"Really!" Liang Ru serious way

"That’s good, that’s settled! It’s up to you to temporarily take the first position of Mingfeng. When you grasp it, a director of Sihu Zong will hand over to tell you that you want to come back early, so you can choose Ri to formally succeed your master and carry forward Mingfeng’s legacy. "Zong Wangren breathed a sigh of relief.
"Brother Zong!" Yang Qing’s mountain face has hidden anger, which is about to get angry.
"Brother Yang, calm down. If Liang Ru hadn’t gone out halfway, Zongli School Sister would have located the first one in her early. Where can it be your turn to read Soft Shaw and ask this question? Everyone doesn’t have to doubt it. Now Xiao asked Liang Ru to come back. Brother Yang should be happy with her left pool. "
Even before most people realized it, it was decided …
Zong Wangren officially awarded Liang Ru the first power of knowing the peak for the time being, and then everyone went back to their homes.
Zong Wangren was distracted, Yang Qing went to the mountain, and Qiu Dong was angry, leaving Zuo Ningqing’s brothers in the mantra room.
"Aru, do you really want to come back?" Yu zhi asked in the first unbearable tone is still unbelievable.
Even if she is restored to her original appearance, Liang Ruchang is not beautiful, but she has a gentle and calm temperament, so people can’t help but believe that Liang Ruchang gave a wry smile and then asked, "Even you believe it?"
"Of course, it is best for you to come back, teacher. Her old man’s house will definitely be relieved." ChuNianrou immediately said.
"It is impossible for me to come back now that Sihu Sect is supported by my roots. It is not possible in recent decades. I just said that it is appropriate. In fact, we need to drag on these three months. After the younger brother is promoted, he will still succeed." Liang Ru finally told the truth
"This …"
"I have to, too. If I let the second teacher take the first seat temporarily, I’m afraid something else will happen in these three months."
Liang Ru actually cheated everyone, but for a reasonable purpose.
On the same day, Xiao Wen, who went back to his house to practice, couldn’t help thinking about Liang Ru, his fourth senior sister.
According to Yu Zhi and others, Liang Rushi is a very emotional person, otherwise she can’t go back to Sihu. Her hometown is actually in a place called Sihu, where the level of practice is quite low, and some good people with better qualifications tend to be buried for life. Feeling this, she resolutely returned to Sihu at the peak of her practice, and the most important thing is to give people there a unified practice place. In recent years, Sihu people have become famous in that area and are in a booming stage. It is indeed inseparable from Liang Ru’s forgetting the ego because of the ego. It’s naturally impossible for Yu to be busy with Si Hu Zong’s filial piety to the left, but she has always kept in touch with Zuo Ning Qing and made up her mind that she would definitely come to Ming Jian Zong to accompany her before Zuo Ning Qing soared.
If you don’t consider so much, it is really best for Liang Ru to succeed the first peak, but who has the strength to let her go and work so hard to create a huge inheritance?
Lying in bed, Xiao Wen couldn’t help frowning in the dark. Is it really necessary for him to be the first in the peak?
He does have the idea of trying something new, but that life will definitely delay his practice
No, this can’t go on like this. We have to find a solution!
Early the next morning, Xiao Wen knocked on Nan Yunqing’s door.
"Come in" Nanyun Qingyin came from the house and didn’t ask who it was. She knew it must be Xiao Wen.
Recently, when they met less, Xiao asked her about her situation and asked Nan Yunqing if she had a move.
Nan Yunqing is an outsider. This matter is quite thorough, so he analyzed it in a few words.
Liang Ru is impossible to come back, so the first seat may fall on Xiao Wen and Chu Nian Rou.
Xiao asked the real question not when he was the first one, but after he was the first one, Nan Yunqing gave Xiao a trick, that is, when the time comes, he would make a name for himself as the shopkeeper of cutting and hand over everything directly to others …
It’s really a wake-up call for dreamers. Xiao Wen has always believed in the phrase "seek his own government in his place", that is, he has to work when he gets paid, but he can actually get paid and not work …
"It’s ok," asked Xiao without surprise tunnel.
"Another way is for Nianrou girl to stay with her as a strong support, but this must be approved by others in advance and you will be bound by this agreement later."
Xiao asked what he was most afraid of was to restrict Ziyó u and laughed. "I am now more inclined to personally sign my name."
"Well, now that you have made a decision, you’d better go to practice."
"Okay, I’m leaving."
The meeting was quite short, and Xiao Wen went back to practice immediately. The realm of immortals is the highest realm in this world, and he is still looking forward to it.
On the other side, after Xiao Wen left, Nan Yunqing came out of her mind because she vaguely felt that there was something in her heart that she hadn’t considered, but it was actually a key thing!
NanYunQijīng eyebrow fine thinking until suddenly heard a day outside the hospital to fengming finally j and ng god a vibration.
Nan Yunqing thought for a while and then stepped out of the house directly, but it turned out to be the mantra Zhai.
"Ah Nan predecessors!" When I saw Nan Yunqing coming, everyone inside was nervous, especially the men.
"I’m looking for Chu girl to do something" Nan Yunqing polite tunnel
Chu Nianrou took a few steps to the door and wondered, "Do you want to see me?"