"It is so three thousand world which interface dare to take Luo Cha evil spirit? This is equivalent to the enemy of the public! "

"It may not be necessary to break the land of nine deep and remote crimes, so you will not be enemies in heaven?"
"Then again, who broke the nine deep and remote sin? I heard that Fengtianjie has also lost many people? "
"I don’t know how it is possible to get away with making such a big noise when the man has been destroyed by Fengtian."
"There won’t really be any catastrophe, will there?"
This matter is getting wider and wider, and it is constantly fermenting and causing great shock, accompanied by all kinds of rumors.
Some people say that challenging the heaven is a hidden mysterious force.
It is also said that the spirit of sin has resurfaced.
Others say that it may be the return of the devil …
The sword world buries the sword peak
A black-haired and blue friar in the main abode of fairies and immortals is sitting cross-legged on the bed with a green jade sword across his knees.
For the outside world, Su Mo naturally heard about it.
But in addition to the nine deep and remote crimes, the rest of Luo Cha people don’t know what happened.
No one knows budo Zun.
Su Mo was not at ease about these words.
There are more important thing for him.
After he enters the underworld, he can enter the celestial world again after the Millennium period has expired.
And once he goes to Fengtian, he may face a huge crisis!
This crisis is not only from the revenge of the Eye of Heaven clan.
Su Mo didn’t leave, just waiting for a suitable time.
Now the time is ripe!
Su Mo stretched out two fingers and touched the blade of Qingping Sword, and the tip of the sword was flicked!
The blade trembled slightly and gave a clear sword sound, causing ripples like water waves around it.
Qing Ping Jian seems to feel the master’s heart sending out a burst of fighting spirit and combativeness!
At the same time, Su Mo suddenly opened his eyes and closed his eyes.
Su Mo put away Qing Ping’s sword and got ready to enter the heaven again!
At this time, it seems that I heard an unusual sword singing in the abode of fairies and immortals, and I gently knocked on the door and got permission from Su Mo before I came in.
It has been a thousand years since I returned from the second heaven.
Therefore, Su Mo realized the three magical powers, a taboo secret method, and the magical powers baptized the flesh, blood, and Yuan God with huge cultivation resources, so that he could break through and step into the underworld in one fell swoop.
However, there is no change in the realm of North Ghost Snow, and it is still a small success in the real martial realm.
Su Mo is not worried about the cultivation of Beiming Snow.
She still has two kinds of kendo magical powers that she hasn’t understood. Once she realizes them, it will bring her great promotion!
"Master, what happened?"
North ghost snow asked
Su Mo casually said, "I’m going to serve heaven again."
North ghost snow leng one.
Soon the North Ghost Snow will react and say, "There really is something new in Fengtian."
"It is said that the people in the Fengtian realm were furious because of the nine deep and remote sins, and the spirit of the nine remaining sins put the spirit department of the true spirit level of the nine major sins into the battlefield of evil spirits."
Sue ink frowned.
Bei Mingxue went on to say, "Besides, it has been announced by Fengtian that it can only enter Fengtian every thousand years, and now all ethnic groups can go to Fengtian at any time."
Sue ink heart turn and guess the Mukden boundary meaning.
Once the limit is set, the top true spirits of the 3,000 realms may flood into the Fengtian realm for a short time.
When the time comes, there will be a feast of bloody killing in the battlefield of evil spirits!
It will be a hunt for evil spirits by three thousand creatures!
This is the punishment of the nine deadly sins by Fengtian!