Because I played a Champions League group match in the middle of the week, this game always won and continued to rotate.

Now Lazio is very skilled in rotation, and with the continuous signing of Lazio, the thickness of the bench has also been enhanced
The key depends on the mentality.
Lazio will have no problem if they want to win.
In this game, Gezer didn’t start because of the rotation, and not only other players such as modric and cazorla didn’t start.
Who will start instead?
In the position of Gotze, the starting player is david silva!
This guy who is almost forgotten.
Modric was replaced by Motta.
It seems that Motta is the core of Lazio’s organization.
Florence also made Motta a key target when preparing for this game.
Motta’s brilliant performance after modric’s injury in the season proved his organizational ability.
He also attracted a lot of attention from the giants this summer.
Inter Milan once wanted him very much
Of course, winning is not stupid, so important, so excellent players can’t let go easily.
It’s normal for Fiorentina to regard Motta as the most threatening player, even in the games of Gotze, modric, cazorla and cavani.
But things are different here at Lazio.
When preparing for the game against Florence, Changsheng gave everyone a tactical lesson. In the tactical lesson, Changsheng told himself the tactics of this game in detail, and the players will train according to this tactical requirement.
"The key word of this game is’ dual-core’, guys," Changsheng said to the players with two fingers.
"We will rotate this game, and I can tell you now who will start against Florence. modric, Gotze, cazorla and cavani will definitely not start."
The expressions of these players haven’t changed when the head coach announces his name.
After staying in Lazio for so many years, I have long been used to the boss rotation policy.
Although the rotation policy will reduce your chances of playing, it will also give you more rest.
In addition, it’s good for everyone to let other teammates get more opportunities to play so as not to feel split, and to keep peace in the locker room.
No one will have a problem with their rotation-of course, no one will have a problem with it. The boss has long been famous for his iron fist in Valencia and Lazio. Everyone knows that this man is not to be taunted.
"Motta will start, but your position is the lower back. Are you still a little far from the front? If you don’t push forward this time, I will arrange someone to help you." Changsheng said and pointed to david silva
"David, you start this game."
David silva was surprised to see Chang Sheng and other players were also surprised to see david silva.
When talking about dual-core, people will also let Hernaz and Motta partner in the midfield dual-core.
But I didn’t expect it to be david silva!
David silva’s recent position and new style in Lianxin are well known.
But is he ready to start so soon?
Florence is not a weak team, and it’s a home game …
Can David stand the pressure?
Wouldn’t it be bombarded by the media in case of failure?
Now that he is finally out of the sight of the media, he has a relatively quiet environment. What does the boss do to push him to the forefront?
Changsheng saw the doubts in the players’ eyes and david silva’s surprise.
Obviously, no one thought that he would start david silva, and they didn’t know why they would start david silva.
So Changsheng explained to david silva that he was also explaining to other players.
"I know we all know that this will put too much pressure on you, David, but you can’t never be under pressure, can you? Sooner or later, you have to face this day. I pushed you to the forefront, but the most important thing is that I believe you, David. I believe you won’t be crushed by pressure, right? "
After listening to the ever-victorious explanation, david silva turned his back on the boss’s good intentions.
It is rare for him to nod vigorously in front of everyone and reply loudly, "But I won’t be crushed by pressure. You can trust me, boss!" "
Winning clap clap "good, then let’s continue to talk about tactics …"