See Luo Yu drunk when his groping hand was propped up by Wuma, lifting his forehead, while the other left hand held the wine gourd and pointed to the crowd and smiled "Ah ~ bold black thief! One … two three four five … six seven ~! Seven of you again! "

Qiu Shuizong’s seven people got to know each other nervously and looked like rain or shine!
While los feather then suddenly pointed to the nearby green QiuShan ao however, "you can’t kill me! After I have a helper, I want to rob my mountain and soar into … a fairy. "
"Howl …!" Luo Yu actually staggered out a few flying swords to shuttle exaggerated gestures and did not forget to match his sound effects!
At the same time, he shouted, "After a while, the flying sword will … pierce your throat!"
And he threw a bottle gourd at several people, pointing to look rain or shine, and several people shouted, "Kill kill!"! Kill you royal dog thieves! "
Ok ~ Emotional Luoyu regards the seven younger brothers of Qiushuizong as the past, pretending to be a strongman and trying to rob his family.
The gourd came and everyone was surprised and scattered.
Goodbye, Luo Yu, this delirious appearance, they all breathed a sigh of relief.
The senior brother of the younger brother of Qiushui suddenly snorted and waved and said, "It turned out that it was drunk and dreamy to take him together!"
"promise!" They should drink in succession, and then they will take this wild little drunk Luo Yu before they prepare.
And Luo Yu has long been drunk and unstoppable, but he still doesn’t forget to mutter and shout, "Who dares to take me? I’m Tian … the champion of the new subject … I’m the unruly patrol! Bandits! All big … Bold … "
Look back at Luo Yu’s eyes. At this moment, Wuma’s young mind has collapsed instantly. Despair …!
While colchicine cases of several people laughed and rushed directly with scruples.
But when six people were about to rush into the Wuma crowd and reached out, suddenly a sharp instrument shuttled through the forest and screamed!
Poop, poop, poop!
Lotus flower suddenly appeared in front of Wu Ma’s eyes, red and hot, and blood donation was instantly splashed and infected all over her skirt.
Six people’s necks were cut off almost at the same time, and then Wuma was shocked. His eyes collapsed and revealed the figure of Qiu Shuizong, who was in awe and finding nearby.
Before the third breath, another sharp scream sounded from the nearby Qingqiu Mountain.
This time, Wuma finally saw that it was a four-foot silver fern flying sword.
Poof ~!
The flying sword of streamer flew through the abdomen of brother Qiu Shuizong, who was frightened, and once again flew back to smash his head … The sword was lost!
Dead silence returned to the surroundings.
The birds and animals in the wild seem to have even stopped the airflow, which has a strong pungent and disgusting smell!
Wuma doesn’t know who came to the rescue, let alone what the other side meant. Nervously holding a dagger to protect Luo Yu’s front, he looked in the direction of Qingqiushan.
While los feather walked with his thin shoulders pointing to green QiuShan hook big scold a way "female nerve you come here! I … I’ll never do it with you … be a Taoist! "
With that, he sat across the white stone in disbelief and made a horse-riding body shaking and screaming, "… drive ~! Ma Xiong run … Female nerve is coming. "
In this way, until Luo Yu fell madly, the mysterious person who shot never showed up, as if the roots were different!
Looking at a field of corpses, Wu Ma fought back his belly and turned the tide. He hurriedly picked up his drunken Luo Yu and ran.
While Luo Yu kept whispering in her sleep … "~ Run, run, run to Taohua Village … it would be nice."
Two hours later.
**** *w*w*w********
Luo Yu’s previous "riding" Baishi was sitting casually with an old man with thin eyebrows and thin aquiline nose and tendrils.
This man is the elder Qiu Shuizong’s four-story sword, which is a great cold.
Han Bai picked up tendrils in one hand and looked at the wine gourd discarded by Luo Yu in the other hand. He checked and watched the body, Jun Fengyang.
It was when they got the news that Luoyu was out of Lingzhou that they came after him, but they didn’t think it was too late.
But for a moment, Jun Fengyang came to the white stone and frowned. "Seven people were injured by swords and killed almost at the same time."
Han Bai Guan nodded slightly, and he could see that this body sword was repaired naturally.
Seeing that he looked around at the tree-lined Shan Ye, he wondered, "The Five Elements Sect has lost its illusion in the Heavenly Palace, and the Fairy Sect has come to repair the sword in Mo’s home?"
Jun Fengyang looked at the violent death of several people and smiled gently. "There is still one person in the five elements who was around Zeng Luoyu ten years ago …"
Ranging from jun Fengyang to finish the cold, he started to wake up. "You mean that … Xue Europe? !”
See your wind Yang nodded cold, mused, "Xue Europe ten years ago is a layer of lost feathers disappeared together in the temple. Now it seems that it is most likely that Xue Europe secretly protects …"
Soon after, several brothers of Junshan Shoujun emerged from the mountain, and of course, several brothers of Qiushui Zongdi.
In front of my parents, Junshan saluted and said, "One large footprint and one small footprint found in the mountain should be a man and a woman after comparison."
Smelling a man and a woman getting to know each other at a glance, I thought that the women’s football impression was suspected by Xue Bing and that the men’s foot impression was human?
Two people suddenly lost in a short meditation.
But after a while, he said, "Don’t worry about those two people, you just care about the pursuit."
"Nuo" everyone should drink and follow the trace to the north.