And it’s over

The next step is to envy the expectations.
With the second one.
Can the third one be far behind?
After Feng Zichen became a Taoist,
The day of their enlightenment is not far away.
This is not a joke, but a fact.
The vast magical powers’ mixed-yuan road has been completely broken through by the chaotic fiend and remnant spirits they swallowed up.
Need an opportunity
They can take a step closer to the realm they dream of.
Practice time
Ten thousand years have passed in a blink of an eye.
And the wind zichen
Also finally woke up from the practice.
This also marks
His breakthrough will also come to an end.
"Shout …"
"Is it mixed with four yuan?"
"It’s a little low!"
Take a long breath, Feng Zichen said with some dissatisfaction, and while talking to him, there is a purple river looming behind him, which is more than 4 thousand miles across.
The avenue is about 4,000 miles long.
That is, it represents the mixed element quadruple sky.
That is to say, after transforming all the details into strength, Feng Zichen has become a master of mixed yuan and quadruple days.
The mid-term repair of mixed yuan is not a weak hand even if you look at the whole universe
be scandalous
The quasi-saint is this realm.
In principle,
Such strength wind zichen should be satisfied.
But the truth is
He is very dissatisfied with his current practice.
Many forces help
He should have broken into the mixed six heavens in one fell swoop
Become a top player among saints.
However, due to an accident, Feng Zichen’s six-fold dream was completely broken.
And that accident originated from the runes he carved into HarmonyOS.
Feng Zichen tried to develop the theory that the HarmonyOS Taoist body once engraved the HarmonyOS Taoist bell body representing the HarmonyOS Taoist rune intact.
At that time, he just made an attempt with a flash of light, but he didn’t expect it to be successful. The rune representing HarmonyOS was easily branded by him.
And with his breakthrough, he is completely integrated.
At the beginning, HarmonyOS’s runes entered the body, and Zichen was so excited that she thought it would bring amazing changes to herself.
after all
That’s HarmonyOS!
Is everything.