I kept repeating artificial respiration mechanically while wiping away tears, expecting him to suddenly open his eyes and look at me again.

"That’s enough Xiaoyan, don’t be like this. The emperor has died."
I can’t see through my eyes, but my eyes rushed to pull me.
I’m exhausted, and I’m sitting there staring at the bed without breath.
He was so haggard that he couldn’t see what absolute beauty looked like. It turned out that he didn’t want me to see him like this, but even if he is so ugly now, I would like to accompany him all my life.
But he’s already dead
"Xiaoyan, I’m sorry that you didn’t even see him for the last time." Xie Tingjun couldn’t bear to see my grief-stricken face and forcibly pulled me up and pressed me to the nanmu flower chair.
I sat in a daze, as if the sounds around my soul were clear in my ears, but I felt like I was separated by a layer of water mist
"He doesn’t want you to watch him die. It’s his wish. Are you white?"
"He has done all this in the hope that you will be as happy as before and not be bothered by his death, Xiaoyan. How sad it would be if he saw your expression now. He has painstakingly finished."
I’m not white. I’m not white. If he’s sad, he shouldn’t leave me.
We did have a chance to be together. If he had believed me at that time, he wouldn’t have landed here today, but he didn’t believe me.
I listened to the people crying in the room, listened to Xie Tingyun’s sad encouragement and the world collapsed in front of me. This desperate feeling was like a generation being pushed into a pond and slowly suffocated by grief.
Suddenly, my head shook, and a breeze brushed my forehead and gently comforted my face, just like the touch of his touch on my cheek on the last night.
A little bit of clear eyes appeared in my chaotic head, and I gently felt the faint breath in the wind
There seems to be a pair of hands wiping my tears in the wind.
This is not the wind …
I can tell that smell that is different from the wind.
This is him, his soul, and my side comforts me.
My tears are getting worse. Did he look at me again before he went to the grave?
A bold idea came out of my head.
Since there is reincarnation, since there is crossing time, since there are ghosts and goblins, what is impossible in this world?
It’s incredible that my baby is dressed in a dynasty face. Even this kind of thing that ordinary people can’t believe can happen, so what’s the big deal even if the dead person comes back to life?
Since I was a child, the enchantress has given me spells. I have never understood what this half-hanging method is. Maybe I just waited for today to save Bai Xihuang.
I have to give it a try.
"Go out. All your departments must go out. I’ll wait for him alone."
For the first time, I ordered the left-hand minister Xie Tingyun and other high-ranking officials to be driven out.
Although they were puzzled, their eyes were sympathetic when they saw my heartbreak, and they went out one after another to leave me alone.
Now I’m desperate to save Bai Xihuang. I don’t care about anything. My generation has lost Shu Wei, and I’m desperate to seize my happiness.
I took the Shangfang sword from the wall and drew it out. I saw that the silver front was cold and aggressive. This sword has been touched by more than ten generations of emperors, and it is extremely powerful to shock ghosts and gods.
I’m going to deal with ghosts and gods later. This sword can add a lot of spiritual power to me.
I cut my wrist, and I dropped blood in a line along this direction to form a side shape, and then I drew a divination, chanting and soul-revealing mantra.
I’m a third-rate warlock. I’ve accomplished these advanced spells, but the most powerful of them is not the advanced warlock, but the warlock who has a strong mind and dares to pay any price.
And I am willing to pay any price to save Bai Xihuang.
When I read the mantra, the foot phalanx suddenly bloomed with green light, and the strange blue light from the blood of the underworld rose higher and higher, and gradually spread to cover the whole room.
As those lights appeared, my mind was violently shaken and extremely depressed, which made it difficult for me to breathe. The green light formed a different world and non-human breath appeared in the light.
I stared at the blue light, one black and one white, and the two tall and thin ghosts were black and white. They wore long hats and painted strange patterns, and their eyes were bright and their eyes were shining, and their hands were holding Bai Xihuang’s soul in chains.
They stared at me with three pairs of incredible eyes.
I held my breath and secretly poured my strength into my hand. Black and white often stabbed the shots in astonishment. That black and white often didn’t expect that I could not only see them being bold and daring, but also rushed to the side when I cut them.
I’m waiting for this opportunity to take advantage of them to flash me and hold high the Shangfang sword and "click" to cut off the black hand and tie it to Bai Xihuang’s chain to block him behind me.
"Yan Er, how did you break into this?" Bai Xihuang looked at me in shock.
I quickly drew the spell from my arms with a sword in one hand to guard against it.
"I’ll save you. Didn’t you comfort me around me just now? I know it’s you who caress me like that. "
He smiled wryly and then sighed, "I’m dead, Yan Er. Go back and break into your body. It will be too much for you. You’ve always been so reckless for four days. I didn’t expect you to wake up before."
"Shut up. Since I’m here, I’m not going back without you."