Smell TaoChengWu narrative after Todd with muttered "monk? Is there any monk to help Beiyan? Can I be merciful to you? "

See master doubt Tao Chengwu explained, "Master, the two monks in the North Yan Xu family should be strangers. There is no friendship, but you may know each other."
"oh? I know each other? " Todd smiled curiously at Tao Chengwu "Let’s hear it."
Tao Chengwu nodded his head and untied his waist and sword with both hands. "The man gave this middle-class sword and exhaled the master’s name. He won’t blame the little master of Beiyan."
Seeing the master’s eyes flashing when he saw the sword in his hand, Tao Chengwu felt that what the young monk said should be true.
So he went on to say, "That man still has a message for his master."
"Quick say" Tao Dewen suddenly looked at Tao Chengwu with a slightly excited look!
When Tao Chengwu saw it, he quickly replied, "The man said four words’ Take care of her’."
"Take good care of … her! T … "Todd was about to blurt out the word" teacher younger brother ".
But when he saw Tao Chengwu looking at himself puzzled, he breathed a sigh of relief and immediately smiled. "Let the Beiyan teenager go with him."
Then he returned the sword to Tao Chengwu, who looked puzzled. "He gave it to you, so you can keep it. Do you know that he repaired it?"
A talk about repair also took the sword TaoChengWu suddenly amazed repeatedly "master the man strength unfathomable don’t say his side hand a look at but the little girl of thirteen or fourteen repair unexpectedly is far superior to belong to play milli strike back! If it weren’t for the man’s appearance, I would have explained it. "
After listening, Todd looked at the night with ecstasy and smiled happily. "Peace is good, peace is good."
Seeing that the master seems to be grateful to Tao Chengwu in his heart, "Master, don’t say that you are grateful for failing to complete it …"
Todd-as one pleases looked back in astonishment and had no heart. He pointed to Tao Chengwu in distress situation, "Chengwu you ~!"
Tao Chengwu looked puzzled. "What’s wrong with me, Master?"
"Nothing!" Todd waved his hand and praised, "You have not only lived but also worked hard."
"meritorious?" Tao Chengwu suddenly blurred.
Seeing Tao Chengwu’s puzzled face, Todd walked slowly forward and said to himself, "If you have meritorious service, you will be rewarded."
Looking at the negative hand slowly leaving, master Tao Chengwu really can’t understand where this work is. However, he is also an open-minded person. If he can’t figure it out, he doesn’t want to see anyone who still has a problem with the reward.
Thinking of this, he thanked Todd.
Nancheng avenue
At the moment, although night has fallen, Nancheng Street is crowded with people, and lanterns are hung high in shops on both sides of the night market, especially in restaurants and snack bars of various colors. It can be said that hawking and yelling are everywhere, and it is even more lively.
The most dazzling nature belongs to those colorful lanterns, including birds and animals, and the huge fairy lamp stands in the market, and the most natural is the lotus table lamp, which dazzles the audience.
Today is the annual Lantern Festival in Zhao State, also known as the Festival of Praying for Fate. Every festival, the streets are full of lights and lanterns.
And the Lantern Festival is also called the Prayer Festival?
Praying for nature is praying, praying for meaning, and not saying much is the meaning of marriage. At most, young men and women in Nancheng Street have lights to whisper with their peers and beautiful couples; A lotus lamp with a hand basin goes to the river to pray for a foolish man and a woman; There are also people who post various street lights with their wishes.
At the moment, Xiao Fan is walking with a small lotus lantern while beside him is a handsome young man in white who is bowing. Obviously, this face of pleasing young people is two dog’s illusion.
Looking at the constant smile apologetically to please the passers-by in two dog, they all showed disdain eyes and pointed at’ white blind this good face …’
In order not to cause trouble, Luo Yu finally turned two dog into a human form
Looking at the front is look in all directions, rejoicing Xiao Fan and the bow two dog Luoyu finally locked their eyes on the second dog hand.
This Huan Yun beast is also strange to say that he will have a dog’s tail in his hand when he changes his characters! It seems that his illusion can’t completely hide this big tail, but it has to be dusted …
I saw many people writing and posting prayer red stripes with the giant matchmaker’s lantern pen.
Xiao Fan immediately pointed to the nearby back excitedly, "Grandpa, look at that! Have fun! Shall we write, too? "
Looking at a sudden whim, Xiao Fanluo Yunai smiled, "To whom?"
"Just writing for fun" Xiao Fan casually said and thought for a moment. She tried to look at Luo Yu. "Why don’t you write Shine …?"
Los feather smell sighed again.
Xiao Fan has to spit out his tongue …
Just then, a colorful red chamber on the right suddenly burst into a burst of Yingying Yanyan.
"Yo ~ Look at the handsome man in white!"
"Yes ~! Come on business? "
Looking up at the beautiful women with thin, fat and colorful faces on the balcony.