Hula, the evil wind is blowing from the square to fool two people into landing.

I saw a palm-sized lotus flower in a pool of water, which was purple and red, shining like purple jade nectar.
"Two more!"
The four tour leaders of the Demon God Palace are fighting against the demons.
The demons restrained each other and damaged the treasure, but seeing more and more opponents, they couldn’t care less when they were in a hurry.
Have made a fuss, spread fire, sow soil and raise sand.
Wu Ming took out a green pearl to sweep away the sandstorm.
Immovable king dharma body
The Buddha’s light shines on a group of monsters, and suddenly they lose their minds.
"Princess, go."
The princess is also smart and light as Hua Hudie, so she dives into the middle school and falls into the pool.
Read the formula and pick the lotus with your hand.
"Pauline was picked and hit them!"
I don’t know which one shouted to pick weapons together to hit the princess.
Wu Mingli took out his halberd and banged it all the way in to receive the princess’s demons.
"Where to go!"
It is impossible for the four tour envoys of the Demon God Palace to watch Wu Ming take away Baolian and make the avatar cast a big net.
The net gold is as dazzling as gold wire. When you look at Wu Ming, you will know that you can’t be caught.
cry of some birds and animals
Eyes shot two golden light flying sword will split a pull the princess single-handedly holding halberd swept around a few unavoidable monsters got a few suddenly became a pile of meat sauce stump.
The narrow cast in this hole is not wide open. After listening to a burst of snow, two figures will fly out of deus ex.
"Go out and stop them!"
The wind came straight.
The two rushed out of the hole and went outside.
"Princess, let’s divide the Pauline!"
The princess took out the lotus and put it into a knife, which was divided into two halves, and one person got half.
Wu Ming read the curse and took off the dragon tendon, leading Meng Jia to shout and turn over.
"Princess, don’t say goodbye."
"Little Taoist is predestined to see you again!"
One treads on the dragon turtle and flies to the sky, and the other dives into the earth and leaves.
The two fled separately, and a group of monsters drove out of the hole.
See the sky a figure far away have longitudinal up to recover.
"Don’t go and rob me of the treasures of the Demon God Palace. You can’t escape!"
The four cruise envoys also started to chase after each other.
The dragon turtle struggled to demon Wang Mang and turned around the three mountains to cross the four seas.
"Do you want to secretly save effort so that the four guys behind you can catch up?"
Most of the monsters have got rid of these four driving clouds. There are indeed some things.
"You think too much."
Meng Jia urn airway heart is a panic was seen.
"Then hurry up or I’ll give you speed."
Dare not say how the speed of the dragon turtle suddenly surged with a roar of clouds and gas.
Four cruise ambassadors are still close behind.
Chapter 71 Jin Guangzhu four magic demon palace of god’s wrath
The dragon turtle roamed in the clouds and gave a loud roar.
"What’s your ghost name?"
Meng Jia wronged: "I can’t help it because of my temperament."
Not too often, or you will be found out.
Wu Ming’s eyes are inexplicably far enough, except for the four devils, there should be no rivals.
This is better!
When a dragon turtle pulls the reins, it stops
What does this fellow want?
Immediately Meng Jia heart in a surprised this fellow is not going to deal with the four lich king alone?
Although Meng Jia has to admit that this Taoist priest is really bad, the ordinary demon king and the big demon 17 may not be rivals together.
But those four are the demon kings of the demon god palace. It’s serious.
Wu Ming ignored Meng Jia, who was quietly sitting on a turtle’s back, but some panicked.
Don’t take him in a fight!
"Can I go far away and rest assured that I will definitely not run?"
If this fellow is killed, he doesn’t believe that the four guys will let themselves go far away or run away.
"Don’t be afraid. You can’t run away if I die."
Meng Jia: …
Speak a cloud and you’ll catch it quickly.
Four devils jumped up.
"Run, why don’t you run?"
"You can’t escape from my demon palace when you escape to the ends of the earth!"
Wu Ming was too lazy to listen to them pull the calf and draw a halberd from Fang Tian: "Don’t talk too much!"
The four devils also raised their weapons to fight the servants, and when they met, they played in the wind and clouds, secretly thundering in all directions.
Wu Ming also felt great pressure, and Lei Fa also put it to good use.
The four devils also have magical powers, a roaring god, a huge method, a spurt of flames, and another call for several huge stones to smash all over the sky.
Wu Ming is anxious to recite the spell, and Wang Xuying is closely guarded.
A round of boulders smashed Wu Ming like a meteorite, and they also showed their bodies, making the giant avatar nearly three feet in size.
The light in his hand shot at the devil who opened his mouth and shouted at him.
The light flashed and the devil suddenly shivered.
Wu Ming is no time to mend the knife. A high fiend with two feet has called him with one punch.