Li Yu paused for a moment. It is true that he has mastered the secret of the three thousand worlds. Now it seems that it is no secret that the demon emperor’s temple, Tianmen, was once closed.

Nanling is no more difficult to find than the Eastern Wilderness, and it is hard to stop the budding of change without the suppression of sages by emperor soldiers.
A moment later, the temple master arranged a place to rest and wait for the arrival of the big sacrifice nine days later to honor the demon emperor and reproduce the ancient demon for nine days.
For the demon family, it was a great accident, and it was possible to return to the ancestral home with pure blood. Some people said that there was a demon emperor hiding there, and the magical effect of blood transformation went against the sky.
The ratio of Li Yu’s residence to the temple community is higher than that of the old trees in the four fields deep in the ancient vein.
Here, the ancient que is towering and swaying, and the rosy clouds are transpiration. According to the demon boy who leads the way, a demon holy Dojo created a Taoist tradition in the past year, but it was moved here by the demon emperor’s temple after it disappeared.
Not all saints in the world can do it with a few amazing talents, but those who can keep the orthodoxy are terrible. Explain the secrets of different worlds and avenues.
The whole demon emperor’s hall fell silent at the sound of a bell ringing west of the red sun.
In the past few days, this ancient area has become more and more undercurrent, and even a quarrel broke a mountain directly from the palace.
People who are particularly restless this night can sleep.
Li Yu walked out of the mountain alone and looked at the whole demon emperor’s temple. There were a group of stars in the distance.
Behind them, several Gu Song plants sway and soar into the clouds, and the cold wind blows through the pines like the sound of the sea.
"The day is the great sacrifice of the demon emperor. Can’t you help it tonight?"
He stood on the moon with a faint sigh, and everywhere he went since he was born, he was not calm, but it was the first time to find trouble with others.
Language fell Li Yu suddenly turned around and punched a horizontal hammer and fell invincible. On the spot, a figure in the virtual space collapsed into blood, mud, broken bones and hair and flew in all directions.
Followed by a former powerful qi machine, it turned out that a famous dragon was dormant and jumped to kill at this moment.
His big hand slammed like a python’s mouth and carried a monstrous demon cloud to suppress it.
Li Yu’s blood gas and generate instantly drank the source sound and shattered the slap. The dragon’s famous figure flashed across thousands of feet and killed the body, giving rise to a terrible blood recovery.
But in a moment, his figure came to an abrupt end. The ancient Kyushu suppressed all evil spirits and retreated from humanity forever, just like being stuck in a mire.
At this time, a silvery white hand drew a humanitarian trajectory too fast, and the root can be avoided and slapped his face.
This dragon’s whole face was immediately broken and flew out like porcelain fragments, and the white smoke and silver intertwined hands fanned him.
The movement here is far away, too. Going out has alarmed the demon emperor’s temple, and his characters are rushing out.
Just as soon as I arrived, I saw Hualong Mingsu being pumped out, and my face was distorted and my whole head was cracked.
Seeing the man Wang Feichi and idolize flying month by month, the dragon demon fought against the ancient Kyushu vision, but it broke through his chest with a hundred tricks, and then slammed the crown of the skull and splashed red and white.
At the last light sound, Li Yu pinched the main seal and smashed his head like a broken gourd. He was killed on the spot.
"The demon emperor’s sacrifice is coming on the crazy day, but this happened tonight?"
All the people in the field have changed their colors. This is a famous woman who was pregnant with heterogeneous blood and was slapped by a man from afar. The vision was suppressed and killed alive. It was sensational.
At this time, both the demon race and the Terran are in a state of ups and downs and it is difficult to calm down; Will the conflict break out tonight as soon as they think of the Japanese Festival?
Even the master of the temple looked ugly and was provoked and angry.
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Nine Demon Emperor Brand
"Little friend, rest assured that I will give you an explanation."
The demon emperor temple master arrived with a calm face, but the cold mountain at the bottom of his eyes was undisguised, and there was a surge of anger.
The people behind it are going to completely turn the situation upside down. Once the king of people has something happened to him here, the Gu Hua dynasty of the ginger family will never let it go, which will cause chaos before the shock of the three major domains.
Li Yu didn’t say much about what it was that the Godsworn demon clan swept with different expressions.
Obviously, the demon emperor’s big sacrifice is very heavy, which makes the Ministry divided and there are various factors that affect it day by day. It is hard to say
Soon the news of this night was handed out, which made the whole Nanling more and more chaotic. Some people who are willing to do it will not be calm when they see the Japanese demon emperor’s sacrifice. I am afraid there will be turmoil.
At that time, before the dawn of the second day, the beating hearts of Lebanon could not bear it, and a wave was about to sweep out.
This night, Li Yu sat quietly thinking about his own accomplishments, realizing the rebirth of burning robbery, nirvana, the immortal magic of ancient times, and the feat left by Amitabha the Great.
Both of them are metaphysical, very nirvana, and the road of healing and transformation has gone far, which has made him realize a lot.
While Demon Moon’s Cousin stayed with him to take care of him all night, and his brow was mixed with some worries.
Anyone who does something is bound to have advantages and disadvantages, and if he gets benefits, he will naturally bear hidden dangers. The demon emperor’s temple is also prepared for this, but it is not a big fight.
On the big memorial day, the first ray of light in Li fell all over the mountains and rivers, which revived Qianxiu Li Yu. A phoenix entered the body and was surrounded by golden runes, which gradually faded away.
"Little friend, it’s time for us to leave. I’m afraid it won’t be calm today. If you want to make moves, you don’t have to worry."
Demon moon’s uncle got up and took a deep breath. In the past, the demon emperor was absolutely gorgeous and weak, refining his blood and nourishing his body. He became stronger and stronger and established a blood transformation technique.
This technique will hide the demon emperor for nine days, and only the first person in the temple of the demon emperor can break in to get the qualification. I don’t know how many times the Nanling demon family has been in turmoil for several years.
Especially when another big memorial day is coming, some ancient demons in Shou Yuan can’t sit still, and the leader of Tianmen, the demon family, is also secretly spying to set off a storm.
Li Yu got up and asked suddenly, "I don’t know if the demon emperor’s tomb can be in Nanling?"
"I’m afraid I let you down. There is a cenotaph in Nanling, the tomb of our distant ancestors."
Demon Moon’s uncle shook his head. The outside world has always suspected that the tomb of the Demon Emperor is in the temple of the Demon Emperor. Everyone in the world sat in Beidou in his later years.
But in fact, some ancient books recorded that the demon emperor’s tomb turned into a continent and eventually crashed into the depths of the universe
And the story of the demon emperor’s temple also shows that the demon emperor set foot on the stars in his later years to fight against the fate and never returned
"It seems that the wind and rain are flourishing today."
Li Yu looked at the dense figures along the way, and many air conditioners were unabashedly big sacrifices. Among them, ancient demons were comparable to terror and living fossils of the old generation.
They are an independent team of demon emperor’s temple owners. Although they belong to the same demon emperor’s temple, they are another team. Among them, six of the top ten ancient demon families have made many demon families frown.
Unexpectedly, the Ministry struggle is also very serious, and a powerful tianjiao continues to rise to suppress reunification.
The depths of the Demon Emperor’s Hall, a great sacrifice place, are located in Qian Shan, where nothing grows, but today, Wan Li, Fiona Fang is full of greenery.
Wang Wei, a demon, sits motionless on an immortal altar like a hill. His eyes are full of vicissitudes, and the evolution of the universe is more frightening than the beginning of heaven and earth.
He is an old temple master, and now he is in charge of the ceremony. When he saw Li Yu coming, he also smiled and nodded to show goodwill.
And there are two old demons who are not weaker than him. One is plain as water, and the other is cold and biting, which seems unfriendly.
Li Yu didn’t mean it. It’s a struggle of the demon emperor’s temple. He can’t intervene, but if he gets into trouble, he doesn’t mind killing him.
In the distance, there are many great demons in ancient temples one after another, which are stronger than prosperity.
The whole altar is more magnificent than a flash of light, even in the daytime, it is particularly bright.
Not far away, a young demon race slowly walked out of the opposing team of the temple master, with its latosolic red hair hanging freely and hunting like an internal combustion engine. It was very strong and the shadow of a god bird coiled and flew.
"Another powerful competitor of Tianjiao’s future demon master in the Temple of the Demon Emperor in the Nine Days of Burning has been fighting with Qi Lin, and he has been defeated in the sixth place. In this period of time, he has been greatly transformed and has a card behind the impact."
"I’m afraid that people can check and balance him this time, and I’m afraid that another faction will compete for power."
Many demon families shook their heads, and the storm became more and more severe. No one expected that it would break out from the demon family department first.
"Hum! Qi Lin doesn’t? Then what is there to wait for? This time, the demon emperor will be in charge and it is time to return to us. "
Burning for nine days is very strong and arrogant, and the light that doesn’t extinguish the fire has a special charm, which makes Li Yu look weird.
I’m afraid this special nature is inherited by Tianmen. I didn’t expect him to beat Qi Lin to win the blood occult science and choose to practice magic. It’s really decisive.
"It’s not time for you to talk here. Young people are so impetuous and will go far in the future."
There were people in the temple master’s team who immediately shouted at each other and were very dissatisfied.
"Then it is the last word to find someone who can compete with me for nine days. You don’t have to put on airs in front of me, or I will soon surpass a group of self-satisfied old fogies."
It’s arrogant to burn for nine days and point to a group of elders.
Behind him, another strong man in the demon emperor temple smiled and put pressure on him quietly.
"Young people don’t be too arrogant. Today is the demon emperor’s big sacrifice. You haven’t been qualified yet! Don’t say that you are now and you will be the same in the future. You are not the temple master! "
An elder cold hum very not directly to face a reprimand.