He repelled Shi Hao and Ye Fan with one enemy and two enemies, and at the same time, the red gold taboo took Pangu’s place to stop the light search.

"Ah nasty? You can stop me if you are Pangu alone? "
Looking for light, mocking and laughing, the chain of gods waved out and shattered the taboo ring of red gold, revealing her true body. It turned out to be a woman with a perfect red metallic luster. At first glance, she knew it was not Terran.
"Brother Shi"
Ye Fan was a blow back big cough up blood serious way
"I know"
Shi Hao is no better. They obviously underestimated the urgency of these taboos. Pangu worked hard for both of them. After all, this realm is too short to stay, and it does have high scores.
At this time, Pangu took out his strength, and his posture was really the same as that of Ye Fan when he was a child. He was naked like a wild man.
"Break through him and help Brother Lu alone!"
Ye Fan also burned up his own strength to fight Pangu because of the nine-winged taboo. At this time, he has rushed to Shichanghe to meet Lu Chen head-on
They have just noticed the situation of Shichanghe, knowing that these taboos are so anxious that they are different before tinkering around the edges. At this time, the whole Shichanghe seems to be shrouded in some strange force from the outside, dragging and moving.
Seeing the long river swim, another dark orb sends out a strange light through the long river. The dark light travels along the long river like a long snake stretching its body, and even the fault cut by Lu Chen can’t stop it from moving forward.
When the dark light finally arrived, the long river swam, that is, the whole series was connected in modern AD 2. When this light solidified, it was like a snake really alive, and both sides were spitting snake letters with their heads out.
As a result, from its head node, it is almost necessary to cover the whole period of ancient history when looking at the two sections of history again.
Lu Chen also noticed this force at this time. He is a fan of the authorities because he is a long river. If he is a long river, that is, if he observes the imaginary place where the taboos are located, he can find that history is shrouded by this strange force.
During the pulling process of dark light, it will be restored by the tremor of ancient history, and there have been some strange changes in history everywhere.
Lu Chen realized what the modern abnormal situation is, which is also the dark light effect. The historical omission here was originally to repair and fill in the missing place, but it was a confusing shadow to people’s memory.
Now this dark light is different. It creates real flesh and blood at will with creativity to correct history and make ancient history stable.
"Brother Chu, what’s going on?"
Lu Chen was puzzled and sent the message back to the group frequency to ask Chuhang.
Because the present situation is beyond his expectation, he came to tamper with ancient history, but he didn’t expect the whole river to be pulled away, and even the world will be stripped away.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five Layout war taboo
"I’m afraid we’re not the only explorers who stay in this world. The purpose of the explorer’s taking him to this world is to completely take away the 11 th native world."
Chu Hang analyzed that "not all explorers left after Lu Xiong issued an announcement, and some people didn’t leave with powerful props."
"Powerful props! ?”
Liu Chen wondered, "How powerful can it be? I should be the richest explorer now, right? On the current strength should also be my strongest. "
He couldn’t understand his world, and he had a good look at it, but at the end of the day, when he revised and sorted out ancient history, something went wrong
This force that runs through the long river of time to strip away the will of the world is really powerful and terrible, and even he has to praise it.
"Brother Lu also said that it is now, and I am afraid that the explorer is not the organizer. This is a long-planned plan that spans generations and has not taken action until now."
Chu Hang pondered, "Maybe it’s not that we didn’t have the ability to send the strong to break through here, but there are also several taboos here, and the war was too costly, so we adopted a combined approach."
After listening to Chu Hang’s words, Lu Chen understood something: "Because the original world on the 11th didn’t cooperate, he chose the successor to be included in the management?"
"Something like that, but the executors are definitely not the old explorers. After all, they did leave, but a new explorer started them and left them behind."
Chu Hang said
At this time, he is at the top of the mountain and Kumar are analyzing the time fluctuation, but from that moment on, they have finished detecting the time fluctuation.
Because there is a more overbearing and powerful force that covers everything, they initially speculate that that force rose from the flood calendar, but it does not belong to them. At this time, the node was earlier.
"There are others here, this continent at this moment."
Leng Yue analyzed that a pair of eyes scanned the vast continent.
"I have changed the history of burying the gods, and the modern history has not moved, but if this force sweeps through all the long rivers of time, I have already sorted out the history, and it may also be impacted."
Lu Chen frowned. "What should I do if I get it?"
"Don’t worry, Brother Lu, I’m afraid this is a good thing. Don’t you find that there is no causal force to pester you at this time? What you have done has also affected the modern times, but it has not come because of its own causal self-attack."
Chuhang appeased that it was taboo for them not to worry now.
"I didn’t notice it before, but even the residual causality of the burial calendar disappeared."
Lu Chen reacted. His previous thoughts were all down to business, and he didn’t even care about the cause and effect. After the cause and effect Libra collapsed, there was still a continuous force to add to his body, but when he arrived in modern times, that force disappeared.
I’m afraid that dark light covered everything, and the cause and effect of revising ancient history were erased together.
So it’s horrible to think about it. You know, your strength is not slippery at the moment, so it’s the first line of taboo. He thinks it’s hard to be hit hard by the causal repulsion, but the dark light is easily stopped
"Brother Lu is at his peak, and it is estimated that the world will be taken away. Taboos will not be as gentle as before."