."
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
When waking up gradually, many people raised this idea in their hearts. At this time, the strength displayed by Suzaku mercenary group has greatly exceeded all their expectations. Even if all the forces in Huoyun County unite, they are equal to France.