And more serious things are happening …

Hidden in the shark muscle, chakra’s shoulder injury is recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye, not only that, but the strange broadsword that he has been holding in his hand is also undergoing strange changes at the moment …
It’s as if the living thing’s muscles began to creep gradually, and then finally gradually merged into the body of the shark from the handle …
And the original three points are like fish and seven points are like human mackerel. Now, shark fins have grown and the whole body has become a half-man, half-fish monster …
Musculus muscles and human body fusion!
Bad …
From the gills on both sides of the other person’s body, it can be inferred that the other person can still breathe normally in the water, and I am afraid that the speed of the body shape will increase greatly in the water. On the other hand, all the advantages of the other person on his own side have become his own disadvantages …
And there is one thing that Kakashi cares more about …
Since the war, although I have been trying my best to attack, the consumption of chakra is still too abnormal … At this speed, I can continue to fight for three to five minutes at most, and the other side … even if it is not calculated according to the huge and terrible chakra, the endurance of the other side will far exceed him.
Try to escape from ascension?
No …
Kakashi’s eyes are more determined!
Even if he wants to retreat, he must let the other side show his flaws, otherwise he will not be able to escape in such an environment
Then the theory is already obvious, but it is his only choice to win or live …
Is forward chapter two hundred and twelve, a knife dragons.
Ps third! ! ! ! Sincerity is full of rolling around and asking for everything! ! ! ! ! !
Then the theory is already obvious, but it is his only choice to win or live …
Is to charge forward!

Horizontal knife!
Even in the water, the knife-cutter tries his best to hold his knife …
Being able to act by buoyancy, even if you exert force against the current, the force will be much smaller than that on the ground. Not yet. After a moment of exerting force, the moving party will be affected by various current resistances in the water, which makes a simple movement difficult …
Has the speed been reduced to the first half … no, it may be even more deadly, but for Kakashi, making a decision is equivalent to accepting orders-after that, no matter how difficult it is, it will be one gram.
If the speed is not enough, then speed up further! The short-distance method completes the acceleration, then pull out an arc!
It’s still simple, with no name. Kakashi drew a strange arc in the water, and at the end of that arc, it was impressively that the fusion of the mackerel had not been completed!
Lei Guang, flash!
Even in the water, the speed of Kakashi is still amazing, even if it is hit like land for various reasons! Plus, the frontal speed disadvantage of the extendable attack line is minimized … but are you forgetting something?
The mouth of the shark raised a happy smile!
Although before treatment, the injury was hidden in the hamstring, chakra was almost consumed, but he occupied an absolute advantage in the eye situation!
That’s right. Maybe on land, the mackerel can always catch up with Hatake Sakumo’s footsteps, but in the water, like a shark, he is the absolute king!

Water Dun Water Prison Shark Dance!
Waiting for the fusion to be completed, before the other side attacked, an instant shark began to swim forward strangely as soon as its arms showed its body!
The sharp knife broke the sound on the water surface, but the ghost like a shark didn’t make a sound and escaped this deadly attack!
Although Tiger’s eyes have long expected that the speed of the other party will increase, it is still beyond Kakashi’s imagination to reach this level … How can it be so whether it is Qimu’s swordsmanship?
Turn and chop!
Wrist rotation and jitter will turn the blade power for half a circle and then advance in the direction of the shark!
There is no defense in the White Tooth Knife Method, and every move is the most direct and deadly attack!

Turn your back on the enemy and the other side changes tactics halfway. It’s a close call, but the ghost shark is afraid … twist its body and tail!
The hard fin directly swept the short blade from the side, and the sharp blade turned the fatal blow into a shape, and the powerful fish tail was slammed on Kakashi’s arm!
The deep impact sounds even more terrible in the water. Although he has made a response gesture, Kakashi is really suffering from this blow … This is the first time he has been injured since the beginning.
A spurt of reverse blood, combined with a strong hypoxia reaction, made the whole head feel groggy, and the ear exploded so strongly that the world in front of me began to blur …
This is the opponent’s home court. The water battle was not the director of Kakashi, and this impact has aggravated the bad eye situation.

Was the attack seen through?
It seems that I have touched Kakashi’s question, and my eyes have become more cruel and happy!
"What’s the matter? Your eyes seem to ask me what I know?"
The corners of the mouth are raised, and the horrible face that was like a shark has become even more terrible.
"Haven’t you noticed the fighting so far?" The shark raised his right hand. "You chakra betrayed you."

So that’s it. Can we learn from each other’s chakra form?
So it seems that the attack just now should have been induced by chakra before it passed … That broadsword called muscle-killer is really alive, and it can actually smell the other side’s chakra after a long battle …
But even if you already know the details of the other side, the eye situation is still overwhelmingly unfavorable to Kakashi-chakra’s remaining health has been hit hard and the oxygen necessary to maintain the battle is about to run out …