"Oh, so it’s really rare for you to be as patient as I am. You made a lot of money by planning something."

The world of mortals nodded and recognized that Lu Chen was next to Shi Hao and made a fortune.
"It’s not that I just flattened the foreign land."
Liu Chen said with a smile
The world of mortals was silent for a moment. "Brother Lu … you can always go to Versailles."
He now understands that Lu Chen may have accomplished a rare feat in history, and his mark level has not broken through, and his strength has reached the ninth rank first.
And it can level the foreign land. What strength is that? He didn’t even dare to think about it. He can say it’s good to borrow money this time!
With sufficient funds, the world of mortals has the confidence to plan a world, and he is ready to arm again.
"You also received a high ticket? Do you know anything about that world? "
Lu Chen changed the subject and set intelligence.
The world of mortals shook his head. "It is estimated that many people have received this ticket. It is estimated that no one will not choose it. However, the news in the high world is very vague or has no reference significance. I have heard from predecessors that what you see every time you go to the high world is not necessarily true."
Lu Chen thought thoughtfully. What does it mean that tickets describe the surface world, the inner world and the real world?
"Will it be a multiverse?"
Lu Chen guessed.
"I don’t know, it may be more complicated than that. We estimate that it will not be thrown into the high-tech land but the high-tech land in other places. Whether the rulers receive foreign guests or not is just a law enforcer there."
The world of mortals explained, "I asked the soul-chasing elder that she had been to the high world once until she returned, and she didn’t know that she was in the high world. She said that there would be a lot of confusion in the law there, and many people would die directly from some strange concepts."
"So mysterious? How does it sound a little ominous? Shouldn’t the high world be sacred and peaceful? "
Lu Chen doesn’t understand how it sounds like a ghost story.
Chasing the Soul, he knows that he is a pioneer of HarmonyOS’s old-fashioned order. He once hunted offenders with him in the wild magic mountain. Now he doesn’t know what strength he has. If he is a pioneer in his perfect world for 90,000 years, if it is a conventional world, nine have passed. Maybe the other party has advanced.
"Who knows? Some ninth-order bosses are clear, but I can’t get in touch with them, and something really happened that we don’t know. I went to HarmonyOS’s ninth-order Heaven Island, where almost all the ninth-order explorers disappeared. I met my soul-chasing predecessors in the trading market, and she seemed to know something and didn’t tell me."
Lu Chen was surprised by the words of falling into the world of mortals. He hasn’t seen the origin yet, but it may have changed.
I’m afraid it’s really a big deal to think that in the perfect world, violators come and stop the wild emperor without sending pioneers to hunt him down.
Now the world of mortals says that almost all the ninth-order explorers in HarmonyOS have disappeared, which makes people think that those ninth-order explorers have fallen?
Or was it sent to perform something special? If so, what is special and why?
What are the illegal giants afraid of? They have that kind of strength, even if they mix, they should be very moist and unconstrained. What is the conflict of ideas that led some strong people to part ways?
Lu Chen still remembers that the magician and Jker were suspected to be old teammates. The magician defected not because of any low-end violators’ small interests, but because of different ideas.
Lu Chen is calm. "You will know when you go. If you are lucky, maybe we can meet again."
"I hope so. After all, luck has a lot of bonus."
The world of mortals smiled. He was very satisfied with the lucky bonus of tickets. Finally, he was able to experience the pleasure of a European emperor. His lucky attribute was neither high nor low, but adding five points would be different. It was definitely a little European emperor.
Lu Chen cut off the association with the world of mortals, and it is estimated that the world of mortals will not know more, but he can ask the circus.