But it’s different for sk. They are persistent and passionate about competition.

"get ready for the upcoming playoffs."
Zhang Hao first got up and walked to the opposite seat. When the two sides shook hands and passed by Feng Hui, Feng Hui carefully looked at Zhang Hao. "You are very good at playing wild. Come on."
"thank you"
Zhang Hao, who was praised by his opponent, did not feel that he had won. "You are powerless, right?"
"See what you think ~"
Feng Hui didn’t answer Zhang Hao’s question directly, but Zhang Hao saw that Feng Hui was relaxed and uninhibited. I’m afraid the blue sea and blue sky simply didn’t have the strength to go to the past, now or in the future.
This is a team that Zhang Haofa can see clearly.
"Come on, I’m optimistic about you."
Feng Hui looked at Zhang Hao with a meaningful smile.
"Thanks again"
In the final regular season, gv Athletic 2: defeating the I team sk is a slight advantage of 1 point and successfully advanced to the playoffs.
Chapter 552 Preparing for the playoffs
This spring game, which lasted for several months, has finally come to an end, and the upcoming playoffs are also the scope that major teams are vying for. After all, the S-series competition is very intriguing, while the sk performance is more eye-catching in lspl.
At this time, there is a great negotiation going on in the office of the chairman of the group headquarters. At the end of the day, the group boss looked at the five people in front of him and the two managers looked unmoved.
Although the room is very cool, several people are quite dignified.
"How do you think about it? Your future is still very difficult."
When the boss’s words hit everyone hard, they didn’t know what to do.
If Zhang Hao and others were here at the moment, they would be surprised, but they wouldn’t be able to see it.
When Zhang Hao and others went to the lounge, Chen Yi was still analyzing the team information. I have to say that I was very dedicated to seeing the team return. Chen Yi also smiled and put down the information in his hand. "What a good job, but did you notice that your opponent is a terrible one?"
"What do you mean? We won anyway."
Second, being in a good mood with a loud voice means that anything is possible if you qualify for the playoffs.
"I won, but"
"But they didn’t play well."
Zhang Hao answered Chen Yi’s words and made Chen Yi laugh even more. "You also found it."
Zhang Hao nodded, and he could not see through the idea of blue sky and blue sea.
"In fact, I didn’t understand the meaning of this team, but it is certain that this team is really a very strong team. It once attacked S S, and the first team in the league was defeated by them. What do you know about the situation today?"
"You mean they control the points of each team?"
Zhang Hao was a little surprised. If Chen Yi was telling the truth, it would be a bit terrible.
"It is very likely that according to my analysis, we can narrowly win gv Athletic and they don’t.
"if so, it’s really a terrible team."
Zhang Hao, who heard Chen Yi’s words, was even more afraid of this team.
"Come on, go home, have a good rest, the horse will be in the playoffs, and the pressure of the four teams’ single round elimination is still very high."
At all time, sk knows what kind of game he will face next.
Four teams, S, Royal A, Blue Sea and Blue Sky, and Shi, sk, will compete fiercely, and this is an unknown future competition. All the major teams are not equal and powerful. S, Royal A is definitely evenly matched, but the rising star Shi, sk is also good in strength.
No one knows the true strength of this team, and everything is announcing that this lspl playoffs will be a wonderful and unusual game.
The lpl Super League stage is even more splendid. Big-name teams such as the Three Kingdoms, S and Royal Family have already booked the qualification for the Super League playoffs, and the old team ag has also experienced the baptism of war and entered the playoff stage.
At that time, the league was once again promoted to a higher level. At this moment, the audience in China are all betting that the playoff match between the two major leagues will be a wonderful contest.
"By the way, did you feel tired after three consecutive games of Lien Chan?"
Chen Yi thought of the problem before Zhang Hao. At that time, several people expressed their opinions. After all, Chen Yi training was recognized by all. It was indeed effective and very effective. Even if Lien Chan played three games, there was not much pressure and a feeling of physical and mental pleasure.
"Well, keep it up. It’s very effective."
In the early morning, a group of energetic young people reappeared in the villa area, and the routine training continued, but everyone had a firm goal in mind.
"Xiao Hao, let’s go back and see Dongdong and Qiang after the playoffs."
Two macro panting after the front Zhang Hao said his thoughts next to Gao Chengfeng is nodding.
"yeah, yeah."
Of course, Zhang Hao wants to go home for a long time. Naturally, he misses his parents, and it can be seen that Gao Chengfeng and Erhong are also homesick. Guys who have never been out of town shh. They must be homesick in other places for two months.
Moreover, fortunately, the team has made achievements and can worry about training. If the team still wants to hear the words in silence, I am afraid that several people will not be able to hold on for a long time.
Moreover, Zhang Hao really misses the summer vacation. When he graduated from senior three, everything was beautiful in the summer, but it was never going back. Everything was moving forward.
"Run, run back and tell you about rhythm and consciousness."
Chen Yi, the leader of the team, shouted to pull Zhang Hao back to the real world. sk, several people have accelerated their speed. Now it is very easy to speed up the training dose.
When I returned to the training base, after some washing, all five people came to the base hall and quietly waited for Chen Yi to pretend that b~ Oh, it’s not a lecture.
"Chen Shen, hurry up, we are waiting to learn."
"Don’t worry, you don’t understand anyway."
"Holy shit"
Erhong knows that he will always be humiliated. In fact, he just wants to see how Chen Yi will damage him now. It’s really a little unaccustomed to this for a while.
"Well, let’s get down to business. The playoffs are coming soon. We should also increase the training dose and pay more attention to team cooperation to reduce mistakes. By the way, I think Kai and Zhang Hao often change places in recent games, so let’s just decide."
When Chen Yi said this sentence, the atmosphere solidified. It is an irresistible trend for Zhang Hao to return to the wild. It depends on Xiao Kai’s attitude. If it is a big problem at this time, it is doubtful.
Everything is still with Xiao Kai.
In the end, Cai Liangyan broke the depressing atmosphere. "Well, I discussed this with Xiao Kai. Recently, Xiao Kai also said that he was in a bad state. I think I just want Hao to play wild. It’s up to you in the playoffs."