"Right! In fact, you should follow me. Anyway, I don’t need a Spanish translator. You are so good at those lessons. It’s no big deal to learn them yourself and finally take a certificate! " Sun Yao suggested.

"Hum is light!" Cai Lingxiao glanced at him and continued to watch the ball.
"Does Liverpool have many stars?" Cai Lingxiao questioned
"It’s no big deal. We’ve all seen Barcelona and Real Madrid, and Liverpool should have nothing to fear now that it’s not at its peak!" Sun Yao self-confidence way
"Really?" Cai Lingxiao also gradually became interested in the game.
The two men stared at the stadium quietly, and the game between the two sides was over.
Villarreal attacked Liverpool’s goal by taking advantage of home court.
Sun Yao saw that the team had the advantage of the game, and it was also very heart-warming. "Yes, just like this, you will score sooner or later!"
Liverpool’s defense is also very strong.
Benitez looked calm on the sidelines. In his opinion, Villarreal, although in possession of the game ball, still needs to break his goal.
Benitez is a relatively successful coach at Liverpool. Although he has never stopped teaching this season, he still sits in this position and there is no denying his success.
That famous Istanbul night is the most brilliant stroke in his life history.
He stared at the situation as cool as a cucumber, and looked as if he had seen the world, and he kept talking from time to time.
Juan carlos Garrido is much less calm. Every time his players don’t handle the ball well enough, he makes a hullabaloo about. He takes this game very seriously at this time.
In the center of the stadium, yellow and red blend. Ten people except the goalkeeper are fighting together. It looks like a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes and green turf. Sun Yao is hungry.
The fans on the sidelines are also very happy to read today.
Villarreal’s home fans dyed the whole stadium a bright yellow sea terror to suppress Liverpool.
Fans don’t want the team to lose, and they don’t want to lose themselves. They think they are the most professional fans. Anfield Stadium, once known as the first devil in Europe, has a terrible momentum at home. Today, Villarreal fans also want to give Liverpool a little color.
Our fans are not as bad as our stadium.
The more horrible the stadium atmosphere, the easier it is to get out of shape.
Even Sun Yao, who was on the sidelines, ignored his leg injury and cheered for the team.
"Karp Devilla, you!"
"Neil horse! Pass him! "
Sun Yao is equally passionate on the sidelines, and Giuseppe Rossi is only getting used to the madness of Sun Yao when there are only a few good opportunities to get up and watch.
"Crazy players will become crazy fans when they arrive! Really! " Giuseppe Rossi sighed.
Three minutes into the game, Villarreal’s disappointment happened. Although the scene was dominant, everything seemed to be calculated by Benitez-Liverpool scored through counter-attack.
It’s easy to counter-attack. Steven Gerrard finds Torres, and then Torres takes the ball and goes straight to the far corner.
Diego Lopez can’t help it.
Falling behind at home is not only the score, but also represents that the other side has scored an away goal.
This scene is too favorable for Liverpool.
Fernando Torres rushed to celebrate the Spanish national team player’s return to his hometown and scored a goal.
El madrigal fans are also dissatisfied with hissing. They have long forgotten that Torres was the hero of Spain’s Euro 2008 championship in this kind of competition. Even if they remember, they will pretend to forget the blond boy. He is the enemy!
Sun Yao also depressed shook his head "should not! How did you get hit back? "
Cai Lingxiao stood by and said, "No chance!"
And Giuseppe Rossi’s girlfriend next to her got excited. "The goal is scored! It’s a goal! Oh! That player who scored No.9 is so handsome! Is it your teammate, dear? "
Giuseppe Rossi hurriedly got up and covered her mouth. "Honey, the other team scored! Shouldn’t we understand? "
"oh! It turned out that the other team scored! Your teammate is not as handsome as the other striker! " Her young model girlfriend obviously showed great ignorance of the ball.
"Hey hey! I found a sense of superiority again! " Sun Yao glanced confidently at Giuseppe Rossi. Giuseppe Rossi suddenly turned red and felt sorry for his girlfriend.
Sun Yao wanted to see that we didn’t have much contact with football, so I learned that natural football translation material is not my wife material.
Giuseppe Rossi, that’s just a vase. It’s not as beautiful as me. Sad and sad!
After the show of superiority, Sun Yao continued to cheer for the team. The game is not over yet. At this time, the team must give some help quickly!
Losing at home will be in trouble when you go away. Even if Sun Yao is confident that he can make an amazing performance when he comes back, he will not admit that he can lead the team to a goal difference of two or more at Anfield Stadium.
Therefore, he can’t participate in this game, and he still hopes that his team must not lose. If he loses, his hope is very slim.
But Liverpool is such a strong defensive team and its counterattack is extremely sharp. One is Torres, the other is Kuyt, the other is swift and brave, and the other is hardworking and brave.
At that time, when Torres was injured, Kuyt also took his place as a striker. He actually played very well