Zi Xuan xian Guo Cang Lou

Liu Pingcai realized that Su Mo had arranged for him and Taoyao to come to Zixuanxian country when the news came out that Gan Kun Yuan was buried in the emperor’s grave.
This is protection for two people!
Liuping was indignant about this matter.
He followed Su Mo for a long time. He believed that Su Mo could not betray the court, bully the teacher and destroy the ancestors. There must be another reason behind this!
But Tao Yao seems relatively calm.
Because he knows that even if Violet really falls, Sumo will still have a martial art body that can be killed back to heaven in the future!
Yunzhu also quickly calmed down.
She also knows the true nature of martial arts. She believes that one day Su Mo will make a comeback and come to the fairyland!
This day she received a message from a close friend.
Seeing this news, Yunzhu looks complicated and sighs lightly.
Before this, Su Mo once asked him to look for a monk named Su Xiaoning.
After years of probing, I finally got a look.
In this news, it is said that Su Xiao has been found in the fairy land of Danxiao!
It’s a pity that Su Mo has fallen.
And she can’t connect with Mo Yu Huang Wu.
Pondering over a little Yunzhu wrote a message and handed it back again.
There are not many words in it, but she is told to secretly take care of Su Xiao Ning and not show up first.
Su Xiaoning has settled in Danxiao Fairyland, and there is no reason for her to receive Zixuan Fairyland.
And for Su Xiaoning, Danxiao Fairyland is more suitable for her practice.
Thinking for a long time, Yunzhu took out a message and wrote a paragraph.
"Little brother, something happened here after you left Shenxiao Fairyland. Su Mo’s blood was exposed, and he was surrounded by the patriarch and others and finally forced into the emperor’s grave."
"Now that you have settled there, you can practice with peace of mind and strive for an early return. Everything is fine with us."
Then Yunzhu sent this message ofuda out and disappeared in an instant.
Although Yun Ting Su Mo once met twice, Yunzhu knew that they were appreciate each other.
Yun Ting’s heart will eventually see Su Mo as his biggest opponent rather than his enemy.
Yunzhu seems that this news should be told to Yun Ting.
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and thirty-four Big Jianfeng
Sword boundary
Su Mo followed the sword Chen and other swords to the huge mountain in front, and it didn’t take long for him to come near.
Xinghai can see this mountain peak from afar.
In fact, this place is an endless continent. On this land stands a piercing star with a sharp peak!
"Su Daoyou"
Jianchen said, "We have a big sword peak in the sword world, saying that what you see now is a big sword peak."
"Every Jianfeng is the core of a sword continent."
Sue ink secretly nodded.
That is to say, there is a huge sword continent in this star, which is connected with each other to form the sword world today
"Please follow me."
Jian Chen’s figure is rising, and Su Mo is not far behind.
It wasn’t long before the two men came to the star, and from this angle, they could overlook everything in the sword world to the greatest extent.
In Su Mo’s line of sight, you can see that there is a huge land connected together at the edge of this star.
Every piece of land stands a mountain similar to this sword-slaying peak.
However, the shape of each mountain peak is different, and the meaning of firm but gentle sword is also different.
Su Mo is too far away from those blades to feel clearly.
There is also a larger land in the sword continent, where thousands of peaks stand as if a huge sword were stabbing this land.
"There is Wan Jian Palace."
Jian Chen pointed to the land surrounded by the big blade. "It is also the core area of our sword world. I’m sorry for the entry of foreign monks’ dharma."
Su Mo nodded slightly to show his understanding.
He can faintly feel the mysterious and powerful array of this Jianfeng Wan Jian Palace in his sight.
Once a sword peak is attacked, this sword array will immediately trigger and operate and burst into a powerful counterattack!
"How does Su Daoyou feel?"
Next to the true fairy asked.
Su Mo Zheng slightly didn’t understand the female words.