"Master, how is she?" Xuanyuan tianyue told mu shengxiao that they were different.

At Xuanyuan Tianyue, the master shook his head and said, "There is nothing wrong with the donor’s body, but when he fell off a cliff, he injured his heart and gave an old woman a prescription for a while. He should take medicine according to the prescription and rest well for half a month."
"Thank you so much, Master." A cold voice suddenly came.
Master Tian Shu looked up and took a shallow look, then said, "Amitabha benefactor Ji Ren has his own nature, and the Buddha has blessed the old woman to leave first." And he shouted at Xuanyuan Tianyue and Mu Sheng Xiao for a ceremony and left directly.
"Ready and send the master" Xuanyuan Tianyue said to Mu Sheng Xiao that he would stay away from the master and look back at the couch girl instantly. She looks really good. You can’t see that it is a serious illness.
Are you disappointed to see that the two people are suspicious and sneer at each other? She glanced at the two men and said lightly, "I’m tired from seeing the palace." It means you can go.
I’ve got the desired result, and I naturally know that it’s inconvenient to stay. Besides, he’s still worried about Stuart’s first thing over there. He immediately said, "So the world won’t disturb the princess and come to visit the princess when she’s free." He immediately walked toward the outside in a moment.
The whole room is shallow with Xuanyuan Tianyue. Two people look at the couch. The female Xuanyuan Tianyue’s eyebrows are tight and want to say something, but he just saw hostility in her eyes. She is annoyed with him after all.
"You have a good rest," said Xuanyuan Tianyue, turning around and preparing to leave.
Suddenly a cold voice came from behind. "You expected that Mu Sheng Xiao would come here with Stuart first, and you invited Yi Nanxun to come here. You knew that the contradiction between them was to let Yi Nanxun lead Stuart first away and then naturally let the old guy come to see me. Yuan Tianyue, your mind is serious. Are you in a hurry to leave now? Are you going to ask for the old guy? Let’s ask. I’m curious what God will tell you. "
Xuanyuan Tianyue footsteps suddenly looked back at the couch and looked at his daughter coldly. There was no warmth in her eyes. There was a warning to alienate him. His light purple eyes turned slightly and walked toward the outside.
Watching the light purple figure disappear from sight, a little strange rose in her shallow heart, which was similar to disappointment. Even she didn’t realize it. After many twists and turns, she thought more and more about Xuanyuan Tianyue, as she had previously worried. Did she know that she gently supported the day before? Oh, that old guy knows everything as soon as he knows it. It’s just a pose, but what will he say to Xuanyuan Tianyue? She’s really curious about this. Her eyes suddenly flashed a trace of murder.
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Chapter 156 Eat the heart
Out of the meditation room, Xuanyuan Tianyue took one look at the door. He couldn’t help but feel dim in his light purple eyes. She didn’t believe him after all. Maybe he wouldn’t believe it. His hand suddenly fell on his left shoulder and his elegant eyebrow was slightly frowning, so he was ready to go forward. Just after he left the courtyard, he heard a sound.
"If the wound is not treated, it will be infected." The voice of the master in front of him suddenly came not far away, and the majestic person in treasure phase was looking at him.
Although the sword stabbed deeply, it didn’t hit the key point. It’s not too serious. Xuanyuan Tianyue’s eyebrows were slightly frowning. Looking at the master’s eyes, he added a little dignity. Is he waiting for him? It seems that things are not simple. He lifted his foot and approached Ning and said, "What can you see about her physical condition?"
"I really want to ask whether it is temporary or long after now?" Master Tiansuan looks up at Xuanyuan Tianyue’s lavender eyes and looks calm.
Xuanyuan Tianyue’s handsome face is slightly sluggish. Does this mean that he knows? And the disease seems to be very difficult. There is a cold meaning in his lavender eyes. "What if I want to know everything?"
"Now her body is fine for the time being, and then naturally the same thing will happen. Of course, the second thing will continue." The master looked at Xuanyuan Tianyue with a level voice. "I should know her hair condition too much."
"You are familiar with it" is not a question, but it is certain that Xuanyuan Tianyue took a look at the master of celestial calculation. Previously, the top of the mountain was injured by celestial calculation, but it happened to be shallow. She was also injured. He knew that besides, there were only a few people who could really hurt celestial calculation in this universal salvation temple. According to her performance, she was forced to start work with him. She must be a familiar person and a very annoying person. Besides, he knew a lot about shallow diseases after listening to this statement.
A sigh appeared on the master’s face. "She’s an old friend, an old woman. She used to have several connections, but now she wants to be a different person. When we first met, she was completely different. The old woman was entrusted by her old friend to look after her, but she tried to save Amitabha by watching her go astray day by day."
Xuanyuan Tianyue’s eyebrows are slightly tight and shallow. It is true that his information is not the same, but that was nine years ago. When nine years passed, it was enough for a person to change. If he didn’t, so was it? Besides, he wanted to know that it wasn’t this. He looked up at Shen, the master of celestial arithmetic, and said, "If she is cured?"
Sick? The master of natural calculation suddenly stared at Xuanyuan Tianyue with a complicated look in his eyes. "I don’t seem to understand her symptoms, but I advise you not to get too close to her."
I don’t understand. Yeah, he doesn’t understand. Looking at her again and again, the bloodthirsty look in front of him was painful, but it was finally covered up by her cold eyes. Xuanyuan Tianyue’s handsome face was slightly tight, and his purple eyes were deep and deep. Then he looked at the master of God’s calculations. "It’s my master to tell the truth whether it’s close to her or not, and what can be done to cure her illness?"
"The medicine can be saved!" Master Tian suan has read a Buddhist word lightly. Who can tell her the right thing? If she can be cured, she won’t get sick. Besides, isn’t her behavior incurable?
Xuanyuan Tianyue frowned and said coldly, "Impossible!" He will never believe that she will be able to recover, and he will not allow it.
Looking at the noble and talented man in front of him, it seems that he has not seen him for many years, but his look is much different from that of the past. At that time, he and his master also persuaded him to take charge of the country. The master sighed, "Earlier, the secret man Zeng Laona said that everything was smooth in this life, and the biggest disaster was this word of love robbery, which was the most confusing thing." He couldn’t help but think of that woman when he felt her pulse.
"Master, even if you have a pulse, do you dare to tell me about my illness in public?"
"Master is not merciful? All sentient beings in the sky can be assured by the master. What are you doing here? "
"Of course, if I am in a good mood, their lives will naturally be neck, but if it is not good, it is not impossible to kill the country."
The wind gently raises the purple robe and dances with the wind. The aura hidden in every gap of the body instantly rises and sweeps like a god in person. At this moment, the king comes to heaven. Xuanyuan Tianyue’s handsome face is cold and silent. The light purple eyes have already surged. His eyes are over his eyes. The predecessors are as cold as iron. What is that thing?
"If I want it, I won’t let anyone take it away, and I can’t."
At this moment, the air around seems to be still, and the master looks cold and silent before him. The man can’t see the emotion from his eyes, but this momentum like a king makes people lose their minds all the time. It’s the first destiny of the royal list. Isn’t it true that God wants to come to that woman now? She had lost half a point in the imposing manner of King’s Landing, and he suddenly turned around and left for the distance.
Xuanyuan Tianyue Cheng’s slightly narrowed eyes swept away a trace of danger. His murderous look is not without it. Few people can force it out, but this time it is the few columns.
Suddenly, a distant silence came in the wind, "Taike has ever heard of a kind of poison that eats the heart."
One thought of becoming a Buddha and one thought of becoming a demon may depend on that thought.
Heart-eating? Is she eating her heart? ! Xuanyuan Tianyue’s momentum suddenly closed, and his pupils widened slightly. His hands clenched and he suddenly looked back at the closed door. The light purple eyes were already choppy. He had been to many places and had some knowledge about Tianqi poison. He slowly closed his eyes. How could she be so vicious! What kind of person is so cruel and vicious?
At noon, the will of the Northern Chu Emperor suddenly arrived, accompanied by an imperial edict, and several imperial doctors came. The first imperial edict was to thoroughly investigate the incident of shallow fall, and it also punished Chu Yunche and Chu Hanxuan for half a year’s salary on the grounds of poor protection, and specially ordered her to recuperate in this universal salvation temple until her injury was better. At the same time, she rewarded many rare medicinal materials and supplemented the second imperial edict, which turned out to be a special one for Chu Yunling. The Northern Chu Emperor was not angry at Chu Yunling’s being beaten, and praised her elder sister style. At the same time, despite Chu Yunling’s
For the North Chu Emperor’s favor, I have never seen it very lightly, but from the fact that she repaired Chu Yun Ling, which was about to be destroyed, he still favored her. She read an unusual taste. Mother, he even really had some entanglements. The real repair of Chu Yunling was indeed her mouth stinking. Secondly, she tried not to test the attitude of all the people in this palace. The most important thing was the North Chu Emperor.
But she won’t believe that the North Chu Emperor’s investigation into the so-called truth about her falling plane is that she was so afraid that she also played the idea of the treasure of the Hector even dynasty, or that his previous favor was just trying to get some secrets from her mouth with Mu Sheng Xiao.
Speaking of healing, my shallow hand suddenly fell to my heart and rested for half a day. The pain in my insides seems to have eased a lot. It’s just a temporary inability. It seems that if someone wants to kill her, it’s really easy
However, the two maids were worried that she had come running so far. They were thinking that Redjade was carrying the bird’s nest to the edge of the cave and looked at it. She said, "Miss, please have some bird’s nest. It’s stewed in my house, so you can drink it while it’s hot." If I had known they should have followed Miss, her health has been getting worse and worse recently. They are determined not to let Miss fall off the cave.
"Yes, Miss, you look so pale. This is Osmanthus Jelly taro crisp. Please eat some tonic quickly and wait for me to stew a black-bone chicken for you." The little face on the couch with two plates of cakes was full of worries.