So Hongjun Daozu’s face just slowed down.

"Your purpose of being original is known."
"Over the years, your brothers have really gone too far, and even being original can’t stand it."
"It’s not good if you don’t come to be original, so you don’t have to be said to be eccentric."
"But since you’re here today, it’s up to you to be original."
After the emotional stability of Heaven of Science came, the ancestor Hongjun just said slowly that it was his words, but he said that Heaven of Science was blushing.
It turned out that it wasn’t that the ancestor Hongjun didn’t want to help Heaven, but Heaven didn’t take the initiative.
How did Tao Zu know that he had been wronged?
What’s wrong and paralyzing the other side when you don’t answer back or scold him? Get ready to hit the other side hard at all times.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be a bad thing for Hongjun Daozu to intervene rashly?
It is this that even if you know that Heaven of Science has been wronged, Grandfather Hongjun didn’t help you.
If you don’t talk when you are wronged, then you are not wronged. Who is wronged? Do you still expect the other party to pity you?
It’s ridiculous!
Bullying is people like you!
Haotian was really humbled by the words of Hongjun Daozu. It was because of his weakness that saints oppressed him more and more over the years.
If he acts tough or comes directly to the Zixiao Palace to complain, the saint will definitely dare not ignore him.
"I’m sorry, teacher. Heaven knows wrong."
Until now, Haotian just realized that Di Jun is different from him. He has a background. Even if he directly turns against a saint, that saint can’t resist him.
Because he is the ancestor of Hongjun.
Bullying him is hitting Hongjun’s ancestors in the face.
This is also the reason why the ancestors of Hongjun were uncharacteristically supportive of Emperor Haotian, and that Haotiantai did tell all saints that Haotian was another man.
But unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to Heaven of Science. After so many years, I didn’t figure out the meaning of Hongjun’s ancestor, and I was bullied for so many years.
Therefore, in a sense, most of the grievances that Haotian has suffered these years are his own fault.
"I really want to understand?"
"If you want to understand, take Yaochi and stay and watch being original, if you want an explanation."
Some angry stared at heaven science Hongjun ancestor said
Looked at heaven shan shan smiled and pulled just woke up with a face of indecision and walked to one side.
"Come to Zixiao Palace as soon as possible!"
Hongjun Daozu’s mind moved, and his majestic voice suddenly sounded in the ears of the Six Saints.
Smell speech six saints first surprised and then did not dare to neglect and hurried to Zixiao Palace.
Except for the Six Saints, another person was called to Zixiao Palace by the ancestor Hongjun.
That’s Feng Zichen!
It’s no surprise that the Six Saints were called to Zixiao Palace. After all, they have something to blame for this. Why did Daozu call Feng Zichen?
Feng Zichen also expressed doubts about this. Can he pull off the sacred thing?
Although there are 365 gods on the list of gods, the number of stars is the same, but these gods are really stars on Sunday
Sunday’s divine power is the embodiment of handle power, relying on heaven and earth or rules, and even relying on incense will.
But not from the stars on Sunday.
Because if there were no wind and zichen, the stars on Sunday would have been destroyed by the lich’s decisive battle. There were no stars on Sunday in his previous life. How can those heavenly gods borrow the power of the stars on Sunday?
This is not happy?
The heaven is in the right place, and the stars are in the stars.
In that case, it’s interesting that the ancestor Hongjun invited him to the Zixiao Palace.
However, whatever the wind is, Zichen will go to him and guess nothing, but it will be white when she gets to Zixiao Palace.
In my heart, I thought that the wind Zichen rose directly from the Six Saints and entered the outer chaos.
As soon as he entered the Zixiao Palace, Yuan Tianzun saw it, and he sat there in a flash, and Bai Hongjun’s ancestor called them over.
This fellow must have come to complain.
In this way, I feel an anger rising in my heart when I think of Yuan Tianzun, but he also knows that this place is Zixiao Palace, not where he runs wild.
Therefore, Yuan Tianzun suppressed his anger and found his own position. He turned his head away from looking at Heaven, and at the same time, he planned to return to Heaven after going out.
On the other side, Yuan Tianzun held the same idea, and the quasi-saint also sat down in his position with an expression on his face, silently contemplating how to deal with Heaven of Science.
Soon after the Six Saints were seated, Feng Zichen also hurried to catch up and saw his hall glanced at it. After that, Yu Haotian found a place around him and sat down.
Treat people to Qi Hongjun, the ancestor of Daozu, and now he has come to sit in the first place.
"Today, there are Xuan disciples who don’t practice virtue and law, despise Tianwei’s laws of heaven and earth, and are always trying to attract doom and play the role of killing heaven and earth again."
As soon as he appeared, the ancestor Hongjun said so
And after he said that, everyone felt a change in heaven, and then the cat became blurred and chaotic, and then they could see clearly.
However, just before the plane completely turned into chaos, everyone had already realized the origin of the killing and robbery from the enlightenment of heaven.
The robbery of famous immortals was caused by some immortals’ disrespect for the Emperor of Heaven.
Heaven emperor?