Coming to Terran is just a wisp of incarnation of the great magical powers. Even if there are gains, they will be handed over to Zun along the incarnation.

Otherwise, how to break through? Let the mind incarnate and break through? Isn’t this funny?
"hey! The realm has reached the source, the conditions have been reached, and the Taoist has not broken through? "
Suddenly, Feng Zichen was relieved, because he found that Daozhong Taoist still failed to break into the realm of mixed yuan and Luo Jinxian.
No, he feels like a mixed-up pick, but he always feels that something is missing that makes him incomplete.
Just thinking about Feng Zichen will make you understand what is going on, because the cause and effect are not over yet.
Although Daozhong Taoist met all the conditions for promotion to the mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian, his promotion breakthrough was not perfect because of the unfinished cause and effect of his tribe, and there were still some defects.
Only when the cause and effect of other terrans are completely ended can the Taoist Taoist mixed with the Taoist fruit be called complete leisure.
Such as breaking the terran cause and effect? It’s also simple to press the key. The Taoist deity incarnates and wants him to die and return to the terran cause and effect of the Taoist priest in heaven and earth, even if it is over.
If the incarnation of this deity is to die, it will be natural, and he will not be in charge of the Taoist priest’s own decision
But Feng Zichen looked at it for a while and also saw that Taoist Zhong intends to see that with the incarnation of that spirit, he will realize all his powers and slowly pass away.
At last, when this psychic incarnation breaks his body connection, his body mana will be lost with it.
Now he is a mortal, a mortal without magic and ordinary martial arts!
At the same time, it also marks that he has lost the immortal Shou Yuan. In about a hundred years, he will become ill and eventually die because of the aging of five internal organs.
Because of the dissipation of mana, he can no longer practice the elixir, and it will all lose its effect on him.
He’s dead in a hundred years.
"It’s not bad to pin a ray of every thought on this incarnation and let him spend his last life in others."
Shook his head and the wind zichen withdrew her eyes.
It’s inevitable that Daozhong Taoist will become a Taoist, and it won’t be more than a hundred years at most, and his mixed Taoist fruit will be complete and there will be another statue of mixed Yuan Luo Jinxian.
Daozhongdaoren’s enlightenment has little influence on Feng Zichen, but it has great influence on Terran. It is estimated that when Daozhongdaoren’s enlightenment, Terran will be in chaos.
Central China will also usher in troubled times.
Daozhong Daoren’s enlightenment is the hegemony of all countries and the symbol of troubled times.
Feng Zichen still needs to make early preparations. Someone will go too far and make a big slaughter of the people.
"I’m here to order anyone who dares to slaughter the people from today on whether they are identity or repair!"
"I also ordered Zhucheng priests to patrol the Tianbao mirror to monitor the whole central China, and I will give them the first words and then the second words."
It’s called calling people, but the wind is very loud all over Central China, making sure that every ethnic group can hear his orders.
"We obey!" Three hundred and sixty-two gods in the city (not counting the sun, the moon, the stars and Samsung) all have voices to answer.
These are the blessings of the Lord of the city of God and the source of the city of God, and they all have the strength to win the respect.
Duke Hou and Bo Nan have different grades. Most of the casters of Shencheng are descendants of royalty or Terran heroes.
The Lord of Shencheng was chosen from the ordinary people, and all of them were chosen from the descendants of meritorious people, in recognition of their predecessors’ contributions.
If you want to become a Lord of the city of God, you can make contributions hard, so that your descendants will be qualified as a Lord of the city of God, which is also one of the means to encourage people to progress.
Yu Xun Tian Bao Jing This is Feng Zichen’s imitation of Hao Tian Jing to create a treasure. Every god city has one side, that is, it can reflect everything that happens in Central China.
Chapter DiLiuWu King was born chaos
"Positions this is what suddenly want this command? Is it difficult for the Terran to have a big event? " Although Terran practitioners listen to orders, it is difficult to whisper in their hearts.
Look at the emperor this posture is obviously a presentiment something happens to prepare early, otherwise it won’t suddenly this command.
Terrans are going to be in chaos!
It’s really going to be chaotic!
Daozhong Taoist is like a Taoist?
His divine thoughts incarnated into the realm of Qi State after the Terran descendants. At that time, Jiang Huan, the Duke of Qi, had just achieved the realm of Da Luo Dao Zun and was granted the title of Duke of Qi, an adult, a 36-nation, and a public.
At that time, he was high-spirited and determined to do something great, and then he was further promoted from the throne to the throne to help Ren Huang rule the world