However, the other two arrays can’t be laid out except for me and the big brother’s dust array, and once this method is adopted, we Taoists will take advantage of it. After all, most of these magic weapons are in our Taoists’ Buddhist school, the underworld and the heaven don’t agree with each other, and if necessary, we should also put the four swords and two instruments dust array Tai Chi map of the fairy array in chaos clock.

A few magic weapons, such as all the gods and evil spirits, twelve gods and banners, can no longer leave there, and the strength has fallen too much. The elder brother also disagreed with him. As soon as he went, he went to the two most powerful magic weapons, the Xuanhuang Linglong Tower of Heaven and Earth and the Taiji Map. Naturally, he didn’t want to, so this idea didn’t work, but now Xuan Ming wants this method.
I said they must have figured you out because the other two arrays can’t be laid out except for me, the fairy array and the big brother’s dust array, but there are also alternatives. Among them, the chaos clock of the stars on Sunday is gone, but the chaotic tripod of Nu Wa’s pool is uneven. Twelve ancestors and witches are refined with true blood, and the gods can be replaced by Pangu’s complications in the hands of the second brother.
But what about the deployment people? It’s inevitable to face such a big thing as a profound pick Jin Xian. Of course, it’s all about the strongest means. You happen to be a pick Jin Xian Xiu and it’s already completed. The sage will find a way to push it forward. It’s okay if you can’t make a mistake, then heaven and earth will vigorously fight back. Think about it yourself. "
Song Chang Gung’s eyes could not help but flash a trace of fear, but he immediately wondered, "But if something happens to my body and Yuan Shen, the pillars will collapse. Are they really willing to take the risk?" Why do we have to go to the disposal? "
In fact, this is also his greatest reliance. After fighting with an angel from the virtual, he realized that his strength was still too weak, and he underestimated the saint before, and finally there was only such a means to threaten the saint.
Tongtian listened to the pie mouth. "What did I say just now? Even the life magic weapon saints can be stripped off. Although this means is troublesome, it is not impossible for you to go to the disposal. Hehe, there is nothing you can do. Don’t just say that I am’ four swords against the immortals’. If you want to wield four swords, most of the power will not be displayed by one person.
Even if I am a saint, even if I, the owner of the four swords, want to be in charge of the array, I need to personally preside over the array, and then let four true fairy level experts cooperate with each palm sword. This is the first place to spread the universe, kill array, or else it is impossible to drive the four swords to meet them perfectly!
Although the four swords of Zhu Xian are said to be indestructible unless the four saints are together, and kill array is the best in the world, in fact, it takes a lot of conditions to make them work. I can’t root out these four swords when fighting at ordinary times, not because I don’t want to but because I can’t! If you make these four swords alone, they may not be better than other magic weapons alone. Only the combination of the four is indestructible!
The sword array of Zhu Xian is not broken by four saints, but if it is broken by four swords of Zhu Xian, its power will be greatly reduced. It is not as strong as my Qing Ping sword. From a certain point of view, the four swords of Zhu Xian are strong, but the conditions are too cumbersome. The root is anything. If you really want to go to four true immortals this time, you must not.
I’m still short of it. For example, although it is claimed to be the first fierce array of heaven and earth, it can’t be laid casually. Although it has been improved, it can be laid without twelve ancestors and wizards, but it needs at least twelve true fairy-level experts to unite to move. This condition is not low at all than that of the whole fairy array
Searching all over the world, there are only a few levels of true fairy. When the twelve ancestors died, the array of gods and evil spirits was basically followed. It was the first maze of the universe that was called by the master elder brother. If you want to cloth, you need to make an array first, but you can’t cloth a real array.
The so-called Taiji two instruments are two instruments and dust arrays. It is the simplest and most troublesome to need a saint to sit in the dust array. The most powerful array is the’ Sunday Stars Large Array’. It requires not only a saint to personally control the array eye magic weapon, but also 365 pick Jin Xian level experts to sit in the array. Three hundred and sixty-five stars join hands to arrange the chaotic tripod array eye.
The disposal conditions are as harsh as before, that is, when the demon race was prosperous, Di Jun and Taiyi brothers had such a great appeal that they could greet 365 heavenly demon sages to dispose of the array. Once Di Jun and Taiyi died, the array of "Stars on Sunday" was still there, but people were able to distribute it. Now, if you want to pick Jin Xian, you must think that you can run.
Besides, it’s not certain that there can be 365 pick-up immortals from all walks of life. Now you are a pick-up immortal, but you must be a saint. Can you be special? "
Let Tongtian say that Song Chang Gung feels that his future is full of unknowns. Seeing that he looks a little lonely and knows that the blow is almost over, Wen said, "This plan is that you hurry back to my Biyou Palace and get familiar with several senior sisters and brothers. When you really have a disposal, I will try to let you guys be together and have a care. If you run around like this again, something will happen sooner or later."
Song Chang-geng hesitated for a moment, and suddenly his expression vibrated, "I have received the kindness of the master, but even if the saints have received it, I will not hide from Li Fu’s wings for shelter. And although I have stirred up a plan, since there is another plan, that is, I can’t escape the responsibility of the master. Let’s talk about what I should do to minimize the anger of other saints."
Tongtian Saint’s eyes twitched, and his heart was quite unhappy. This guy was so disobedient, but he couldn’t say anything. He thought for a moment, "Then you should go back and do your things as soon as possible and get rid of the worldly things. Then, after disturbing the secret, I will take you with my sister Nu Wa to make amends. They won’t do anything about you because of their face. What do you think?"
Song Changgeng wry smile way "just let it be, what can I do? This is the best way to make amends. I can still make it with a low profile. Please rest assured, Master! People say that immortals are happy, but don’t you know that immortals also have troubles and grievances? I don’t know what I’m striving for? "
After venting a few words, Song Chang-geng arranged his spirit and talked with Tongtian. After that, they probably arranged something for Tongtian to discuss with Nu Wa, so they charged him a few words and left. After thinking for a long time in the house, Song Chang-geng raised his hand and made a sign. Soon after he went out, he saw a stunning black woman flying with two white wings.
At the beginning, Emperor Guangdi gave two cross-boats, but there was a golden phoenix, but the golden phoenix returned his favor and gave it to him. In the map of mountains and rivers, he sorted out all the materials in the two holy grails after practicing, and the two cross-boats were also refined, and two angel embryos were hatched, one of which was in accordance with the western model. Angels are all golden and blue-eyed.
The decoration and the layout of the whole Tianzhou Department are westernized. This one is arranged in the oriental way, and the angel is also dressed in black eyes. It’s very comfortable to see this heavenly girl flying over. Song Changgeng casually ordered, "I’m going to put this Tianzhou away and let everyone else go back to their cabins to sleep."
The winged goddess respectfully made a quick retreat. Song Chang-geng released a jade cloud and flew the sleepy Ganbiwu belt all the way out to the outer jade cloud. Then Song Chang-geng put away the cross boat and hurried to fly to a ring-shaped mountain in the distance.
Here is the moon. It needed a safe environment to treat the moon because of Gan Biwu’s injury. The small building naturally failed to release the cross boat. Now it is necessary to take it back when things are completed. I think about things all the way to the moon. At that time, I decorated the small building and flew to Song Changgeng. At the same time, I was deeply puzzled. Now things are far more complicated than he imagined.
At this time, in a palace in Beihai Black Knife Gorge, tian hu Bao Xiang and Qin’s sisters and mother and daughter are sitting opposite each other to discuss things in the door. Since preparing for the marriage by tian hu, they will no longer return to Guihua Mountain. Although they have not said anything, they have actually left the Qingcheng School. If there are not Zheng Gu and Shen Relan and other brothers in bliss, real people may turn their faces.
Mrs. tian hu Bao Xiang tidied up the books in her hand and looked up to see that Qin Ziling had finished sorting them out. She was full of sorrow and could not help but light up. "Now the whole door has lost Ziyun Palace, and we can’t go. Now not only is the aura insufficient, but the Dan medicine and magic weapon are also a little beyond our means, and the consumption of thousands of brothers is getting bigger and bigger. If there is no purple maple to maintain it, I’m afraid something will happen.
Ziling, don’t think about it. You know what your man is. He will come back naturally when he is out in the wild. Now he can’t make himself sad because he has everything. Naturally, he will have other shortcomings. You can’t be too demanding. Let him know that your sister is he can’t lack arms instead of vases. "
Chapter seven hundred and one Return to people
Qin Ziling wry smile way "I mean white mother but said don’t want to possible? I didn’t know that heaven was like this? Strive to practice and soar to heaven as soon as possible, and be free from human disputes, but as soon as he came, he disturbed my heart and broke my cognition. The longer I followed him, the more I learned, the more confused I felt about my future. Finally, I had my heart in him and made him our hope.
But what about him? First, I found the fairy fairy and then said that I wanted to marry us, but after I left, I disappeared for more than a year, and Ziyun Palace was destroyed. Now even Master Blissful came with a wrong look in his eyes. A year ago, he came to take Jade Butterfly away, and then he didn’t believe it for a year. Now it’s getting more and more difficult, but Master Blissful has come here many times, which means that we should take our brother to Qingcheng.
But dare I? Just dare. Can I? Those boys and girls, Zi Xuanfeng and Chang Ping, we can’t command at all, and now we just manage some trivial things like accounts. I’m like a mother who wields my ability. I’m getting more and more confused now, and I don’t know if I choose the right way. But it’s not. What should I do? Our strength is too small. "
Qin Han Calyx also put a pen and sighed lightly. With the increase of age and contact, she gradually took off her youthful innocence and became more mature. At the same time, the seduction from tian hu became more and more revealed. She usually formed a habit with a cold face, and so did her sister and mother.
Listening to her sister’s complaints, she frowned. "Did we choose this now?" At first, we decided to go with him in Ziling Valley, and we got mixed up with him. Later, when we faced the real Situping in Guihua Mountain, we chose him, so we had finished branding him, especially when we spent the robbery in the East China Sea.
Sister, you always told me that the road to life is always bumpy, and it is impossible to be smooth sailing, but it is wrong to be brave when you have decided on your goal. We have chosen it, but you are frustrated after a little setback! "Say that finish cold face reached for the jade table teacups carefully up a lesson as if she is the elder sister.
Mrs. tian hu gave her a white look. "You are a little girl. You know that you are talking here. Your sister is talking about your own thoughts. Did you say a lot as if your sister was about to run away with someone? Besides, she is your sister. Can you teach her a lesson casually? Even if there are no outsiders here, you can’t do this in front of your brother! "
Qin Han calyx smiled coldly but didn’t answer, but his expression was obviously that he didn’t care much about her words. The atmosphere in the room was awkward for a while, and no one spoke for a long time. As a result, the silence became more and more embarrassing, and the atmosphere gradually became dull. At this time, I heard a brother walking outside the door and then I heard a brother telling me, "Two Shi Mu Li and two elders Yu are back and waiting in the hall!"
"oh? Young-joon and young-Nam are back? I don’t know what you got from this safari. We’re going to "Qin Han calyx a listen to Li Yingqiong and Yu Yingnan came back can’t help but smile, after all, is once played with little sisters to listen to them come back, she still can’t stand the cold face to show her personality and leave her mother and sister alone.
See her go tian hu and Qin Ziling didn’t get up for a while before tian hu whispered, "Don’t take your sister’s words to heart. Her temper, you know, is it just that you don’t like your discouragement today? Is it that simple that her heart is still too simple?" If he really believes in you, why won’t he let you touch your brother’s control? But this can’t tell her. "
Qin Ziling’s eyes flashed a trace of anger, but she immediately got up and said, "Mother’s words are cautious. Now we haven’t melted into the door and we can’t do it outside. Don’t say something. Husband and wife are a generation. I believe it will change his mind."
At the beginning, he made such a wrong decision because we ordered our brother to fight against the demon emissary at random. After all, our mother didn’t want this to happen again. Let’s go and see Shuangying and her. These elders all took ships out to sea to find spiritual veins and materials. They came back so soon. I think Chang Geng is also his mother’s mirror. We can’t even contact each other in the mirror. "
Mrs. tian hu Bao Xiang looked at her daughter’s rich and plump body. She sat there and shook her head and whispered, "In fact, it’s not just you who are confused. It’s not confused. At the beginning, I tried my best to hook up your father at the expense of skill. You are the real person who climbs bliss. After all, I am a different kind of enlightenment. Life is very difficult. If there is no sect or high-ranking shelter, I can’t even survive the robbery."
But after so many things, now I know that I am nothing but a frog in the well. It’s too weak compared with your husband. I lent it to you for the wedding, but what’s the situation now? Song Chang-geng hasn’t been seen for two years, and now it’s getting harder and harder. I’m just complaining about fighting tigers and brothers. How can I throw you away? "
Qin Ziling was about to comfort her mother. Suddenly, she heard a lot of noise from her brothers outside. There seemed to be cheers. The two men looked at each other and hurried out, only to find that the female brother who was in charge of the service at the door did not know where she had gone. Qin Ziling could not help but shake her head. Princess Changping went to someone to take charge of Nuwa’s temple building. This female brother was negligent in management, and she was a lot sloppy.
As soon as they walked through the cloister, they saw a female servant flying back in high spirits. As soon as they entered the hospital, they called, "Master, why are you still here? The master is back and going to the main hall. Aren’t you going to meet him?"
Qin Ziling felt dizzy when she heard it. She immediately raised her hand and released a purple light and flew directly to the hall. tian hu’s eyes flashed off and followed a golden light. When the female brother saw that they had all gone, she followed them and ran out to find a mature female brother to talk. In her opinion, when the master came back, something should be solved.
At the thought that the beautiful Ziyun Palace was destroyed, everyone was used to seeing the luxury of Ziyun Palace again. When I came back here, I felt shabby here, and because of the increase of people, many ordinary Dan medicines were not as good as those before, and it seemed that they were not as good as those before. When I was getting started, my younger brother complained that it would be fine as soon as the master came back.
She’s not the only other brother who knows that the master sent it back from the Yin-Yang Concentric Card. When Song Chang-geng woke up and Gan Biwu didn’t go to the hall, he had already seen Zixuanfeng, Shuangying, Cold Calyx and others. Although they were surprised to see Gan Biwu again, their faces were very excited and smiling.
It was so strong that Song Changgeng felt wrong, but he didn’t ask, but he looked at Shuang Ying and Han Calyx as he walked. He smiled. "It’s really good that people say that’ female students are getting better and better’. I can’t walk for two years. Look at us. Ying Qiong and Ying Nan have become big girls. It’s really a surprise that the cold calyx is getting more beautiful."
Shuangying is now a 16-year-old girl. Unlike before meeting, she rushed to hug his arm and twittered, but she was a little reserved. Although her eyes were full of joy, she looked a little blushing and wriggling. It was a little embarrassed to hear her brother praise them. She bowed her head and listened to her husband boast that she was beautiful. She couldn’t help but like Zhan Yan’s smile.
When she laughed, the enchanting amorous feelings made Song Chang-geng feel overwhelmed. Qin Han Calyx could still hold her at ordinary times, but she was hugged by her husband who missed her so much. Although she still didn’t go through the personnel department, it was the foundation of tian hu yin quality. The most unbearable thing was that men immediately felt hot’ melody nowadays!’ A soft fall in his arms almost untenable.
Gan Biwu couldn’t help cursing’ fox!’ when he saw it next to him. Song Chang Gung also felt a little rude just now, so he turned to Zi Xuanfeng behind him and smiled. "Xuanfeng hasn’t been working hard for you for two years, but what has not happened in the past two years? I think my brothers seem to be a little excited?"
Zi Xuanfeng hurriedly walked one step lower. "Master, since the collapse of Ziyun Palace, there has been a lack of a big source of elixir and magic weapon. I’m a little nervous, and there are more people living here, and my pulse is a little insufficient. My brother’s heart is a little floating. I’m waiting for you to come back and solve it. I’m very happy to see you coming back."
Song Chang Gung’s brow wrinkled. As he walked along, he was still holding Qin Han’s calyx fragrance, soft and plump, but in his heart he was thinking about it. After a few steps, he saw no outsiders nearby, except his two wives, two sisters and a proud brother. Although he was happy to see him back, he was far away from it.
So he said lightly, "Reiki, I’ll find another way to deal with three things when I come back this time. First, I’ll call the monks before marrying your three Jenny. Second, I’ll complete a plan. Second, I’ll deal with things in the door and divide them into two external doors and the knowledge institute. I’ll ask the knowledge institute to be responsible for selecting and managing the younger brothers. Those registered brothers are still in charge of Akihito.
At the same time, according to the previous division of labor, I’m going to let Changping take my well-qualified younger brother and me to practice in Guangjing, and you will preside over the outside work. Most of my younger brothers will leave it to you. Think about what good plans and ideas you can have with me. Although you manage the outside work, you are actually worried about the door leader. If you have anything, try to solve it. Don’t look for me.
I’ve had quite an adventure in the past two years, and now I’m already the strongest monk, but there are many strong people outside. I also have many troubles to deal with. I can help you as much as I can, but the rest depends on you. I hope you can handle the outside affairs well. After I have promoted the alliance of monks, you will take the lead. It is up to you to realize people’s wishes and ideas. Don’t let me down. "