Seventeen monks either willingly or naively agreed to let a monk at the end of condensate gas command them. These monks in their infancy also lost face. But at this time, no one except Xi Fangping’s three-eyed otter can now Yaksa can obediently obey his command.

Yaksa disappeared in the virtual again, and at the same time, the otter shot a beam of light. Before the beam drove Yaksa out, 17 beams of various colors had already pounced on the virtual, especially when the dumpling horn sword in the cathode hand came out. The aura beam was quite lethal, and Yaksa was awkwardly born. Although the seventeen monks joined forces to cause fatal damage to him, it was enough to beat him to show his shape.
Yaksa was so angry that he croaked and screamed. A pair of wings kept flapping and beating the monsters in the front. But those monsters in the celestial world were really not afraid of death. Once they fell, the other immediately made up for it. Hundreds of red bees kept shooting stingers around Yaksa. On the ground, there are also stinging rabbits shooting stingers, while ice scorpions and green-winged snakes are rushing forward in droves. Although they are constantly shot down by Yaksa’s protective mask, they still try their best to blow their own strength before they are killed. Although these methods have done harm to Yaksa, Yaksa has to use extreme aura teleport again.
A scream Xi Fangping hurriedly looked at Qingyun’s real head, which was suddenly popped up. Yaksa crushed Yuan Baby and Yaksa swallowed it. Yaksa didn’t get it. Not only was it hit by white light by otters in two or three eyes, but it was also attacked by other monks. It’s all right. The dumpling horn sword in the cathode hand just hit his wing and almost cut a piece of meat to make Yaksa scream with pain and hurriedly teleport to another place.
After an hour of fierce fighting, the monster beast army suffered heavy losses, with red bees, ice scorpions, green-winged snakes and snow wolves bearing the brunt of the losses of about 30%; The fire crow’s three flavors of true fire have a great deterrent to Yaksa, and the loss of the main assault force is as high as 40%; The losses of four-toothed pig, blue eagle and thorn rabbit are also about 20%; Hu Toupeng lost two unicorns, two white-headed bears and a meadow, which was densely covered with the remains of celestial animals.
Seventeen monks also left eleven dead people, including Qingxu Palace, a monk in the middle of Yuanying, Baiyun Guan Niu, E Lai Sanqingguan, two monks in the early stage of Yuanying, Bai Hushan, and the elder of Feijianmen, Wu Guo, lost nearly half of his strength in repairing the true world.
However, Yaksa didn’t benefit from it. There were at least 20 scars, most of which were caused by the three-eyed otter, several by the cathode and two by the combination of two gold dumplings. Besides, Yaksa’s wings were burned by the fire crow, and there was no way to recover, which made him unable to perform teleportation any more. Yaksa really didn’t expect that a 14-order monster beast was beaten so badly by a group of monsters who were much lower than him in his opinion, especially the three-eyed monster. The two kinds of monster beasts, Otter and Firecrow, caused the most damage to him. These two kinds of monster beasts have the innate function of restraining Yaksa. If the repair was too low, it is estimated that Yaksa would have been beaten out of his wits.
Seeing the constant loss of body aura, Yaksa was forced to fly away from the main battlefield and finally came to the swamp and suspended there. They looked at Xi Fangping coldly and said, "Well done. I didn’t expect you guys to be so difficult to let you go for a while. I’ll come back to play with you after I’ve absorbed enough corpse gas."
After that, he plunged into the swamp, and the cathode waved the dumpling horn sword and said, "Hurry and rush into the swamp while he is injured and kill him or we will be in big trouble."
The monks should have rushed into the swamp, but I didn’t expect it to be stopped by Xi Fangping. "Wait a minute, my predecessors. I just talked to the otter Miura. The otter Miura told me that the water in this swamp is a dumpling-horn person, and it is specially prepared to contain highly toxic substances. If it weren’t for the corpse repairman’s touch with this water, even Yuan Ying would have escaped immediately, and there are nearly 10,000 corpses buried at the bottom of the swamp that are not rotting for ten thousand years. It’s impossible for us to get close to each other. In my opinion, we’d
Cathode and others looked at the dark, stinking swamp gas and frowned and agreed with Xi Fangping’s statement. Eleven monks kept attacking the black net with magic weapons, but the black net didn’t know what it was made of. Even if the cathode dumpling horn sword attacked the black net, it was just shaking for a few minutes, and there was no sign of damage. Cathode and others looked at the black net with pale help. Maybe these people will be ruined in the dumpling horn hole today.
Xi Fangping also has the ability to rely on this, but the monster beast can’t be sent out when he is dealing with the black net. When the cathode and others are busy dealing with the black net, Xi Fangping is taking out a bottle of jade bee pulp from his belt and distributing it to the other monster beasts such as Mimu Tian Otter so that they can regain their aura as soon as possible. Don’t say that even the ordinary monster beast is almost untenable. If there is no jade bee pulp, Yaksa will rush out again, and they won’t even be able to escape.
After the jade bee pulp was finished, Xi Fangping looked anxiously at the swamp, where the black waves were rolling and the corpses were visible to the naked eye. It could be seen that there was a atrix going on at the bottom of the swamp, but in the face of such poisonous things, he was able to pray silently that the poor gold corpse could escape smoothly. At this moment, even his own life was on the line, but Xi Fangping was still worried about the gold corpse. It was really a bit puzzling.
Suddenly, a column of black water spouted from the swamp, and the water column was faintly visible. The golden corpse was just escaping from the water, but suddenly it seemed that there was a huge pulling force at the bottom pulling him into the swamp, and then the swamp water churned more and more until it was half a column of incense, which slowly stopped.
XiFangPing face big change toward the cathode big said "Yin elder hurry up Yaksa is coming".
The cathode said angrily, "Hurry up and turn around. I don’t know what caused this thing to attack for an hour, and even a hole didn’t appear."
Two big, three-eyed otters have finished their rest and hurriedly got up. Go straight to the mouth of the cave, and a white light hits the black net. The black net immediately emits a white smoke, which makes a cathode and others happy to death. After the white smoke, the cathode and others are disappointed that the black net is still not broken at all.
Three-eyed otters have been attacking for more than a dozen times, but there is still no way to break the black net. At this time, the movement of the swamp has gradually stopped. A much more terrible coercion has risen slowly from the swamp. Na Wei’s pressure is straight and the heart is like a hammer, hitting everyone present. The cathode and others stopped attacking the black net and silently looked at the swamp face. They were very white. Then Yaksa has advanced again, and he has come to the middle stage of deification. This advanced stage has reached the end of deification unless he escaped from the world. In the real world, there has never been a monk at the end of the deification. Although he has only advanced to a higher level, his strength has to be increased by at least three times, but he has not advanced to fly before. The hag has already beaten them out of the water. This time, there is no possibility of survival with an advanced presence.
The cathode silently withdrew the dumpling horn sword, which has risen to three zhangs, and the other ten monks also took back the magic weapon offering sacrifices in the middle of life. It can be seen that they have lost Yaksa’s confidence and determination to fight to the death. When Xi Fangping appeared without coercion, he would rectify his monster beast army. Even if he died, he would let Yaksa lose a few pieces of skin. Not only that, Xi Fangping also took out the dragon gun, the escape needle and the Dingyuan bead, which had not been fought for decades. Although these low-order weapons could not hurt even a finger on Yaksa, Xi Fangping would never give up.
I felt Xi Fangping’s confidence and determination to fight to the death. All the celestial beasts were immediately ready to fight. Since the celestial beasts appeared in the fix-true world, they have always supported and helped each other. Even if they met such an enemy as Yaksa, they would never back down. Because of the casualties of nearly 30%, the celestial beasts formed an army, and their defense circle has been reduced by half, which is even closer and more murderous.
The swamp rolled up again, and a black water column flew directly to half a water column. Yaksa flapped his wings arrogantly for only one hour. Yaksa had grown up to about six feet, especially those wings, which were not only more than twice as big, but also vaguely showed a golden wing light. Anyone can see that Yaksa is very different from just now.
As soon as I flew out of Yaksa, I laughed. "Haha, I finally advanced to the fifteenth order. I didn’t expect that I haven’t advanced for more than 100,000 years by my master’s side, but today, when I unsealed it, I directly advanced so many corpses to find in the spiritual world, especially the golden corpse tastes really poor."
Disdainfully looked at eleven monks Yaksa and said with a smile, "You are actually thinking about breaking my black net? Do you know what cloth this black net is made of? That’s my life, JingXie. Unless you are similar to me, you can’t break my black net. A dozen little Yuan-infant monks plus a few 11th-order monster beasts just want to break the black net. It’s a dream. I won’t talk nonsense with you. You eleven people still have to destroy the top of the skull and give me Yuan-infant devotees to eat, otherwise you will taste the taste of life is worse than death. "
XiFangPing want to also don’t want to big said, "Yaksa want to play then play waste what words!"
Yaksa flapped his wings and ha ha a smile. "You are a little connected with Hunyuan Fairy. You have backbone. The more backbone you have in my hands, the worse people die. Now you can end your life with a broken gun in your hand. You are just a condensate period. The ego is not interested in you."
A series of sharp cries emerged from the mouth of Flying Nightfork, and the black waves visible to the naked eye rushed towards the monster beast army to repair the lower red bees and green-winged snakes. They landed with five-order repairs. They were stunned by Yaksa’s smile. It was the monk at the end of the deification, but the damage caused by a few random smiles was ten million times more powerful than the original cloud gate stream.
After the wave, the red wasp and the green-winged snake landed in succession, and there appeared a huge defense. When they had been waiting behind for a long time, the blue eagle and the fire crow did not hesitate to rush to the front. It turned out that they had been guarding the two golden dumplings on Xi Fangping’s head. As soon as they flew out, there were bursts of dragons and golden waves coming out of their mouths, which offset the black wave power of Yaksa as much as possible. Although the blue eagle and the fire crow were just resisting in vain, the beasts of the celestial world did not retreat half a step.
The performance of the immortal beasts aroused the early loss of confidence and eleven monks in infancy. They all raised their magic weapons and rushed towards Yaksa, especially when the Jiaojiao sword in the cathode was struggling to wave its hand, a few feet wide beam hit Yaksa with a roar. The power was quite amazing. The difference between the two sides was too great. Yaksa was coldly suspended in the middle, patting his wings and easily blocking dozens of different lights. Such power made the eleven monks silently say that they always regarded the low-order monk ants, but in front of Yaksa, their status was not much better than that of ants.
Yaksa smiled again when he was about to have a happy battle. Suddenly, his smile stopped. Yaksa raised his head and looked at the ceiling, which was more than 100 feet high. Suddenly, a golden light appeared on the ceiling. The light became bigger and brighter, and the blink of an eye covered the whole ceiling, covering Yaksa whole inside.
Chapter 17 Connect the light
"Meet the light?" Yaksa gave a cry of surprise, then gave up all offensive actions, hovering quietly in the middle, surrounded by golden light, and shouted at Xi Fangping and others, "You are so lucky. I will go back to the spiritual world for a while today, and all offensive actions will be beaten by you when the light comes. I don’t want to be stunned. I didn’t expect that I would return to the spiritual world one day. It is a pity that my master has fallen here, otherwise I will be more worried."
Xi Fangping’s whole body and mind suddenly slackened when he was born with such a change. He didn’t feel his head ache to death. Just now, Xi Fangping has been a god to mobilize the monster beast army. He cultivated so frequently that the gods really can’t stand it. Xi Fangping hurriedly took out a bottle of royal jelly from the bag and slowly recovered.
Eleven monks also took back the magic weapon with surprise. They have been playing for so long, one by one, and they are so tired that they are shaking. Some monks in the early days of Yuan’s baby are even more embarrassed than sitting on the ground knowing that they will die. Anyone will be a little rude.
Xi Fangping silently looked at the Yaksa’s mouth, and the light was getting more and more prosperous. He had covered Yaksa’s whole body in it, and he couldn’t even see his shadow. Xi Fangping realized what dumpling horn people would order otters not to kill zombies. What’s more, those zombies are the real killer of dumpling horn people. If Jiao Jiao Jiao Jian can’t afford it, if otters can’t defeat Yaksa, then it would be better to simply raise Yaksa by a large margin and take him directly to the spiritual world anyway. Just kill, that is to say, there are nearly 10,000 corpses in the swamp that haven’t been advanced into iron corpses. The corpses are all Jiaojiao people. The food prepared by Yaksa is a real supplement. God knows that Jiaojiao people get so many corpses. You know, it’s not easy for a corpse to be advanced into iron corpses. It’s not easy to receive so many bodies that are suitable for conditions. Or Jiaojiao people kill them themselves. In the eyes of these truly high-ranking monks, mortals and low-ranking monks are really nothing.
Thinking of the poor gold corpse, Xi Fang felt a little pity. He worked hard for more than 100 thousand years to get Xuan Bing Tianlian, but he knew that his fate was doomed as early as 110 thousand years ago. It was ironic that repairing the gold corpse at the end of Yuan Ying was just preparing food for others.
Looking at the bodies of celestial relics everywhere, Xi Fangping wanted to cry. This time, he entered the Jiaojiao cave and got Xuan Bing Tianlian. The otter also got the most important information of the one-eyed axe, but it damaged about 30,000 monster beast troops. At such a great cost, Xi Fangping’s heart was so painful that he smoked these celestial relics. But he tried his best to cultivate them, and every death was cutting his heart. But this time, it was good to kill ten thousand people. This was enough to destroy a big force to fix the truth.
Looking forward, a red wasp and a green-winged snake flew from the ground and staggered to a half to form a formation again. This is a celestial relic that was just stunned by the Yaksa wave. But when they woke up, they were able to form a formation again. After careful calculation, these celestial relics are his real relatives. I didn’t ask him for anything at all, but I could easily give my life at the command of Xi Fangping.
There was a loud noise and the light suddenly disappeared, and the ceiling swung as if nothing had happened. Of course, accompanied by the disappearance of the light and the terrible Yaksa, it was obvious that Yaksa had returned to the spiritual world. At the thought of this, Xi Fangping hated to grind his teeth, and nearly 10,000 monsters were killed in his hands, but he did not do any harm to it. This kind of force made Xi Fangping quite uncomfortable
Yaksa disappeared, and the eleven monks really breathed a sigh of relief. Then all the other monks turned their eyes to the cathode, and the cathode’s face was tightly held with the dumpling horn blade, which pulled the other monks back slightly, and the distance between Yin Ya and Yin Bian was holding a magic weapon in front of the cathode, and the atmosphere was tense again.
Xi Fangping smiled bitterly. Yaksa just left these guys and they fought for each other. It’s really not a wave at all. After thinking about it, Xi Fangping quickly recovered the monster beast, left a unicorn and a 23-eye otter, and then clearly expressed his attitude to other monks beside the cathode. Among the eleven monks, Xi Fangping knew the cathode and other three people, and his ill feelings towards the cathode and others gradually disappeared. It was a little more favorable, especially if he wanted to learn the array, it would be most appropriate to find the yin side and learn to fly.
Xi Fangping’s attitude brightens up the face of the cathode. You know, Xi Fangping’s strength alone is enough to deal with eleven monks now, but he is on his side, so other monks will never dare to have a half sentence against it. After all, the fix-true world is a place that speaks by strength, and whoever has the biggest fist is the boss. Now that Xi Fangping doesn’t want this dumpling horn sword, it can naturally fall into his own hands.
Cathode laughed. "Dear Taoist friends, we have already discussed who will get the Jiaojiao Sword first and who will be the real owner. Now that the Jiaojiao Sword is in my hand, do you want to go back on your word?"
The only thing left in the Qingxu Palace is Zhang Daoyou, who is unwilling to say, "That’s so, but Yin Laomo, you took the dumpling horn sword root when we quit the cave, but you didn’t get it so easily by strength, which made our hearts quite different."
"no?" Cathode haha laughed. "When Yaksa appeared, all of you were trying to escape. Who thought that it would be smoother to deal with Yaksa if you took the dumpling horn sword? You just saw that apart from Xi Daoyou’s monster beast army, it really did harm to Yaksa. You don’t have to say that you are a little slow and stupid, and you deserve it."
XiFangPing nodded, "You predecessors Yin predecessors were right. At that time, I was the penultimate one to quit, and Yin predecessors were the last one to quit. He also thought of taking dumpling horn sword against Yaksa. Well, his boldness and calmness far exceeded the support of your predecessors and the younger generation to let Yin predecessors get dumpling horn sword."
A monk looked at Nai and nodded, but it wasn’t that they were real. The main reason was that Xi Fangping came to the side of Yingyue Palace, and his strength had just contributed to Yaksa. He really had the ability to decide the ownership of Jiao Jiaojian.
Seeing that the other monks have no objection, the cathode nodded with satisfaction and said, "Very well, every Taoist friend will do what he says. Yin is grateful. Now let’s go into the cave and get other magic weapons. But according to our agreement outside the cave, whoever has more strength should be given priority. Just now, everyone saw that Xi Daoyou has the most strength, so Xi Daoyou should be the first to choose."
A friar almost wanted to agree that people had to bow their heads in the eaves. What’s more, Xi Fangping really contributed the most. Then eleven people discussed the selection order to show fairness. The Yin Ya and Yin Bian were specially discussed to choose the last one. This move made Xi Fangping feel a lot better about the cathode than those so-called decent people who fight for the moon. The famous evil sect in the realm of Wu Xiuzhen is more generous, fairer and more gentleman.
As soon as I entered the hole, Xi Fangping went straight to the stone table and did not hesitate to put a set of seemingly aura. This is a complete set of armor. There are helmets, armor and boots. When I first entered the cave, all the monks kept their eyes on Jiao Jiao Jian and Xi Fangping. After reading three stone tablets alone, the last line of the second stone tablet clearly remembers that "The first treasure of the Fairy Wars is made of the thunder tortoise shell, which is the strongest defense among the spiritual treasures. Anyone who cultivates this treasure in the Dan period can make its owner die in the soul-sucking magic blade. This treasure is lost in the decisive battle.
Xi Fangping is still inexperienced. If he carefully considers it for a while before choosing Lei Guijia, no one will be surprised. After all, Lei Guijia looks too ordinary, gray and inconspicuous at all, and the roots are inconspicuous when mixed with many magic weapons. However, Xi Fangping is so eager to pick Lei Guijia, and anyone who sees it will be surprised, especially an old scoundrel like cathode.