There’s a lot of cotton. Su Guanchang is still producing quilts, and new things are still in short supply. By the way, Su Jin is testing cotton-padded clothes together. What can be done to be solid, warm and beautiful to wear? Things are relatively simple on his side.

This year, cotton planting is a top priority. Qin has been in charge of Wang Da and Li Da, who are in charge of Shitouping and Sanchakou respectively.
Now spring and March are the season of breeding, soil preparation and fertilization, and they are all busy.
Luosi Mountain is also in full swing, but Li Er and Li San are in charge.
Qin is in charge of the exercise. Wanda and others have already said hello in advance, saying that this time the girl and the second young master asked about each other, so they would report back and let them prepare well.
Qin steward’s words made three people not sleep well all night, both excited and nervous.
Today, when I asked a few people, they all looked stiff. It seems that they don’t even know where to put their hands!
Even Fang Zhou Bai Qin’s intention in charge was to say a few words of comfort and ease with a smile. Wanda and others were relieved to say it one by one. After a long time, they gradually let go of it and became less formal.
After they finished, Fang Zhou simply asked and let them go first.
Many days later, she and Jane will go for a walk in the fields to see if Lian Ze will go back to the city to supervise the work this afternoon.
Some trivial chores Qin steward personally said.
A lot of people have been added to the compound. The specially selected accountants have trained teenagers and learned well with the hired accountants. Now even the business scale of the family is not large. When they learn for a while, they can get started with experience and explore in practice.
Even Fang Zhou talked about adding a few people to her family, so that Zhang Xiaojun could send two maids, Chunxing and Peach, by the way. She intends to take them with her and cultivate them into right-hand men. Naturally, she can’t do ordinary rough work in the future, and then give Lian Fang Qing and Che Er one or two reliable little maids and children.
The concierge here will find another suitable person to replace the kitchen, and Zhang Xiuer will replace Li’s supervisor. It’s also cheap to have rough thugs and maids to help.
Qin steward agreed to laugh one by one, saying that people should choose slowly, especially for the popularity of the third young master and the fourth girl.
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "It’s not urgent to wait for Che Er to finish the exam and arrange the exam. I don’t want to make any noise at this time to be afraid of affecting him."
"The girl really has a good heart!" Qin steward said with a smile.
By the way, I talked about her marriage with Jane. Qin was in charge and smiled pleasantly, saying that it should have been so long ago. The girl and Jane were born together and said that everyone laughed.
Even Fang Zhou went to see Su Jin again.
Su Jin and others already like living here very much. They are all experts. They have discovered the benefits of this cotton cloth and expect great development prospects in the future. No one said anything about leaving.
Su Jinling led them to try to weave all kinds of patterns and thick cotton cloth with great achievements.
"It’s a pity that there is no special dyehouse and there is still some singleness in color." Su Jin said with some regret.
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "The cotton mill will be completed in a month at most, and the decoration and arrangement will be almost more than a month. I think it will be officially opened in June. Get ready for everything. 54 Chapter 54 Prosperity.
"Even the girl is really neat!" Su Jin naturally agreed with a smile.
Lian Fangzhou smiled and told her about the white shilling, and said with a smile that they would work together in the future. Today, I might as well meet her and ask her to introduce her white shilling.
Su Jin saw that she was taking herself as one of her own and couldn’t help but feel a twinge of gratitude.
Just then, Lee came in and said with a smile, "Miss, I have already taken the white shopkeeper back and is waiting at the concierge!"
Even Fang Zhou smiled at Su Jin. "What a coincidence! Let’s go out and meet!"
"good!" Su Jin nodded and smiled and went out with her while calling someone to call even Ze.
After exchanging pleasantries, they went to weave and look at cotton cloth together.
I have to say that Su Jin is a very clever person and has a strong sense of confidentiality. What should be said, what should be stopped, and what should be said should be properly grasped. It is necessary to even hint from Fangzhou.
When the white shilling carriage was in my heart, I was secretly disappointed. I always felt that there could be any excellent workshops in such a remote place. Even if there is, it’s not like a filthy racket!
Although he is not an out-and-out veteran from Nanchang, he has lived in Nanchang since he was an apprentice for nearly 30 years. He is used to the prosperity of the provincial capital and metropolis, and it would be strange if he came to such a remote and backward place without a gap in his heart.
Into the compound is an accident.
The countryside is dirty and messy, and he pays attention to it. But I didn’t expect this courtyard to be clean and in good order. At this time, the roses, azaleas and begonia are full of vitality in a lively and clean way.
White shilling disliked her heart and went to the middle of it. She laughed at herself, too. Even the girl was a very intelligent woman, so she didn’t pay attention to discipline.
Even Fang Zhou and others greeted him and saw Su Jin, an outstanding figure, and never dared to despise his heart again. He greeted him with a warm and friendly smile.
After that, things will follow
Although Su Jin didn’t say too carefully, white people have eyes and brains besides ears.
The eyes will observe and the brain will think.
Looking at it, Bai Shiling was pleasantly surprised, and he said in his heart that there was something true about this company! That’s true. Otherwise, how can they achieve such success here by promoting so many unique cotton counties and cities? This is unusual!
I’ve been in this business for decades, and when I look at this cotton cloth, I realize that it’s definitely a good thing! It can be woven into high-grade fine goods or ordinary cloth by fine development. In this regard alone, it is better than the destined high-end silk satin and coarse linen. Even fine linen is not as good as this!
And since cotton can be planted successfully at home, so can others.
This means that the price of cotton cloth will be extremely high in the short term, but it will gradually come down and become something that ordinary people can afford.
Although it is rare to sell to the rich, it can make more money, but the world is ordinary people, accounting for the vast majority.
You can imagine what a big market this is!
It’s hard for even the family to seize the opportunity and not develop in the future
White shilling, that’s why white Lian Fangzhou went all the way to Nanchang City to recruit shopkeepers. This is a matter of vision.
The more knowledge you have, the wider your horizons will be. She has set a high tone with the idea of expansion, and naturally she needs to hire a better shopkeeper with a broader horizon!
White shilling was filled with pride, and he was still a talent!
So when Lian Fangzhou asked him to reconsider for two days, Bai Shiling refused without hesitation and signed the employment contract on the spot.
When he saw the cold sweat behind the different contract, he was a little superior and proud, and his pride instantly broke into slag, and his expression was much more pleasant
Even fangzhou laughed in her eyes.
Bai Shiling even consulted Fang Zhou and packed his bags. He immediately returned and took the opportunity to recommend two small stewards to Lian Fang Zhou, saying that they had worked together before and were familiar with each other. In the future, they could work together better.
You are familiar with my club. Didn’t I ask you to fight? Holding a group in front of me is not such a good thing!
Whether he has this idea or not, even Fangzhou won’t allow familiar people to huddle together to help and cover each other in a strange environment, which is difficult. She doesn’t want this to happen from the beginning.