Su Shiyuan and Han Dieer, respectively, after seeing Chu smoke and sand on both sides of him, are one leng women who are throwing themselves into Chu Lin’s arms and hugging him tightly, but they just won’t let go.

"The girl you upbringing? I said, "How can you do this?" Today, the Chu Palace is full of excitement, surrounded by people’s families, so I didn’t hear what Chu Yansha said when she came, but this intimate scene is really unbearable.
She saburo is so good-looking that she loves to get into love debts everywhere. Han Dieer felt oppressed in his heart and shouted at Chu Yansha.
"pa!" The maid-in-waiting behind Chu Yansha gave her a loud slap without thinking directly. Han Dieer almost lost her stability. Fortunately, she was held by the close-fitting servant girl behind her.
"Why did you hit someone?" Korea butterfly stretched out his hand over his face and asked.
Chu Yansha maid-in-waiting bash elbows cold to feel that one master and one servant in front of him is simply annoying.
"Who let you disrespect for our princess is you! This is a small punishment, and I still feel that it is light! " Female cold hum a root didn’t open your eyes to see them.
"Princess?" Chu Lin looked down at Chu Yan Sha’s hand and stripped her from her body.
Chu Yansha heard Chu Lin’s voice more convinced that those who did not consider what Chu Lin said reached out and agile and touched his mask and raised his hand to get it.
When Chu Lin saw the woman calling her brother’s head hurt again, Su Shiyuan suddenly stretched out his hand and held Chu Yansha’s wrist and pulled her to himself when Chu Yansha was about to pick the mask.
"Sister, you must have mistaken me for someone else. He is from Yan. How can he be Chu Lin?" Su Shiyuan winked at her, but Chu Yansha was so excited that she couldn’t digest these things.
"You think he is, don’t you? Why else would you be together?" Chu Yansha tried to find out tonight. That Ouyang Na must have been unkind. She didn’t want to ask him why.
"It’s not a carriage ride, it’s just a drop by, sister. Let’s go." Su Shiyuan took her shoulder with one hand and just pulled people away from here. Chu Yansha walked back. Since she came to Chu, her headache has been frequent. Han Dieer quickly stretched out his hand and hugged him.
"Saburo, I don’t want to stay here any longer. Let’s go home with my brother as soon as possible." Butterfly in Korea hugged him tightly and stretched out his hand to pull her very seriously and looked her in the eye.
"Are you hiding something from me?" It’s the first time for him to talk to him in this tone. She’s really scared.
If she didn’t get it wrong just now, Su Shiyuan called the woman’s sister Princess Chu Lin. There is no sister, but one sister is the queen of Qin Guoxian, but people are no longer there. Then she must be the sister of King Chu Lin, Han Dieer, and she slowly analyzed it according to what she knew.
"How could I keep something from you? Don’t you think these people are so strange? Let’s have a good time, but they are all suspicious. It seems that we are bad people. Doesn’t it bother you? " Korea butterfly stretched out his hand and rubbed his face in the Chu took her hand look complicated.
"I’m sorry, it’s all my fault." Han Dieer was flattered by the male words, and took a smile from her lips.
"I don’t blame you or them. If you and King Chu look really like them as they say, it is understandable that you miss your loved ones too much." Han Dieer said softly for fear that men would have a bad impression on her.
"But I want to stay here for a few more days. I feel very kind here." When Chu Lin spoke, he looked around and his head ached faintly, as if everything was on his lips, but he couldn’t say anything.
"That’s all right," the woman crustily skin of head promised.
At the same time, Su Shiyuan took Chu Yansha and walked far away. Finally, he settled down in the imperial garden. At this time, almost no one here. Su Shiyuan looked around and looked at Chu Yansha very naively.
"Shiyuan even the maid-in-waiting eunuch saw that you had been sleeping together for so long. Didn’t you find something wrong?" Chu Yansha said that she stretched out her hand and wiped her tears at the sad place. She has always been strong, but she can’t control her emotions at the thought of the situation just now.
It’s been a year, and she thinks it’s a dream, and she doesn’t know when she will wake up.
Su Shiyuan stretched out his hand and hugged her. "Sister, he is Chu Lin. He is not dead."
"But just now.
"But just now," Chu Yansha stared at her and was pleasantly surprised.
"The real father knew that Chu Lin wasn’t dead when he saved himself from jumping off a cliff for a year. I sent people out to look for my father every day, but I didn’t go out to look for him. The father of the Qin people didn’t come out with such news. Everyone’s heart was hanging in the air for a year, but he finally met him accidentally a few days ago, but he didn’t remember anything." Su Shiyuan said, and she burst into tears and cried in her arms.
"It’s good to live, it’s good to live, and there’s hope to live." Chu Yansha comforted Su Shiyuan while crying and laughing. The more so, the more uncomfortable she felt.
"Shiyuan, let’s guard against one person now." Chu Yansha suddenly remembered something like reaching out and holding Su Shiyuan’s hand.
"who?" Su Shiyuan asked for her
"Ouyang Nan!" Fortunately, there are no people here.
Su Shiyuan suddenly realized that "Ouyang Nan met my husband, but now he has become his prospective brother-in-law"
"Even if he wants to be bad for us, you must be careful, and you must also guard against that woman just now." Chu Yansha continued to analyze.
It’s not that she doesn’t know that that person is Yi Mei, the emperor of Yan State, and she thinks that the more she does this, the more she should fight.
"Sister, I’ll be careful not to look at the Yan Emperor before. He doesn’t look like a bad guy. I really didn’t want to understand why he did this." Su Shiyuan has long known that Ouyang Na has a good impression on Chu Yansha. By rights, he shouldn’t do this.
"People are unpredictable, I’m not sure, but it’s good that my brother is fine." Chu Yansha said Su Shiyuan nodded one after another.
"Why don’t you go back to the palace tonight and live in it? It’s getting dark. It’s worrying." The two heads of palace lanterns pass through the whole palace as if it were day, which is a huge contrast with the shape of the palace wall.
"It’s okay. The palace and Wangfu are not far away, and they will be able to go back soon." After she goes back, she has to study a way to treat amnesia. It’s impossible to always go like this. What should I do if he leaves again one day?
Su Shiyuan a martial arts, she is know simply is no longer forced, two people listen to the front quiet to must have been seated.
Su Shiyuan and Chu Yansha dare not delay to hurry back and push a cup for a change. Su Shiyuan also noticed that the emperor looked at Chu’s eyes and wanted the emperor to see the clue. That would be easy. There must be a way.
Su Shiyuan mind but don’t eat and drink greeting mat has been looking at in the direction of Chu Lin looked at Korea butterfly is a burst of unhappiness.
"Princess Chu Lin, please don’t keep looking at my unmarried husband like this. There are so many people in the palace today. Aren’t you afraid that others will drown you?" The banquet finally ended. Su Shiyuan looked at the men and hurried after them. They didn’t live in the palace tonight. She was really worried.