The poor demon king suddenly said something in a low voice.

On second thought, King An Shi understood that the poor devil was worried.
Although they can tear the void and come directly to the vicinity of Tianhuangzong, if the tunnel passes through the magic domain, it may lead to his misfortune.
And the natural drought Sect is located at the most edge of the demon domain, and it is similar when it can bypass the outside of the star.
"It’s thoughtful of poor devil brother."
King An Shi praised Yi, who then took all the kings to tear away and disappeared near the fairy abyss.
It wasn’t long before thirty-three kings came out of the tunnel and their positions had come to the outer stars of the wild continent.
In this star, we can clearly see that the edge of the magic domain of the wild continent belongs to the territory of the wild Sect
"I won’t take any of your treasures. I want to be ruined by the wind."
King Anshi gave a slight hand to the surrounding area and said, "Thank you for your help this time. If you need anything in the future, you can directly contact me."
"Brother An can rest assured!"
"God is angry with the fairy king, but there is not enough fear in the cave."
"Step on the wild and kill him!"
Sirs kings galloped away with a finger at the wild cases.
I suddenly felt a throb in my original practice, as if something was going to happen to me.
This is a sign of a whim.
The science of uniting to his this state there is no way this sign milli reason!
The wind and the sky grew up, and my heart became more and more uneasy, pushing the door out of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Just then his heart moved upward.
Seeing that there are thirty-three breath horror figures in the distant stars, they have already arrived in the direction of the wild cases!
Thirty-three kings
Look dignified in the windy day.
Among the 33 kings, except some peerless kings, there are even three peak kings from Xian buddha magic!
Thirty-three kings got together, waiting for the terror to get worse. They haven’t concealed their cold and murderous bodies.
This group of kings came to heaven and drought caused great waves!
Thirty-three kings came without saying a word for the first time, and scattered all over the world, releasing a series of tactics into the virtual.
Lock this piece up for the first time!
Others can come in here and people can leave here!
Seeing this move, I realized that this group of kings is rushing to kill them all!
"Is it you?"
Seeing a king’s eyes in the wind and the sky, his heart is full of murder!
King An Shi!
He was calculated by the King of Jin and the King of Heaven before King An Shi was born. Later, he was imprisoned and never saw King An Shi for hundreds of thousands of years.