Who on earth is this person who even knows the true identity of Chiyou?

Don’t …
Dynamic thinking
Xingtian gave birth to a bold idea.
"Are you …"
Suddenly raised his head, Xingtian was about to break the identity of the other party, but the man opposite him had already disappeared and left a piece of emptiness in the same place.
At this time, Xingtian was discouraged and spit out a name.
He suspects that the person in front of him is Feng Zichen, and only he can know so much about the witch family.
"Is it really you?"
"The wizard Pangu Zichen’s?"
Whispering silently, Xingtian turned his head and hurried to the underworld. He wanted to prove his guess from Houdi.
"Tut tut!"
"Still recognized?"
"You really deserve to be my good friend."
Just after Xingtian left, the peerless figure from Qiyao Island, oh, it shouldn’t be said that the wind Zichen leisurely walked out of the void and looked at the direction of Xingtian’s departure as if it were analog.
That’s a peerless person from Qiyao Island.
It is Feng Zichen.
Who else but Feng Zichen can be in this world’s magical way, who can surpass others’ achievements and be comparable to ancestors and witches?
After all, Chiyou is also the reincarnation of Wu Thirteen. Who is qualified to be his teacher?
Fuxi came to the world, and the sage of Taiqing personally accepted disciples.
Wu thirteen identity is not far from Fuxi.
In this way, you can’t just find someone to teach Chiyou. Otherwise, if you don’t get it right, it will bring shame to the witchcraft.
At that time, it will be the wind, Zichen, and no matter how good the soil is, it will certainly not stop him.
It will even ruin the second clan.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-two Mystery man origin
Based on several winds, Zichen split up an incarnation to teach Chiyou in person under the guise of the peerless name of Qiyaozhou.
After all, Feng Zichen also has the title of wizard, and it is most appropriate for him to teach Chi You.
Wizards and witches!
"Born to work hard!"
Shaking his head and sighing, Zichen dived into the void and disappeared.
Get him. He’s busy!
At the beginning, Zichen promised to give Wu Shisan a great chance to help him become a Taoist in order to get Empress Hou to agree to Wu Shisan’s reincarnation into the Terran style.
With Chiyou defeated and captured by Xuanyuan, it is time for him to fulfill his promise.
In front of the ancestral temple of Terran!
Five thick chains of God in order protrude from the void, firmly locking Chiyou’s limbs and keeping him in the void from touching the earth.
Witch power standing on the earth is endless. Witch leader Chiyou obviously inherited this point. If he comes into contact with the earth, he will be hard to get out of trouble.
It is the people who will lock up the virtual defense against Chiyou and gain strength from the earth.
The people locked Chiyou here in order to execute him in public.
Punish five horses and dismember them!
In fact, Chiyou’s move to fight for status is to split the Terran, so Xuanyuan gave him a reward and dismembered him.
Those who split the Terran should be punished by dismemberment!
"Xuanyuan I don’t you Yin me …"
"You win not force …"
Chained by the god of order, Chiyou still shouted angrily, in his view, Xuanyuan is far from his opponent. How can he defeat him if he doesn’t play tricks?
What did you do to capture him alive?
So he does not!
"I don’t know it until I die."
Cold hum a Xuanyuan ignored human-god but coldly ordered