Gradually, I saw the ball of light slowly condense into a strange pattern, like an unformed dragon body, which burst into dragons and rushed toward Fengxiang’s chest. Such a huge potential scared Fengxiang to quickly destroy it and form a huge breath before the real magic. Shield conveniently blocked the seal.

Just as the golden ash two momentum at the same time, generate gave a horse power, and Fengxiang felt that the seal dragon handprint power was not as tough as you imagined, but spread out a soft and flowing charm around your arm, and instantly reached your chest, and then slowly merged into his mental body and then dissipated as if nothing had happened.
The wind Xiang looked at Rou Er inexplicably, only to find that she was as stunned as herself, looking at the invisible handprint slowly, not only will it produce any vice …
This ….. Rou Er, what is it that you and I scored mentally? The wind Xiang asked with concern, but when he tried to destroy the real magic again, he found nothing strange.
I don’t know. This handprint is something I just learned and haven’t used on people. I don’t know what the effect is. Rou Er said in his mouth that he thought that sealing the dragon handprint depends on the real dragon blood to start it. Maybe I didn’t coagulate into the blood before and didn’t work. I hope Fengxiang will be fine …
The wind Xiang immediately looked ugly when he heard Rou Er’s remarks. He regretted that he shouldn’t be bravado and decided to check whether a body was damaged. When he was just about to sink his mental thinking into his mind, he found that it was difficult to get back to that familiarity, which made his back immediately burst into a cold sweat!
Fengxiang, what’s wrong with you Is there something wrong? Rou Er saw the wind Xiang suddenly blanched and immediately worried about asking, which drew aside Zhao Lanxin and other daughters to come running in panic.
I saw Fengxiang suddenly grin and laugh easily. Haha, I told you, your little moves can’t hurt me. You see, that’s the case!
Look, cheat us! Find a fight! Daughters see the wind Xiang Anran ill regardless of the distance there are still many fix true person onlookers immediately make a mess again will wind Xiang wai jiao lamented unceasingly, but I don’t know his heart has been very depressed, but this is what it is. If you blame Rou Er again, it will cause her too much guilt. What’s worse, judging from Rou Er’s expression, she is not fully familiar with this handprint, so he decided to have a chance to find a way to break this heavy seal again later.
After a frolic, everyone slowly calmed down. After some discussion, it was decided that Fengxiang and others would go to the sky to beg for muddy crystal xuanjia, while Mo Zhenzhen would first follow the butterfly night and return to the western foreign land. After all, it was the safest place for the two who had not finished repairing.
In that muddy crystal Xuan setting armor, Mo Zhen said that when he felt that the apocalypse was coming, he would naturally go to Fengxiang, and during this period, he would also try to seize Juxian beads to complete his anti-heaven plan.
After the two sides said goodbye to each other, Fengxiang once again flew to Lixian Peak surrounded by many beautiful women. At this time, the sky tournament has ended, and there are not many people around Lixian Peak except some people who have something to stay and fix the truth. Tianyin Village at the foot of the mountain is also much quieter than before.
Everyone walks around Fengyang in Tianyin Village Street. Six women are so beautiful that it’s hard to get together. These delicate, elegant and dignified women have become full of charm and strength in Jiao Jiao, especially when the first four slaves were freed. They greeted Fengxiang, the new owner, with a smile, and they were more active than in the past. Many four colorful Xuan clothes shuttled like four colorful butterflies.
When Fengxiang looked at so many beautiful women, her eyes looked down, her hands raised, and her feet lifted, all of which revealed that her white skin could not help but suddenly embrace her left and right along the way, rubbing her left and right, and making the wind slaves and other young girls who had not experienced personnel pink shy, and showed a little bit of longing eyes, which also made the surrounding male villagers look more jealous and greedy.
When they passed through the thatched cottage of Mad Li, they saw that although it had not been inhabited for a long time, it was still so comfortable and quiet, except for the dust scattered everywhere, everything was as good as ever, which made these perennial wanderers feel a sense of family attachment and looked forward to the thatched cottage for a long time and refused to leave.
What do you think of coming back here to live a quiet life after we uncover the mystery of Siyuan Heaven? The wind Xiang hands holding the fence outside the courtyard leisurely asked.
Ok, I agree! Month slave took the lead in raising his hand and cheering. At the same time, he also raised his little hand in the usual hiding hair of O Star, which provoked it to sing with discontent.
It’s a pity that this mystery can’t be solved in a short time. It seems that we have to work hard for a long time … Zhao Lanxin’s expression declined and immediately made the women’s faces dim.
Fengxiang watched the atmosphere a little heavy, so he couldn’t help but laugh, then stretched out his hand and took the daughters’ waist and said, Don’t worry, I will be able to solve the secret of Siyuan Day, and I will also help Brother Luo return to what he called the celestial world, as well as the goddess elder sister and dark pupil, and so on … Rou Er, right?
Just as Fengxiang turned her head and looked at it until now, she found that her positive expression stood in a daze as if she had been talking about it before. She suddenly woke up when she heard Fengxiang ask her, but she opened her eyes wide and didn’t know what to answer.
Rou Er, what happened to you? Fengxiang asked anxiously that he knew that such a strange situation would rarely happen to this lively girl.
Oh, I’m fine. I’m worried that this place will be easily destroyed if it is left idle for a long time. Rou Er looked up and gave Fengxiang a bright smile and then asked as light as a bell.
Is that so? Then aren’t you worried that there will be no way out with so many of us? See the wind Xiang said with a smile, and then take out several glittering and translucent crystals from the ring. The sunlight is particularly dazzling and rapidly changing, which makes Rou Er’s eyes exude a lust for brilliance.
What kind of spar is this? How come I’ve never seen it before? Zhao Lanxin picked up a crystal and looked at it, but still didn’t see the clue.
Hey, hey, these are polar spar that I got from Feitong Zhai at that time. They are specially used to forge weapons, which are rarely seen by the outside world.
Don’t you steal at that time … Although all the women have heard of Feng Xiang telling their experiences in different lent, they have never listened to him. At this time, they found that these spars are extremely valuable to the outside world.
The real wind Xiang didn’t mean not to tell the daughters about these spar things because they were what he got from his usual experience. He avoided the missing Wailuo imperial doctor star and deliberately concealed what he heard from his later practice experience. He also grabbed his head and deliberately played dumb.
Daughters scold and see the wind Xiang slowly release a seemingly six-awn figure one by one around these spar huts. After the completion, I suddenly saw a deep and remote awn passing by and then I lost sight of the hut before opening my eyes. I knew that it was him who banned the intention to stop those foreign intruders.
Zhao Lanxin looked at Fengxiang’s meticulous mind, so she also took out a few pieces of spar Fengxiang from her arms and placed a quadrilateral formation containing two properties of local conditions. The mutual cooperation of the two cloth knot arrays immediately made the central hut particularly safe unless it reached the realm of surreal elements, and even the realm of great truth elements would be difficult to break through.
Seeing that you’re done, everyone smiles at each other, and then hand in hand flies back to the direction of Lixianfeng, but I don’t know that this is a bizarre area. Since then, it has been sealed by the villagers of Tianyin Village, and the annual pilgrimage in the village has also triggered some abnormal signs …
First, Fengxiang and others came to Lixian Peak Tournament. When they set foot on the central holy martial arts platform, they saw a golden light falling from the sky. After the time outside Fengxiang dispersed, Fan Tianchou’s serious and cautious face suddenly appeared in front of everyone.
Hello, fairy, I’m here to receive the champion award! The wind Xiang supercilious lang said that the spirit has been tense to the extreme for fear that the other party will say no.
Chapter 47 Straight into the sky
Oh, according to the regulations, you can also enter the sky to practice. I wonder if Feng Gong is interested? Fan Tian raised his face and said that the unfriendly attitude in his speech made Fengxiang feel like a trap lasting appeal.
However, it is really a great temptation to be able to regenerate the ancient source of the flesh or to be hidden deep in the sky, so after only a little hesitation, he readily promised that it is of course, since I am here, I will naturally go to the sky with you, but I hope you can treat me equally in the future. If you are mean to me, I believe Brother Mo will not forgive you!
Don’t worry, no matter what you and Mo Zhenyan have, we don’t keep secrets in teaching skills in the sky, especially the ancient source skills, but those who enter every session of the sky have absolute freedom and interests to practice, and of course you are no exception! Fan Tianchou finished talking about a bronze medal that looked like a floating cloud and told him that it was a cloud sky identity token. With it, it can mean that places in the cloud sky are in and out, but it does not include places where immortals can enter, such as the fairy pavilion or the alchemy room
Then this is your prize. Fan Tianchou took out a thin khaki soft armor and handed it to Fengxiang before continuing. This is Hunjing Xuanjia. Wear it quickly, otherwise I can’t guarantee whether you can reach the sky safely.
Fan Tianchou’s move made Fengxiang’s heart secretly scold him. In the sky, these old guys were all old foxes, saying that they gave me the muddy crystal xuanjia, but they took me to the sky so that the muddy crystal xuanjia would still be under their control. It’s a pity that you met me Fengxiang, even if I was not your opponent, I was so angry that you were tearing your hair out!
Fengxiang’s mind pondered that he would put out his hand and put muddy crystal xuanjia into the ring at will, so he smiled and said to Fan Tianchou, "I have never liked wearing armor and helmets, so I’ll accept this magic device first, but I can’t guarantee to return my hand in the future!"
But what puzzles Fengxiang is that Fan Tianchou not only didn’t show anger at first glance, but also said coldly that it’s your business if you handle it, but I hope you won’t move without authorization if you find that even if you have any backer and so many immortal powers, you will be able to crush your bones in an instant!
The meaning is very clear, that is, let the wind fly in the sky and don’t gather fairy beads. The idea in his ears makes him rather depressed, but he didn’t refute it for a while. After all, he really wanted to help Mo Zhenyan steal this treasure …
It’s time to say goodbye to all the girls in Fengxiang. Seeing these beautiful women at this moment are all tearful. Looking at Fengxiang, they almost burst into tears. Especially, the youngest slave in the month is very reluctant to the fiend star Xiao Huang besides Fengxiang. In an instant, he has been crying and crying, which makes Fengxiang feel a little pity.
Just see the wind Xiang possessed and kissed the slave forehead gently, which made her eyes show a little timidity. A wet eye socket and tears pooped down, which also attracted all the women to kiss the pear blossoms with rain and flowers, shaking their eyes and making the wind Xiang more at a loss. After kissing all the women’s cheeks, they calmed their resentment.