Li Yuhan thought of a way, maybe this way can have "one of you change the ammunition into a flare and put the distress flare quickly."

Chapter 35 Animals at night
Li Yuhan was deliberately caught by the flying animal while driving the Kilid, and it was not easy for the flying animal to remember the heavy Kilid.
"We’ve been caught by Li Yuhan. What are you doing?" Leng Yunhai just said that it suddenly occurred to me that Li Yuhan had just said that it would be white to let one of them change the bomb. "You want to use that flying animal to catch Gilead and launch a flare in China, right?"
Their Kilid has a fatal flaw. Even if the weapon is not right, there will be one flare. This flare is very important, so it is not easy to release as many small flares as possible to facilitate the muzzle to launch small flares.
After a certain height, Li Yuhan shouted, "It’s a flare now. Fire the flare quickly."
The flare came out of the machine gun and the surrounding sky was covered with flare light. "Everything can be resigned, I hope those patrol soldiers can see it."
"Large caliber flare ready for launch"
Li Yu’s mark is very clever. He used the flying animal to hold Gilead in the sky to release the flare, but he wouldn’t let the flying animal take him away. At this time, he fired a large-caliber flare, which not only called for help, but also had the ignition function. The flare exploded with great power.
Bang ~ ~’
Large-caliber flares flying animals’ bellies are often the weakest place. It happens that this flying animal is like this. After the large-caliber flares are hit, the pain makes the flying animals loosen up and grab the claws of Gilead.
Kirid fell straight from the ground from more than 100 meters to the ground. If Li Yuhan made mistakes and the defense of the cold sea of clouds was not in place, it would be a car crash to wait for them.
"The sea of clouds puts all the defenses in the middle and the front part fast," Li Yuhan shouted.
Cold sea of clouds a surprised "do you want to gamble? Once this happens, if the back of the car is attacked or the roof is attacked, Kirid will also be finished. "
"No matter how much you fight, you can still persist for more than ten minutes if you attack Gilead instead of a two-star animal and a one-star animal." Li Yuhan’s palms are sweating with his teeth clenched.
Sweat on his forehead slipped down his cheeks. Li Yu’s eyes were fixed on the screen, and his spirit had jumped to the extreme. Now he has touched the life of the driver, including his life. Once he makes a slight mistake, the consequences will be irreparable. The damage to the body is small, and all their lives are the key.
"Chu Di sheng turned the gun head and aimed at the ground. Shoot quickly!" Li Yuhan roared.
Li Yuhan wants to use artillery fire to cushion the impact when the front car body falls to the ground. This method is particularly good, but whether this ammunition is limited or not is two points.
Bang ~ ~’
At the moment the car landed, the energy formed a weak protective film, and all the animals swarmed and attacked Kirid crazily.
Leng Yunhai’s forehead was sweating like beans and shouted, "Is Li Yu’s mark ready? I’m going to withdraw my defense energy. If I don’t withdraw the back of the car, I’ll be bitten out of a hole."
"Can you take it back slowly?" Li Yuhan’s bloodshot eyes stare at the screen. The arm has been soaked with sweat. The landing of Gilead is not stable yet, and it needs to be adjusted. Li Yuhan knows that there are Li Lu and Gongsunqimei after the car. His first thought is Li Lu’s safety. Once he is bitten out of the hole in the back, Li Lu will be in danger for the first time.
Li Yuhan decided to fuck by herself. Although Kirid will be seriously injured in the end, it is better than killing himself, especially Li Yuhan’s most precious sister.
The car body Li Lu and Gong Sunqi are shaking around. Gong Sunqi has turned on his mysterious force to force the shadow to be in two places. Now the whole car is full of shadow in two places. If Gong Sunqi had been in two places to be a meat pad, Li Lu would not be hurt at all.
From now on, when she is pregnant, once she is hurt, especially if the impact is so serious, it is likely to lead to miscarriage. That’s his son, Gong Sunqi, who doesn’t think about Li Lu, but also wants her baby to think about it.
There are at least 30 shadow doppelgangers in the whole car, and each shadow doppelganger is next to Li Lu. Even if the doppelganger disappears, Sun Qi will tell the doppelganger at the first time.
Otherwise, you can imagine the impact from landing at a height of 100 meters. Li Lu saw that GongSunQi was not the same strength, and his busy body was no longer two, but a number of people were separated. I had some questions in my heart, but I didn’t ask them.
Sun Qi’s ability to turn on magical power is limited. Once it arrives, Sun Qi will act according to the law. At that time, the shadow avatar will disappear with him. When it is necessary, Sun Qi has not yet found a way to fix Li Lu.
"it’s time to be bad."
Gong Sunqi Dantian is recovering those mysterious forces, and those remaining mysterious forces are returning to Dantian bit by bit.
Bang bang bang’
Shadow doppelganger disappears one by one, and the original shadow doppelganger bag, Li Luying, disappears and instantly falls from the vehicle.
"Ah ` ~ ~"
Li Lu was going to die, and when she found out that she was all right after the recovery, she hurried to see her face. She found that her ass was soft and looked down.
"Are you, are you okay? I, I, I didn’t mean to" see that Gong Sunqi was crushed by her because she was lying on the ground. Li Lu was at a loss, and Gong Sunqi was crushed by her like this.
Gong Sunqi spoke hard. "No, it’s okay. I’m too busy. Now I have no strength. I wish you were okay. Let me have a rest."
Said the GongSunQi closed his eyes, Li Lu saw GongSunQi eyes closed, he died, picked up GongSunQi’ whoops’ and cried.
"Don’t sleep, wake up, GongSunQi, wake up, GongSunQi blare ~ ~"
This has just stopped the car, and Li Yu’s heart is relaxed. When I hear crying outside, I am scared to leave my position and fly out.
"Lulu, what happened?"
Li Lu sobbed and said to Li Yuhan, "Gong Sunqi, Gong Sunqi, he, he died, and I crushed him to death."
Li Yuhan finally breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Li Lu say, "It’s good that you’re all right. Let Di Sheng have a look. Let’s wait for support here."
Chapter 36 Leave him
After checking the situation of GongSunQi, it was determined that GongSunQi collapsed. Chu Di Sheng said, "Nothing is just tired, just let him have a rest."
Chu Di Sheng got up and pulled over Li Yu’s mark and whispered in his ear, "I just checked his situation. He has no magic or power."
"Are you sure?" Li Yuhan asked suspiciously that Gong Sunqi should show magic or power. It must be a kind of power for that busy person, and that water is also a kind of water magic. Can Chu Di Sheng say no?
"Will it be excessive collapse?" Li Yuhan was not sure to ask, "If a person’s magic is excessive or his powers are excessive, it is certain that his magic and powers will temporarily disappear."
Chu Di Sheng nodded. "Yes, there is, but just now, their car doesn’t need to fight with animals. How can it be excessive?"
Li Yuhan glanced at Li Lu "Ask and you will know."
"Where are you from? Come and ask your brother a question." Li Yuhan called Li Lu aside and asked, "What happened to you just now? What happened to Gong Sunqi?"
Li Lu’s red face and low head novel said, "Just now, Gong Sunqi was afraid that I was injured and forced to separate myself. Many busy people made me a meat pad around me." Li Lu knew why Gong Sunqi did this and consciously touched his abdomen.
Li Yu’s mark didn’t find that Li Lu’s Li Lu dialect is small and beautiful, and Chu Di Sheng’s problem has just been solved. "Forcibly separating so many busy people and not so many busy people when he touches them. If you want to persist for so long, it must be a big consumption. It is estimated that you have exhausted your physical strength to let him have a rest."
Chu Di Sheng also nodded. "Well, he usually separates two busy people. If there is one more, it is also very difficult, but he just tried to protect Li Lu at the expense of his foundation and forcibly separated so many busy people. Brother Yu is really trustworthy."
Li Yuhan nodded and looked at Gong Sunqi. He and Gong Sunqi knew each other for a short time in junior high school. He also inquired about Gong Sunqi’s situation. Now he sees Gong Sunqi. Li Lu is so desperate. Li Yuhan smiled. "When we get back, we should reward him well and we befriend him. He is right. Now he can divide so many busy people at all costs. So if he wants to raise his body, he will be a big busy person. At the very least, he will not touch it."
If let Li Yuhan know that the power of GongSunQi makes the shadow busy to protect Li Lu, then Li Yuhan will definitely dismember GongSunQi into ten thousand pieces in minutes. His most precious sister must not be defiled by anyone.
Li Yuhan’s car is waiting for backup. If backup doesn’t come, Gilead’s defense energy will run out. Once it runs out, they will become lambs to be slaughtered.
For the first time, the cold sea of clouds showed an anxious face. "Li Yu’s scar energy is 30% left. If we don’t find a way soon, we will all die. There are still three different animals out there."
"Samsung animals?" Li Yuhan frowned. "What is the Samsung animal? Is it a herd or just a single one?"
This is also different. If the Samsung animal comes from a herd, the consequences are unimaginable. The strength of the Samsung animal is much stronger than that of the ordinary Samsung animal.
Leng Yunhai breathed a sigh of relief after determining the three-star animal. "Is it true that the spotted wolf king was burned by us? The spotted wolf king is now in a very unstable mood. Look at the fire. It will burn it."
"That can’t be taken lightly. The camel is bigger than the horse. Once the Spotted Wolf King joins the attack, the remaining 30% defense energy roots are insufficient to support. We must find a way." Li Yuhan gritted his teeth and he couldn’t figure out why they didn’t come out in the suburbs once. How can he finally meet the Spotted Wolf King and be chased by the Spotted Wolf?
"Wait," Li Yuhan thought of one thing and asked, "What about your bodyguards? What about them?"
Every rich brother’s family will send one or two strong men to protect them in secret, which usually won’t delay until the Lord is in danger, but now they have been in danger but have never seen the bodyguards come out.