The little girl raised her hand excitedly and wanted to give Fang Yin and Qin Xu a big hug. Nai’s figure is too small.

With a little effort, people may be run over and killed.
How can a little girl be willing to hurt her savior?
Finally, I was so excited that I couldn’t hold myself. The little girl also restrained her fingers and nodded two little heads to give her joy.
"My name is Lu Qi. Thank you for giving me so much help and meeting your small request!" Lu Qi will record the music and introduce himself to two people.
This self-introduction came true a little late.
To tell the truth, Fang Yin is really not interested in her name, but seeing the little girl in high spirits, her eyes are shining and she is talking to them about her precious toys.
Fang Yin always felt that something bad might happen if she interrupted her.
He waited patiently for Lu Qi to introduce himself before he said, "Well … I do have a small need for your help. We want to leave here. Can you help?"
"Of course, so how did you come here? I mean, how did you come to this room? "Lu Qi cocked his head and ordered a little bit of thinking.
Fang Yin explained, "It’s a rabbit. It brought us here and let us go, and then it ran away."
"Rabbit?" Lu chess frowned and thought for a moment. Suddenly, the fleshy palm clenched its fist and hung on the palm of his left hand. "It must be Band-Aid, the naughty egg. It always likes to bring some strange things home. Then you should leave quickly. Mom hates Band-Aid. This bad habit must be angry! Then you will be miserable! I will throw my mother into the shredder. "
Fang Yin asked, "So how do we leave?"
"The stair-door has been opened, so you can go, but hurry up. Mom and Dad will be back from work soon. Don’t let them see that you are really angry!" Lu chess crossed their hands and said
Still have to go upstairs
Fang Yin sighed and felt that her wings were already hurting.
"Come on, come on, I’ll send you there." Lu Qi pushed out his palm toward them.
Fang Yin and Qin Yi looked at each other and hesitated and didn’t move.
Lu chess has urged "hurry up! Mom is coming back. "
"Go" Qin Xu to slightly to the seal nodded and said.
Two people were held in the palm by Lu Qi, like holding two humanoid mini dolls. Lu Qi took them downstairs.
A whirlpool door has appeared in the lobby on the first floor, and Qin Sang and others have been waiting for them there. When they saw Lu Qi, several people were nervous. They were relieved only when Lu Qi put Fang Yin and Qin Xun in their hands back to the ground.
The white cat on the balcony has woken up, stretched lazily, made a long breath, dragged her soft tail and walked to Lu Qi with elegant steps, and then rubbed her trouser legs and purred like a coquetry.
Amber eyes and Lu chess looked at them at the same time.
Neither cats nor people seem to be surprised by the sudden appearance of the whirlpool door in the hall.
Lu Qi waved to them and said, "Thank you so much. Please leave quickly. It will be bad for mom to come back soon."
Fang Yin hesitated. He couldn’t believe it was so easy.
Lu Qi is so friendly that people can’t believe it. I wonder if this is a conspiracy.
"Let’s go," said Qin Yigui, who patted Fang Yinjian.
The whirlpool door is close at hand, and they will be able to open the border in this inexplicable way if they want to step through this door.
But Fang Yin’s heart is pounding and I don’t know what’s so nervous.
Qin Sang first stepped into the whirlpool door, followed by Zhong Yan and Xu Sirui.
At this time, the change happened.
The speed of the vortex door suddenly broke up and broke out with great thrust. Several people were unprepared and lost their balance at the moment.
Qin Xun returned to the first place to react. tangdao plunged into the ground and fixed his body.
Fang Yin is the load and hugged one side of the table leg without being blown away.
Zhao Gan, on the other hand, is not so lucky. She has neither the ability to return to Qin nor the luck of Fang Yin. Plus, her light weight is directly lifted by huge thrust and rolled on the floor several times and hit the table.
Their bodies suddenly expanded rapidly and became normal, and their thrust was gradually rising.
The ground began to shake and cracks appeared, and the whole thing suddenly broke into magic fragments.
Lv Qi and the white cat suddenly broke into several pieces like broken porcelain.
The whole sudden collapse and fragmentation turned into pieces of debris, suspended like some special effect, and it was dark behind the gap and purple-gray smoke was constantly overflowing.
"Let’s go! This is going to collapse! " Qin Xugui held tangdao’s hand and the veins stood out. Although the ground was broken, his knife was still firmly inserted in the darkness.
He has stepped into the whirlpool half a step, holding the knife and holding his body steady. Looking back, he stretched out his hand towards Fang Yin.
"Help me! Save me! " Zhao Gan sent a heart-rending cry. She was affected by the falling debris and climbed towards the exit in an abnormal mess.
"Don’t lose me!" Zhao Gan’s voice is so sharp that it almost breaks.
With the increase of thrust, the vortex door will shrink and disappear soon.
Fang Yin looked back at her eyes. Zhao Gan bit his teeth and grabbed her hand to pull her over.
However, Fang Yin works hard. Zhao Gan wants to live better than anyone else. As soon as he touches Fang Yin, he climbs desperately through his body to the exit, like a drowning man clinging to the last straw. She desperately stands on Fang Yin’s arms and shoulders and reaches out to Qin Yigui.
Qin Xugui frowned, but neither of them can move unless Zhao Ganxian is pulled over.
He quickly took Zhao Gan’s hand and dragged people over and threw them into the whirlpool door
Then I tried to go to Lafangyin, only to find that the young man did not know what had slipped back for a long distance. Now Qin Yougui can’t reach him.
Fang Yin’s eyes contain too many things, shocked, suddenly suspicious and desperate. Just now, Zhao Gan kicked him on the shoulder and pushed her forward for a distance, which also made Fang Yin slide backwards for a distance.
But … At that time, Qin Xianggui had already held her hand.
….. what?
Fang Yin’s mind was confused and his face was pale.
Qin Xugui gasped at the sight.
"Give me your hand! Fang Yin! " Qin Xu used to calm his face, and finally it was broken. His eyes were splitting and he roared