"Hey ~ ~!" Like a shield, like a wave whistling

When they saw that the dragon’s spine spears should be impaled, they actually set a time map. Before the Gangfeng strangulation roared, more than Rise of the Legend’s spurting and plundering were firmly stopped!
Looking up and staring at Xuanlong, who is hanging half-pedaled, struggling to stab a ghost face.
Baili Changfeng spreads its arms and urges the star map to be tall and straight, with long hair stirring!
He showed a contemptuous smile "looks unfamiliar? Crazy? Ha ~ that’s all! You gangfeng stab blade, and you Rise of the Legend frost can resist me? If this is your strength? I’m sorry you … lost! "
"What? The ghost face is actually going to be defeated? " The face rough kuang scattered repair suddenly incredible way
While a monk beside him lamented, "Ah ~ you can’t push your luck and take the family’s helplessness …"
At this moment, Luo Yu looked down and forced me to be a hundred miles long. He suddenly grinned. "I’m sorry to disappoint you!"
With a shock, Luoyu’s dragon spine picked up Hurricane dark black’s roaring mouth and exclaim, "It’s really Rowen pressure!"
This out of the foot of Luoyu Xuanlongying is a crack in the mouth of a giant dragon roaring in the fields of Zhen Fang!
In an instant, a tsunami-like pressure seemed to be rolling, and Lei Yin swept across and stung you!
How could you have thought that a ghost face would have this skill? Instantly, the mind trembled, and then the gods seemed to be crushed by emotions. The mind was even more disordered and timid in an instant. The map in front of it collapsed in an instant, and the stars and stars scattered in all directions! Very gorgeous …
The dragon’s spine spear pierced the layers of stars, and the brilliance of the stars hit the chest of Baili Changfeng smoothly!
"poof ~!" The gun pierced the chest and broke out from behind, and the blood splashed five steps!
The situation of Luoyu is really Rowen’s sudden reversal of pressure and anger, but before everyone reacts, the once mighty Changfeng Shaozhu has hung up the ghost face and spear head!
Looking at the ghost face with a gun and picking a noble family with a young master and heroic spirit, watching many scattered repairs in the distance, shouting and cheering, excited!
Luo Yu, on the other hand, tackled the dragon’s spine with one hand, and his gun was once majestic and long-winded.
Looking at the distance, he hasn’t broken the barrier of stars. He looked at the face with pain, but his eyes still sparkled with hatred. "Changfeng, little Lord, you lost! Why don’t you take a step back? I won’t kill you, but you leave the Star Boundaries. I think it’s a good deal to buy and sell Changfeng Shaozhu, right? "
Baili Changfeng gnashed her teeth and whispered, "The ghost looks unfamiliar … you win!"
Longji pike instantly recovered and disappeared into Luoyu’s hands.
Thyme Changfeng staggered to the ground. He covered his deep red chest and looked at Dashizheng with hatred, smiling at the ghost face.
And Luo Yu said so-called, "The natural resources and the treasures will compete for it, and it is still hoped that Changfeng will be less dominant."
Said the feather jump stone came to the front is eyebrows glared at thyme Changfeng "Shui Mu swamp trapped is a ghost a friend Changfeng less Lord willing to keep promise’ borrow’ that broken dragon pool owe a little crossing the river can also slow down some time".
Looking at a corner of his mouth, he raised his smug smile. The ghost looks unfamiliar and snorted and turned to the entrance.
A moment later
Looking at the angry departure of Baili Changfeng and others, Luo Yu’s eyebrows slightly condensed and wondered, "Magic gas …?"
"travel? Yes! What are you loitering about? Still not saving people? " Coming Wei injury urged.
Luo Yu shook and said, "I felt a chill in the long wind of thyme just now …"
Before Luo Yu finished talking about Wei’s injury, he laughed, "It’s nothing strange to repair yin and tonify yang on the Richter scale."
With that, Wei was still thinking about Luoyu, and the thief kept muttering with a smile as he went to the entrance.
"It’s good to repair the yin and replenish the yang ….. the women on the Richter scale are all soft and soft in yin … especially the colorful shirt with a bundle of silk yarn and a long ghatpot … tut tut tut …"
Talking about Wei’s injury experience, Luo Yu couldn’t help but listen to the fascinating words. The wind changed. "… is my spiritual wind that a thousand miles away?"
"You know that, too?" Wei Shang was surprised.
Los feather base base sad "I saw …"
"I am awesome! ….. Tell me quickly! "
So the smiling two disappeared into the Shui Mu swamp.
Chapter 24 At the beginning of complex cases, I plan to laugh at evil spirits.
Hou yam garden
Dan got too many rare spiritual materials such as Yin Jia and Lingcao, and then he led Kan Kan back to Wei Ding to say Wei Shang went to the underground Dan room.
It takes him half a day to refine the Taiyi Magic Yuan elixir because of the complicated process. Wei Ding said that Wei was excited to hurt his father, because they will witness their ancestors refining the elixir. This is a great fate, and all the elixirs dare not dream of opportunities.
At this time, after Luo Yu watched Dan’s third person leave, he ordered, "Xiao Fan, two dog, you are waiting for Qian Er Jie outside your cottage, and the three of you come in with me."
Said the feather turned and walked towards the cottage.
Everyone got to know each other at a glance and felt that Luo Yu seemed to have something important to say, so they followed suit.
thatched cottage
Luoyu Panzuo case before Ruqian son, Ruwanyan, Zhang Wu also sat opposite.
See he reached a recruit a nearly zhangs long dragon ridge gun appeared in the hand, he reached a pestle dragon ridge will stand beside him and dragon ridge instantaneous xuanguang grain rhythm conjured up a dark black dragon shadow.
Looking at that snarling Xuanlongying, everyone was shocked and puzzled.
While los feather with a wave of his hand ordered "xuan blockade around don’t make the outside world watching"
Xuanlongying roared out that Lei Yin was "the master"
All of a sudden, they gaped at this plate of constant side, emitting a faint shadow of illusory dragons!
They all thought that the dark black Dragon Shadow was the illusion of the dragon’s ridge pike, but they never thought that the dragon shadow turned out to be a spirit! Is it really a dragon?
Will three people shocked expression income eyes Luo Yu smiled and pointed to Xuanlongying "need to be surprised that it is called Xuan is the true dragon spirit Xuan strength has not recovered, there is no body is a spiritual body, if it is not its dragon ridge blend, you can’t see it, but don’t underestimate it, it is longer than the gods …"
"psst ~!" Listen, Luo Yu introduced this XuanLongling to three people and gasped in succession!
The dragon in the world of mountains and seas is said that it is difficult to meet a god beast. Besides, the dragon is lonely and noble in nature. They have never heard of anyone who can pet the dragon, but Luo Yu actually has a dragon and is surrounded by them.
At the moment they look at los feather eyes changed.
In the past, Luo Yu had to inherit the patriarch’s position in times of crisis. It would be nice to add Luo Yu to them and be very close, but this closeness is a friend’s level, but it lacks a patriarch’s respect
Of course, Luo Yu’s reality doesn’t matter. He likes the feeling that there is no barrier to equality between each other, which makes him feel more intimate, but he knows that if he wants to revive the Five Elements Sect, someone must come out and walk high …
It’s very different to be a docile leader or a wolf.
A peaceful and prosperous clan may have a patriarch who is as harmonious and amiable as a green leaf, but if a ruined clan wants to break down and stand, it needs a wolf king to lead the wolves around him to tear down all obstacles in order to stand proudly on the top of the mountain and scream.
At the moment, the three men looked at Luo Yu with a little more respect in surprise and excitement, which was unprecedented in the past. A man who can be trusted by the ancestors of Zongmen in times of crisis deserves their respect and should be respected …
The five elements of Shanhai capital were destroyed, but they didn’t think so, so they still had the patriarch; They also have the bodhi old zu; They are still the five elements of Jianfeng.
Luo Yu calls out XuanLongling to guard around them. After they calm down, Ruqian’s three people have faintly felt that their new patriarch seems to be brewing something …
At present, the appearance of Xuanlong also means that even Xiaofan two dog can’t know about Luoyu’s face!