This huge incense will help the new world to evolve quickly.
But in a hundred years, it has become exactly the same as Terran territory.
At this time, if someone is out of body, they will find themselves in a world where the unreal Terran territory is exactly the same.
This is the divine world!
Feng Zichen’s reason for opening up the celestial world is simply to collect the sources after the fall of the ancient strong.
The celestial world is still fragile at birth, and if you want to become strong, you need to swallow a lot of innate sources.
Can the source come?
Feng Zichen’s reasoning really made him think of an idea.
It’s those who are reincarnated into the ancient Terran. The weakest of them all have the Taiyi Tao, and the monarch is stronger than the one with great magical powers.
If we can integrate their sources into the new gods, the gods will grow up without brushing.
Therefore, while the Terran is not yet in the reincarnation of the ancient strong, Feng Zichen first digs out the celestial world to make the Terran territory overlap.
If the two sides fight after the reincarnation of the ancient strong man falls, the whole body will not be absorbed into growth nutrients by the celestial body directly.
Oh dear!
This is perhaps the greatest contribution made by those ancient strong reincarnated into Terran.
Let people have their own big world … the divine world!
"Not bad!"
Looking at Terran territory overlapping together, the celestial wind Zichen nodded his head with satisfaction.
The divine world has been established, so it’s time for him to plan his next step
Will see the wind zichen big sleeve almost all Terran mind emerged a message at the same time.
An evil spirit was born, and the Terran wanted to destroy the Terran foundation. Today, the emperor ordered the Terran monks to work together to kill the evil spirit and give the Terran a peace.
After this message, there is a panel full of sci-fi colors in the minds of these terrans who got the news.
Remember that the rewards for slaying evil spirits are from low to high. There are all kinds of elixirs, magic weapons, magical powers and techniques. You can’t think of it without remembering it.
The top elixir is that the fruit of the Middle Way is said to be able to directly prove the Buddha’s honor after eating it
It is reported that the top achievement method, Huangdao Avenue, can be transformed into Pangu Avenue in the end after cultivation, which has the power of creation and earth.
It is said that the top avatar’s infamous Taoist seal can be incarnated when it is achieved. The already broken Zhoushan has the power to suppress everything, even saints can suppress it.
The top magic weapon turned out to be Tianbao Xuanhuangzhong, and the panel didn’t describe the function, power and effect of this treasure.
It’s a simple record of a sentence: Tianbao Xuanhuangzhong first.
But it’s such a simple description that makes everyone excited. That’s the most powerful magic weapon in Tianbao.
It needs to be described too much. Just Tianbao represents all the immortals. No one does not know the meaning of the word Tianbao.
Holding the first Tianbao in an invincible position may not win, but it will certainly not lose, and it is also a matter of time if the first Tianbao can be combined.
It’s the best chance to change people’s fate first, that is, to change the position of heaven and earth without changing it.
Excited in my heart, everyone’s eyes are red. Looking at the people around me, everyone looks like an evil spirit. I can’t wait to kill them on the spot in exchange for Tianbao.
It’s a pity that the wind zichen temporarily told the people that evil spirits appeared, but did not tell them who were evil spirits.
This is not urgent first. Let’s talk about all kinds of rewards to mobilize people’s emotions first.
After their emotions are mobilized and their strength is greatly improved, Feng Zichen will naturally tell them who are the evil spirits from outer space.
They are too young now.
If you directly tell them that people are evil spirits from outer space, then they will take the initiative to startle them, and they will lose their lives for nothing.
It’s not worth it. Let’s let them upgrade their strength first.
These thinking about the wind, Zichen hit the Terran treasure house and scattered a lot of precious treasures all over the Terran territory for free, turning them into various opportunities waiting for everyone to find.
How much can you increase your strength just by penance?
If you want to quickly increase your strength, you have to rely on the wind Zichen to hang them up.
Besides, if you don’t hang them, you can’t compete with those reincarnations of the ancient strong. Really, those reincarnations of the ancient strong will practice honestly.
Not to mention that saints will hang them up, that is, saints don’t hang them up with past practice experience and chance, that is, their biggest hanging up.