Meng Shize strange smile seems to want to say something was stopped by Xu Rui eyes and left the pie mouth.

Sumo asked, "What’s the problem?"
"It’s a pity that Taoist friends practice chaos, but our chaotic palace is predestined friends …"
Chen Qianhe wry smile an awkward.
"Taoist friends fly too late."
Pondering a little, Chen Qianhe still explained that "if Daoyou’s world is soaring, you can choose a relatively easy road to practice."
The world condition is also the emperor condition.
Chen Qianhe said, "The strength of the 3,000 avenues is different, and the difficulty of cultivation is also very different. Chaos Avenue belongs to the strongest avenues. Although the combat power of the same order is strong, it is extremely difficult to cultivate."
"If friends in Shou Yuan are more, they may come to disperse Daoyin to practice again, but now …"
Chen Qianhe seems that Su Mo Shou Yuan has no chance to step into the realm of enlightenment by practicing Chaos Avenue.
Even if you choose another avenue to practice, you can’t come.
Sue ink smiled and didn’t explain anything.
Chaos avenue may be difficult for others to practice, but it is the easiest avenue for him to practice!
He fused the creation of violet, and violet possessed chaotic violet to inherit the memory.
Although these memories are not intermittent, he still has a natural advantage in practicing chaos avenue!
It didn’t take long for four people to walk through the jungle, and it was getting dark.
Su Mo frowned slightly and asked, "Does it alternate day and night?"
Chen Qianhe nods, "There will be alternation of day and night every six hours."
This phenomenon of alternating day and night is very similar to that of the mainland, but Su Mo looked up at the sky but did not see the sun, moon and stars.
"Without the sun and the moon, there will be alternation of day and night?"
Su mo asked again
Chen Qianhe shook his head and said, "I don’t know if it came from me. The world is like this."
Su Mo also asked many Chen Qianhe, who had information about the world, not tired of answering them one by one.
Next to Meng Shi, I heard some impatience and couldn’t help muttering, "Tell him so much that he hasn’t celebrated his birthday for a few years."
"Brother Meng!"
Chen Qianhe gently rebuked one and then looked back at Su Mo’s face and apologized. "Teacher Meng’s outspoken friends don’t trust you, Shou Yuan …"
Chen Qianhe wanted to say something comforting, but he didn’t know what to say when he looked at Su Mo’s old face.
"Daoyou, there is a source stone here. Take it to practice first."
After a moment, Chen Qianhe seems to have decided to take out a source stone from the bag and pass it to Su Mo.