Brother Lairen Terran is different from his waist. There is no Mukden token hanging.

The first person drinks lightly.
A war broke out between the two sides!
Lin Xunzhen, Wanimal manpower to kill Kendo unique Kendo extremely Kendo … Big Kendo Wan Jian large array blessing broke out in terror!
Although there are dozens of true fairies in the other side, Lin Xun’s real people broke out in a strong counterattack with the help of Wan Jian’s large array.
The two sides fought, but it took more than a dozen breaths to facilitate. Six true immortals were hit hard, and one of them was beheaded by Lin Xunzhen on the spot!
Dozens of true immortals can’t besiege each other, but they can’t resist the Wan Jian array after all.
The two sides have a rough judgment on each other’s strength as soon as they meet and collide.
Even if Lin Xunzhen and others don’t form Wan Jian large array, this group of evil spirits are no rivals!
Lin Xunzhen seems to have entered a strange state, and his eyes are indifferent, and God has no mood swings.
Although she majored in Juekendo, she also played a terrible role in killing three swords!
Half-filled with blood and fog
This blood baptism constantly moistens Lin Xunzhen’s killing kendo!
Su Mo has realized that the idea of killing kendo with the whole sword is better than Lin Xunzhen.
He felt that Lin Xunzhen would soon be able to understand that it was an opportunity to punish the immortal sword!
The war only lasted more than a hundred breaths, and the other side was defeated. More than a dozen guilty spirits have fallen into a pool of blood and died!
The spirit of sin can’t resist Wan Jian’s large-scale offensive and retreat in succession, trying to sink back into the dark forest.
Lin Xun’s real person wants to continue to hunt down Wan Jian’s big bursts, which is difficult to maintain.
They won’t encounter any danger even if they fight separately, but there is no one to protect Sumo and Beimingxue in the center of the sword array
But now this opportunity comes once in a blue moon.
If you can kill a few more evil spirits, you may get 100 points of meritorious service in this first world war!
"I’ll go after you and stay here to protect Lord Su Feng and martial sister Bei Ming!"
Lin Xunzhen said 1 and chased him out first.
Lin Xunzhen, who had just caught up with the dark edge of the jungle, suddenly stopped, and the whole person rose up and yelled, "Beware of the hag!"
See Lin Xunzhen’s mud suddenly crack, a monster with a dark skin and a sparse green hair on his head with a steel fork emerged and went straight to Lin Xunzhen to kill him!
If Lin Xunzhen’s reaction is a little slow, if he doesn’t stop, I’m afraid he has been stabbed by this hag!
This monster is ugly and ferocious. It is the hag clan that Su Mo once saw in the battlefield of Shura in the fairy land.
However, the shura battlefield hag has long fallen for many years, and it is with the help of blood evil spirit that the corpse is reborn.
And at present, this hag is full of blood and vitality, which is a real living creature. It is many times more powerful than those walking dead in the shura battlefield!
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and ninety-two Young monkey
At the same time, ten dark shadows emerged from the dense forest and descended from the sky, like a huge bat coming towards Wanimal, GongSunYu and others!
"Everyone be careful!"
Wanimal mind a careful light drink.
From the sky, these dark shadows like bats are hags.
This group of hags, armed with steel forks, grinned grimly, and two rows of sharply staggered serrated fangs rubbed together and gave a penetrating sound.
And the hag that just came out of the ground belongs to the hag.
Both kinds of hags are ugly bodies with some obvious differences.
For example, there is a thin layer of meat wing on the ribs of the hag, which connects the arms and feet and stretches out like a giant bat.
Hag is best at being flexible in semi-combat.
And underground yaksha is like a duck to water.
The timing of these yakuza shots is extremely accurate.
Lin Xunzhen is the time when the sword array is dispersed!
And the head to hag fighting power is very strong, which belongs to the virtual period of the cave, and it is difficult to tell the winner together for a short time.
I don’t know how long this group of yakuza has been lurking in the dark. It is observed that Lin Xunzhen has the strongest fighting power.
By taking advantage of Lin Xunzhen to launch a fierce offensive, Lin Xunzhen and Wanimal were divided into two battlefields to divide and conquer.
It takes at least one person to form a large array of Wan Jian.
Ten days ago, the yakuza fell from the sky, and the offensive was fierce and swift. Wanimal, Gong Sunyu and others contracted the defensive formation as much as possible to guard Su Mo and Beiming Snow.
Although there are ten hags, it is still not cheap for Wanimal and GongSunYu.
Su Mo saw that Wanimal, GongSunYu and others occupied an advantage and were not in a hurry.
Suddenly Su Mo’s look moved, and an obliterating machine passed in his eyes!
He felt that there was a head of hag sneaking from the depths of the earth and staring at Wanimal, GongSunYu and others waiting for an opportunity.
This head to hag belongs to the hole virtual period root didn’t Sue ink look but want to sneak attack Wanimal and others!
This head of hag is hidden deep underground, holding its breath, and its heartbeat becomes negligible, and the blood flow is almost static.
Wanimal, GongSunYu and others are fighting for the first ten days and haven’t noticed the hidden crisis in the deep underground!
Actually, if Su Mo had a strong spiritual sense, he would not have been able to detect this head of hag.
Su Mo sneers slightly, touches the eyebrows with a touch of green light.
When the natural violet grew up to twelve, it derived from the peerless magic weapon-Qing Ping Jian!
Su Mo held a green ping sword and threw it backhand. The green ping sword instantly disappeared into the ground, and a two-finger wide sword hole emerged on the ground!
Where did this hag expect him to be motionless? I don’t know that a sword fell from the sky and disappeared into the top of the skull.
Yuan Shen died on the spot!