Otherwise Messi may block the football behind him and let Barcelona seize the opportunity.

This is a style of play that Barcelona is very good at.
But I’m not so worried about Luo Passareira
He just killed it with one step.
He doesn’t care whether there is someone behind him to fill the position.
Because he knows Luo can’t play!
Sure enough, he didn’t choose the ball in the face of Passareira’s forced snatch of Ronaldo
He made a feint to shoot and then tried to borrow the football again to shake the shooting angle.
It’s Sai Passareira, not chiellini
He seemed to have seen through Luo Dong long ago. When Luo raised his left foot to shoot, he put his shoulder against Luo and hit his body. At the same time, he stabbed the football with his right foot to one side!
Luo desperately maintained his center of gravity and then tried to chase the ball.
Football is not far from him, and his speed and agility are likely to catch up with football again.
But …
Just as he turned to do so.
A sky-blue figure darted out from the side.
Beat the football game!
No matter how fast the speed is, you can look at each other’s back and not recover from this sudden defense …
"Pa Wen! Nice grab! He controlled the football! But he doesn’t have a big foot directly … He keeps dribbling forward! Lazio launched a counterattack! "
Modric quickly stepped forward.
Pa Wen gave the football to modric, but instead of withdrawing it, he continued to rush forward.
He and modric had a two-one!
Lazio’s attack continuously cooperated with Pa Wen’s central axis and pushed to the front of Bayern Munich’s restricted area.
Finally, cavani shot a little higher in the penalty area.
Although he didn’t score, Pa Wen made a wonderful one-stop.
Luo will cut a dragon from the side and Pa Wen will cut a dragon directly from the middle!
After the attack, Pa Wen turned and ran back to his half.
And wait there again, Passareira touched his fist.
He felt that his body was full of surging power.
His blood is boiling and he is eager to show his best self at the Bernabeu Stadium.
Because there are so many people who bless themselves and pin their dreams on themselves, he can’t behave badly!
He’s not fighting alone!
Chapter two hundred and forty-nine The trade-offs
Although Pa Wen failed in this attack, he won high praise from the commentator.
After the attack, the commentators gushed about Pa Wen.
Pa Wen just cheered.
"It’s a sharp backcourt around! I don’t know whether Luo will feel ashamed in front of Pa Wen’s attack. He brought a half-court without even shooting, and Pa Wen successfully sent the football from the middle to the core of Bayern Munich in a series of cooperation with his teammates! Which is better or worse? I think everyone will have a conclusion? "
"The defense was in place. While Passareira interfered with Luo’s opportunity, Pa Wen advanced quickly and decisively. What’s more commendable is that Pa Wen didn’t blindly kick out the football. He also controlled the football and took it to the frontcourt to launch a beautiful counterattack!"
"The central defender suddenly stepped forward to attack. In Lazio this season, we often see that this is a big change in Lazio this season. Passareira once scored a beautiful goal against Barcelona in this way. Pa Wen is not to be outdone! It’s wonderful! "
"Look at Pa Wen’s performance. Who would have thought that he was not abandoned by Real Madrid in the early years? Florentino’s encouragement almost ruined his career. Fortunately, he found himself again in Lazio. No wonder he resolutely chose to stay in Lazio when Real Madrid called him. If he hadn’t been with Lazio often, Pa Wen would have been forgotten long ago … For now, he is afraid that Lazio has surpassed Real Madrid in his heart … "
"When chiellini was injured, many people were probably worried about whether Lazio’s defence could resist the attack of Ronaldinho and Bayern Munich in the next ten minutes … But now it seems that it is necessary to worry that Pa Wen’s performance in this game is worth looking forward to, although he suffered from injuries this season, and the most important thing is that he has a tacit understanding with Cesc Passareira! The successful defense against Luo just now is the embodiment of their tacit understanding! "
Finally, the commentator was right.
The defense against Ronaldo just now is the tacit understanding of the combination of Pa Wen and Passareira, the "double-pa" central defenders.