One soul and two mountains.

The soul-water person is the soul of this lake that surrounds the sacred mountain. There are as many murders as stars hidden in the tide, and the water is roaring like a tide, specializing in robbing the soul.
These ghosts have been complaining for years and sleeping at the bottom of the lake. Every time a pilgrimage starts, they will wake up and make trouble. Seeing the creatures like wolves, they are rushing forward and robbing people of their souls.
What’s the difference between treading water like this and animal tide?
This can be described as ten deaths and nine deaths for those who are weak.
And that stepping on the mountain means breaking into terror. Twelve ghosts are sitting on the holy mountain.
At that time, the twelve ghost guards will suppress their own strength and thus correspond to the challenger’s realm, but if you team up to break into the ghost guards, your combat power will be doubled.
Twelve ghosts are like a mummy who doesn’t rot. They don’t know pain and are not afraid of injury. It can be said that one is weak, the other is weak, and the other is strong.
But even so, most pilgrims are willing to go in teams, because there are many people. After all, some people have many advantages to form a team and echo the conspiracy strategy, which is far better than facing each other directly.
You know, most of the twelve ghost guards are not intelligent, and it is still huge to maintain the team advantage of fighting before death.
But even so, over the years, every giant pillar of the holy mountain has piled up many life in an attempt to climb the mountain
I don’t know how many times more dangerous and difficult it is than the soul water. It has always been rare to enter the temple smoothly.
Often, thousands of people will be lucky enough to make pilgrimages to flexors.
There are nearly 10,000 people rushing towards the holy mountain of the soul in this roaring lake with angry souls and wild waves.
The number of pilgrims in this year has obviously far exceeded that in the past, especially as many as 90% of male pilgrims! After all, who doesn’t want to try their luck? What if they are not careful?
At this moment, many murders are screaming and dragging small pilgrims greedily into the water, scrambling to eat away at the souls of pilgrims struggling with fear.
The screams of splashing water can be heard everywhere, and the pale bodies that remain frightened and dead emerge with them.
In a short time, there will be newcomers who will step on the gray faces of the double eyes and fly by …
When some pilgrims even step on the floating corpse, they will look back and show a disdainful smile, full of ridicule or gloating!
Then, before turning his head, the scoffer followed in the former’s footsteps and was taken to the grave.
These scenes, this stormy lake, can be said to be everywhere …
And there are some streamlined huge sharp reefs like blades in this dangerous 100-mile circular lake that are constantly spinning around the center of the lake!
The speed of the roaring, splitting and frightening power seems to be like a killing reamer, which is wantonly dividing one unlucky life after another.
Shredded corpses, broken arms, and purulent blood have dyed the lake red. Like red silk, it rotates into bands and rings with the twisted blades.
It’s just that this scene is purgatory to form this soul land
At the moment, a galloping and elegant figure is stepping on the water on time, and the water is ferocious, hungry, and the ghosts will have to be pulled in the future. He has jumped past like a dragonfly!
Leave patches of splashing water. Those unwilling ghosts look at the back and roar to vent their unwillingness.
The wild waves and the evil wind shook the elegant figure, and the black robe showed his waist. The wine gourd also blew off his hat to cover his face
Half a bunch of his long hair is floating behind, which seems a little wet and messy. Even so, it is still difficult to hide his handsome face and eyebrows, such as sword stars and sharp eyes.
This young man is Luo Yu!
For this strange pilgrimage, it is natural to participate for the first time.
It was climbing the mountain and breaking into the twelve ghost guards, but I didn’t think I would have to cross this big wave and wash the sand for a hundred miles.
However, although this soul water is dangerous and the dark clouds and Gaia are heavy, people are obeying the law, but it is not dangerous for people with innate armor guards to bless themselves.
Ah ~
Suddenly, not far from the left, there was a piercing roar and the waves rolled like thunder, accompanied by several frightened screams!